This was originally published on my first website (probably Infinite Gmork) sometime around 2005 or 2006. This chronicled the time that TCX (what The Clasheerian Order eventually turned into) went to Nan Desu Kan (NDK) in Denver in 2003. I was fresh out of high school and so were many of my friends (featured in the pictures). Here was what was originally written:

TCS @ NDK 2003!

Well, two months ago member Dragon Eyes 9 came up with a grand idea. She went to the TCX headquarters, and at one of the gatherings told Gmork 7 and the rest of the crew that TCX should go to NDK. They all kind of looked at each other and said, hey, okay.

Well, a few months went by and suddenly it dawned to the leadership of the organization, that this wasn’t just a hey, okay idea. This was a wow, hey, incredibly GOOD idea. What better of a place to go to find interesting, creative, enthusiastic people than at an Anime Convention – Nan Desu Kan!

So Nan Desu Kan, here we come. Attending members from TCX are: Dragon Eyes 9, Gmork 7, Thalissana, Demon Fury 48, Derej Dragoon, and Janus RedHaven. And… so….

Nan Desu Kan here we are! The day is September 19, 2003. The first day of the convention, at 3:59 PM. The lines are thick, the center is bustling, and we’ve been here since yesterday. LOL

Every evening, or at other random points during the day we’re going to update this part of the website with pictures, quips, interesting happenings, pictures, new members and interesting people, and whatever other material strikes our fancy at the time all related to our experience at Nan Desu Kan!

Well, we need to register so please check back soon! See you around!

Dragon Eyes 9 Journal from Friday:

DragonEyes9 reporting here. So, after all the setbacks we’re finally here. Let me give you an update of what’s happened. After getting ready to leave Headquarters and taking our photo shoot for the local newspaper, we finally arrived in Denver to pick up member Derej-Dragoon (J—-) then went shopping in King Soopers. We passed this section that had helium balloons, so I grabbed one for a joke, Later, J—- asked if I was going to buy a balloon and I said “No, I’m going to give it to a random person, like you!” and I walked over to a random girl and handed her the balloon saying “Here, have a balloon” and walked off, acting as if nothing happened.

Anyway, so we went to the Westminster Mall and met up with member JanusRedHaven (J–) for a while. Upon arriving late at the hotel, we ran in to some issues with my reservations. Apparently, they had been cancelled by an unknown force, but thankfully, they had some extra rooms thru the weekend. Unloading the equipment and stuff took even longer, so by the time we got it all set up, we were all dead tired, A good night of playing video games and getting settled in, an early night for me. So now here we are, and our flyers are doing great!


Everything is pretty slow this morning, but it’ll pick up soon, so until then, we are planning our strategy on how to express TCX here. Gmork7 (Asher) and I have taken the time to take pictures so that you may see what we’re doing all weekend! I’ll keep you updated and we’ll keep taking pictures. If you have any questions, E-Mail us at —@—.— with the title “NDK” or “Nan Desu Kan”. Ciao!

What a day, and it’s not over yet! DemonFury48 (C—-) was asked to join a Cosplay and I am registered for the costume contest! Lots of cool pictures from breakfast at Sonic today, all the way until random moments in the hallways. Registration was tiring, the moment we walked into view, we were all “Glomped” or hugged/kissed/pet/loved to near death. The opening ceremony wasn’t nearly as impressive as last years, but I can’t complain, I didn’t even go! Well, nothing special today, but tomorrow is when all of the fun starts! Oh! for those who are at the convention and reading this, we will have a TCX meeting on Sunday at 9:30am in room 237! ciao!


Last night was a total nightmare. As I walked into the Steamboat room to wait to get in line for the costume contest, I saw M—-, the same girl who did Kodoma last year, and she ended up winning first place in the costume contest. I was beaten out of the best video game costume by a guy with a Fox McCloud outfit from Star Fox and the crew from Final Fantasy X. Bad news was, I cried, good news was, a hell of a lot of people told me that I should have won and were severely pissed off about me not winning. J—- and a bunch of other people threatened to go kill or maim the people who beat me and obtain my “Rightful prizes”.

This morning, we had our meeting which went really well, a bunch of people were interested in TCX. After that I put on my costume and went to do my weekend Glomping. My victims included Vash, Squall, Gackt, Zell, Vincent, Random Catguys, Spawn, Lulu, Aeris, Little kids, Trouble/Tiger, more random people, another Vash, another Squall, Sleep-Deprived Joey, Nabashin, Spike, Wolfwood, etc. I guess I was just a picture whore lol. After a while of taking pictures seriously, I just decided to randomly jump on people, like Joey or Vincent, which then drew in more pictures. Several people wanted hugs,and stuff, so it was all cool in the end. Yea, I should have won an award, but that’s just me talking. I’m glad M—- won and that StarFox guy won. But oh well, time to watch Spirited Away and then go get food. Whooo!!!

Pictures From The Con

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