Editors Note, February 14th 2022: This project is now ABANDONED and no longer supported or updated.

asherwunk/phabstractic now has a feature for classes for generating unique identities: Identity Trait

Identity Management

This is a very straightforward feature:

trait Identity
    protected static $identityCounter = 0;
    protected $identityPrefix = '';
    protected function getNewIdentity()
        return $this->identityPrefix . static::$identityCounter;

The feature defines a static property for the user class.  This static counter remains unique on each poll for a new identity (in this case it’s an integer).  The $identityCounter must be ‘increasable’, that is, every time it’s accessed or ‘advanced’ it must be unique from all the identity values before it.  Counting up is a very easy way to accomplish this.

The class also defines an object property $identityPrefix that allows you to place a string prefix in front of the $identityCounter.  As long as the string prefix is unique to a runtime (you can use the class name) the prefix for a particular datum will be globally unique.  These value types are optional.  You can override the ::getNewIdentity() in order to account for different value types (such as two objects, or otherwise).

This particular feature comes in handy when dealing with nodes in a graph or tree to differentiate each node.  It is also handy to return an identity when a function ‘inserts’ or ‘gives’ a piece of data to another object, such as a set.

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This is part of the Phabstractic Library.

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