There’s this awesome place next to the Welsh Rabbit in downtown Fort Collins.  We discovered it when the Welsh Rabbit Cheese Shop and Bistro was all in one location.  Now, the Welsh Rabbit has a bistro across from the Northern Hotel Starbucks, and the old shop just sells cheese and cheese accouterments.  When we first went into the Welsh Rabbit we met Maria who came to adore Maus’ singing.  She has him sing, “Maria!  Maria!” from West Side Story.  It’s great.  Well, her boyfriend/significant other is named Les, and he runs this wonderful place called Swampgas Gossamer.  It’s an art exhibit and it changes from time to time.  There is supposed to be a huge installation somewhere else, we’ll have to check that out sometime.  We’re friends with Les, he’s a wonderful guy.  We became friends after we read an article about him, actually, in the Welsh Rabbit in the back.  I would describe this art gallery as a Nine Inch Nails video without all the suffering.

Asher Wolfstein

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