I realized today that I haven’t played my 3DS in a long time.  That’s a shame, ’cause it’s fun to play my DS!  I actually have an ‘old’ Nintendo 3DS XL black.  I’ll probably have to upgrade to a ‘new’ Nintendo 3DS eventually, but for now, there’s really no need.

One of the games I like to play is Tomodachi Life.  It’s a little different, and somewhat simple, but I think it’s funny.

The thing about Tomodachi Life, and I haven’t written an episode in a while so I’ll refresh, is that you create little Miis that represent people you know (in real life, or otherwise).  I mean, you can create any Miis you want, but it’s funny when you use people you know or know of.

What’s a Mii?  A Mii is like a little Nintendo person, with a body and a big head.  They move around and do stuff and are featured in many different Nintendo titles.  You usually make one in particular for your account and system, like a 3DS or Wii U.  You can select different facial features and body types, and in Tomodachi Life, you can dress them up and feed them stuff!

I have actually created Miis for many people I know, deceased and living.  I have a Mii of Roger, my old Starbucks friend who died, and I have a Mii of Charlie, an old Starbucks barista that moved away.  Another Mii I have is of Captain, who just recently moved away but still stays in contact.  I have a Mii of Hurricane and Maus, and believe it or not, Hurricane and Maus got married.  Hurricane had a nightmare once where she was paired up with Maus when we all lived together in Handyville, so it’s pretty funny.

I actually married Captain!  Previous episodes have highlighted these romances, and that we moved into our own new houses.  Captain is apparently a cover hog.  You can check out previous episodes for more on that.

You can actually have like, a hundred Miis or so, but I only have like twenty.  I want to make Miis for people I know, and, unfortunately, except for celebrities, I don’t know a whole ton of people.  However, I thought it would be interesting if I populated my Tomodachi city with people from the blog.  So, if you want to be in my Tomodachi Life, just comment below.

So, in real life, Captain has moved away.  I helped her pack yesterday and she went on her way to another state with her family.  In memory of Captain being in Colorado I post her lounging in her pretty room:

She will live on her Colorado life digitally, inside my 3DS.

Looks like the café is a happening place though.  I was able to spot Blood Brother there looking a little too happy.  The coffee there must taste amazing:

Well, I guess he doesn’t look that happy.  Just mellow… like he’s in deep thought.  I wonder what a Mii thinks about when they’re in deep thought?  Probably ones and zeroes.

I spotted my look-alike, KadarMan having fun at the amusement park with a few other people.  He looks way entranced by that carousel:

He’s the boss of the town.  Everybody loves KadarMan… EVERYONE!  That’s right.

Sister-In-Law got asked up to the roof by a mysterious person.  It turns out it was Blood Brother in disguise which I, unfortunately, wasn’t able to capture, but it fooled Sister-In-Law.  He told her, “Here’s my number, call me when you need me…”  Ominous.

She was like, “What do I do with THIS!?”

The Enlightener has a strange fashion sense, but I caught her hanging out in her apartment:

I even caught her practicing ballet with Sister-In-Law:

However, Enlightener has taken it upon herself to try to match Aly up with Ninja.  This would be a strange pair indeed, especially since her boyfriend is in my Tomodachi Life and is currently not attached to her.  Enlightener tried to keep a low profile:

I unfortunately got distracted and didn’t catch the farewell scene, but according to Enlightener it was a success.  Am I hearing wedding bells in the distance for Ninja and Aly?  I don’t know, but I do know this, only hookers wear blue eye-shadow.

Roger, of all people, decided he’d play matchmaker too and wants Tic and Sister-In-Law to get together… which is weird.  Really weird.  First I thought Tic was a little boy, but I guess I must’ve left him as an older person.  I should see if I can change him back to a little boy because that’s what he is.  It’s weird because, Tic is my nephew, and Sister-In-Law is my well, sister-in-law!  Roger also tried to keep a low profile:

Luckily, Roger reported that they’d just stay friends for now.  Whew!  After that, Roger decided he needed to have some kid time, so he played with Munchkin.  I just hope he doesn’t rub off on the little guy, Roger’s a dirty old man!  At least he was, but I guess now he’s dead in real life.

What are they doing?

In other news… Maus and Hurricane are still madly in love, and fortunately, do not seem to miss their love child all that much.  I wonder what she’s up to?  She’s traveling around.  Now that I have my 3DS booted up again, we’ll see where she gets to.

My Tomodachi Life seems to be moving along pretty well, even when I’m gone for a few months.  I wonder if Ninja and Aly are going to get together?  I wouldn’t be surprised if they get married… call it a hunch.

My Nintendo Network ID is asherwolfstein and my 3DS friend code is 3969-6701-4929 Be neat to make some new friends on my game machine.

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