So, Maus read this thing online, where he’s been getting our latest recipes ( about making vegetable noodles.  Because we’ve been getting our recipes online is partially why the dinner reviews stopped, but I’m hoping to get back to reviewing food from books again soon.  In fact, I just went to the Arc Thrift Store in town here and got a crapload of new Better Homes and Gardens old cookbooks (from like the seventies or some such).

See, we’ve made vegetable noodles before, but it was an involved process that I didn’t particularly like.  First, we’d roast a bunch of spaghetti squash I’d cut in half.  This would involve having to gut them out with a spoon and such and such.  Then I’d have to scrape them all out with a fork, where the flesh would ‘spaghetti’ out and into a bowl.  It sounds easy, but with six or so spaghetti squash, it’s actually quite a bit of work.

Not that its work is bad, but it takes up a lot of time, and I don’t like to spend hours making dinner in the evening.  I’ll do it ahead of time during the day I suppose, but, it just doesn’t fit into my so busy schedule of sleeping, reading, and Starbucks.  But, now, I have a better option!

This was actually being done when we were going on the paleo diet.  We did pretty well on the paleo, though, my sugar cravings were intense when I was doing my sugar cleanse.  I’m not really sure why we strayed off the paleo diet, but we didn’t quite make it.  I was able to do the sugar cleanse, but wouldn’t you know it I’m back on sugar again.

Blood brother and Hurricane are really into the paleo-type diet and nutrition.  They actually eat all sorts of things and grow a lot of their own non-meat food in their backyard.  People have told them, since they also have three children, that they should have a blog about them.  Blood-brother has discussed the possibility, but a blog is a pretty big commitment.  I’m not sure if my Blood-brother would be ready to write as much as he’d need to, but I don’t know, maybe he would.  It would be interesting to see!  I think they should make a video-log (vlog) about their home life but my Blood-brother’s a little antsy about that.  Understandable, with little kids.

I still think it’d be a riot though.  But instead, you get me, and MY blog.  I know, times are hard, but hey…  Anyways…

Maus read about this clever little device called a spiralizer on  The idea is that you take a vegetable like zucchini and you spin it into this plastic device with blades on it and it turns it into noodles!  There are two sides so you can have small noodles or large noodles. However, I put together a little video showing you how it all works out.  This was actually the first time I used the device at all:

I thought that was pretty neat don’t you?

My only complaint is that it doesn’t seem to do the very tip of the vegetable.  The end of the cone feeds into the other side of the device and makes this little core curly-cue noodles.  I don’t mind them, I ate them just like the rest of the noodles.  Actually, I thought they were kind of cute.

So, I made a bunch of zucchini noodles using four zucchinis.  The recipe Maus had downloaded wanted eight zucchinis, but we decided that that was written to feed about twelve people.  Eight is a lot!  The amount in the bowl at the end of the video is four zucchinis.

We actually made a marinara to go on the noodles, but this time it was cold.  The recipe also wanted me to cut up four tomatoes and blend them in a blender.  Well, I cut up two, and then added the other ingredients, which was some vinaigrette, a little bit of sugar, and so on.  There is no way four tomatoes would’ve fit in our blender.  I think this recipe needs to be split into two parts.  But, I blended what I had, which was about half of the recipe, just like the noodles.

We ate it cold, which was kind of weird, but it was good at the same time.  I felt like, because they weren’t real noodles, that I was eating a salad.  It was just a salad that happened to be like spaghetti with sauce.  Maus and I ate the whole thing, even had some for the next day at his work.  He said the taste actually improved the next day.  However, I was looking forward to something warm with meat.

So next time, I’ll make the zucchini noodles with the rest of the eight zucchinis we got, and I’ll make a hot meat sauce.  Then we can see how the noodles pair up with it, though, I’ll probably have to microwave the noodles after I make them.  But I can say this, it is WAY easier to make than spaghetti squash noodles.

The Vegetti Spiralizer is actually dishwasher safe too, so I just did a little careful cleaning of the holes, and then popped it in the top rack of the dishwasher and was done.

Maus showed me that it came with a recipe book too, which was nice.  He wants to make pesto, but unfortunately, it has nuts and I’m allergic to nuts.  So, of course, he found a recipe online for a pine nuts free pesto.  I want to make the hot dishes, with meats.  I haven’t actually seen the recipe book that came with it yet.

Bon Appetit!

photo credit: Nudeln via photopin (license)

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