Well, I guess Miis have trouble holding grudges.  Sister-in-law decided that she was sorry after all and apologized to Airman.  It was actually kind of cute, but then again almost all the things the Miis do are kind of cute.  I was glad to see that Airman was able to recover from the dark rainy cloud that was pouring over him.  As you can see, Airman’s place is all decorated up for the holidays.  I wonder why he needs four stockings if he’s the only one that lives there… maybe it’s for other Miis, they’re going to have a holiday party!  I wonder if it will be ugly sweaters or white elephants.  Hmm… either way, Sister-in-law apologized:

So the cafe was actually a bit of a hopping place.  At first, there was only one person there.  My question is, who eats alone at a restaurant?  I know that’s a little judgmental to say, and lots of people have lots of reasons to eat at a restaurant alone, but me personally I avoid doing so at all costs.  The only time I can think that I eat alone on the go is when I’m traveling solo up to Handyville.  I wasn’t sure who this was, it’s hard for me to make out when it’s not at the proper angle.  I think it’s the former Starbucks barista?

Back to the apartment building for a small breather… when I was asked to play a game.  The little Miis like to play these different games with me that are kind of fun.  This particular game pixelates an item and then I’m supposed to guess what it is.  They do this for foods, items, and even other Miis.  So, what do you think this is:

I guessed shrimp, from the options.  Nope, I should’ve guessed, it was toasted eggplant.  I’d wonder who’d eat eggplant, but I’ve actually used it a couple of times.  Every time I’m at the grocery store I wonder about the less popular items, items you wouldn’t imagine using yourself, and how many people actually buy them.  Then I start thinking about other people in general, and my mind expands until I’m one with the universe.  Actually, I just eat eggplant.

Remember how I said that the cafe was a happening place?  Well, today Ninja and I went out for a cup of coffee and some cheesecake.  How do I know it’s cheesecake?  ‘Cause, it’s me!  I like hanging out with Ninja IRL, so I think I particularly like hanging out with Ninja in Chrakia too.  Ninja had some interesting things to say:

What exactly are mutant earrings?  Are they like gold plated earrings in the shape of Chthulu?  Maybe they move in real-time and wriggle around.  That’d be awesome and completely frightening at the same time.  Maybe they’re earrings that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles would wear if they were like that.  I know, it must be the ring that’s on Bebop’s ear… oh, darn, there isn’t an earring on Bebop.  Well, it probably looks like something that Bebop would wear to offset all those fashionable chains.  Ninja had more to say:

What’s funny is that this is something Ninja would say.  And we’d do it!  On Chrakia Island all the Miis hang out a lot because they don’t really have intense jobs (so… where do they get the money that they donate to me?) so it’s not like we wouldn’t have time.  I imagine it now, we’d have a big studio where we could build gadgets.  I’d build myself a robot friend.  I imagine it like Ironman’s inventing studio.  Just make sure we don’t create Ultron.

But I wasn’t without something of my own to say:

What the fuck, come on, I can’t even be confident in my own video game?  KadarMan, you ARE smart!  I mean, you’re the spoke that this whole apartment building rotates on, you’re friends with everyone.  And besides, you’re married to Captain, and she only likes smart people, hee hee.  So, yeah, you’re smart!  But, if you want to be smarter, or… more smart. Or whatever, you need to read lots and listen carefully.  Maybe give up video games for something more serious *snirk*.

Ahhh, the life and times of Chrakia Island.

My Nintendo Network ID is asherwolfstein and my 3DS friend code is 3969-6701-4929 Be neat to make some new friends on my game machine.


Don’t forget to submit yourself to be a Mii in my Tomodachi Life on the island of Chrakia.  Use the comments.  Bucky (Bunny) got a new apartment, you can be next!

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