Tomodachi life is a funny thing.  I got a whole crapload of money at the donation drive that I hold every day.  Hey, if people just want to line up and give me money, literally, why stop them?  I even have a little piggy bank dedicated to people giving me money in the plaza.  I think this is so you can buy the items in the shops, and then use those items to make more money raising everyone’s happiness meter.

I think my happiness meters would be much higher if I actually fed my Miis.  Most of the time they’re running on fumes of an empty stomach, but strangely they don’t really complain.  That’s why I forget to do it.  I’m like a despot, starving my citizens to death… but they never complain.  It’s not like I have secret police!

Actually, if I DID feed my Miis I’d probably have a lot more money.  Food is one of the items that is the cheapest in the entire game, but it fills a happiness meter fairly well.  The only thing is, a Mii can only eat so much at a time, so you can’t stuff them totally full until they request something “wafer-thin”.

A Mii exploding all over his apartment, messing up the other apartments, oh my… that’s kind of… gross.

So Airman and Sister-in-law got into a fight today.  This is weird because there was a brief period of time a decade and a half ago that Airman and then Sister-in-law-to-be would get into fights.  I’m glad it’s not really that way anymore, at least as far as I know.  I told Airman to go make it up to her, but only after I calmed him down with bath salts and a music box.  I know, right?

So Airman goes to apologize and is very sorry:

But what does Sister-in-law do?  She holds a grudge!

This completely devastates poor Airman and he returns to his apartment with a rain cloud above his head.  Literally, a little rain cloud was above his head raining down on him!

I wonder what they were fighting about.  Maybe, they were fighting because Airman kept poking needles into a doll that looked like Sister-in-law… or maybe they were fighting over a piece of cake.  What if they end up getting married?  Oh my!

So, Airman’s best bud is Little Gorilla.  Little Gorilla has a mind of his own, however, and today I caught him dreaming in the middle of the day.  Weird schedules man.  I used to be like that too, but that’s kind of what got me in trouble.  For a while, I programmed all night, and then slept for a while during the day, until evening or afternoon would roll around and that’d be my morning.  That’s really bad for an improper brain like mine.  Leads to things.

This is Little Gorilla’s dream:

My little island, Chrakia, has a strange concept of dreams.  All at once you think, dreams aren’t like that, but then you think about it and you go, yeah, dreams are kind of like that.  He’s a piece of seaweed!  Pretty funny, but I wonder who the fish is?  Then he woke up… I can’t remember past that.  It’s all a blur.

Then there was the scary prospect of Audrey, Maus and Hurricane’s daughter, growing up.  You know, I thought, oh, they’ll have a baby for a couple of weeks or months and then it’ll grow up.  No.

Audrey grew up in a matter of days.  I logged on to the little island and poof, I was called on my cell phone because Audrey had grown up.  She still looked like she was eight to me.  But, the weirdest thing is how she looks.  She looks like a little old lady!  When I first saw her I thought, “Whoah, she really did grow up!”

Then I realized that Maus’ natural hair color is gray, not green, and Hurricane’s is blonde, not pink.  It makes a little sense, but still, she looks like an old lady!  But, I’m going to pretend she’s eight.

I had a decision to make, do I have this supernatural spawn live in my apartment (and scare all the neighbors), or do I have her travel exclusively abroad and on to other’s 3DS’ and islands?  Well, she’s eight, and as we all know, eight is a perfectly good age to completely leave your home and parents and discover the world for yourself.

So she’s traveled.

The nice thing about her growing up though is I got to look through a sweet family album of her growing up.  One of the reasons I say she’s eight is because, according to the album, there are no pictures of her really older than eight.  Anyways, I constructed a gallery of Audrey’s life:

Thus you see, is the life of Audrey.  Where did Audrey come from?  Well, besides Maus and Hurricanes loins (mwahahaha), but she’s named after Audrey in Little Shop of Horrors.

My Nintendo Network ID is asherwolfstein and my 3DS friend code is 3969-6701-4929 Be neat to make some new friends on my game machine.


Don’t forget to submit yourself to be a Mii in my Tomodachi Life on the island of Chrakia.  Use the comments.  Bucky (Bunny) got a new apartment, you can be next!

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