In following with the request to illustrate my Tomodachi life, I continue the exhibition of my Miis, maybe possibly being of people I know, hee hee.  Nah, it’s all people I know, that’s the fun part.

For more information about what Tomodachi is, refer to the linked previous post.

So I said Part 3 was going to be about my friends and acquaintances that live in my little island town.  I didn’t just include my relatives in my initial Tomodachi population, but I included people who were closer to me and a couple of people I just happened to know at the time that I was first playing the game.

First up is a kind of relative kind of a friend named Matthew.  He’s my blood brother’s best friend, and he was a staple in the life of our family, so I included him in my little town.  Here he is:

Matthew has a bit of a chin beard thing the last time I saw him.  I don’t know if he still has it or not, I didn’t look too closely at the latest Facebook photos I had (well, actually I looked at them very well, I just don’t remember them that well.)  It was difficult to get the little eyes to be right on the Mii because when they look at me they’re so happy that it just shows happy eyes.  When I was growing up Matthew was always around, and we had fun many times.  We’d play in the basement, throw the barn cats around, play Super Mario World, and he’d help sometimes with the sheep and the pigs.  He actually has his own children now, so that’s kind of cool.  I don’t get to see him as much or talk to him, but… he’s in mah game!  (Do you like his hat?)

Next up, there’s Roger, the dirty old man:

Roger is THEE definitive dirty old man.  This is a guy who I met at Starbucks.  One day this guy was sitting there when I was there and we started talking and it wasn’t exactly the most pleasant conversation ever.  Roger wasn’t the guy I was initially talking to, he just was mostly a spectator of the conversation (although he chimed in with a few words now and then).  I don’t even remember what we started talking about or why, but the discussion with the guy pretty much tried to figure out why I was gay and was the obligatory aghast at the revelation that I had never ‘been’ with a woman.  He was like, “You’ve never been with a girl?  Ever?”  It was shocking, but I suppose that would be a shocking prospect to a straight guy.  I’m not sure if it’d be as shocking to a gay guy to never have been with a guy, but I think that may be a cultural thing.  So Roger watched this whole ordeal and then, I think I left actually.  So in the days that ensued, Roger came to the café just about every day, and this was when I was at Starbucks non-stop every single day (it had become a bit of a home away from home), so every day I saw him.  Well, one day we sat together and started talking.  Turns out Roger wasn’t a totally unpleasant guy to talk to, it added quite a bit of spice to my life.  However, Roger is the penultimate dirty man.  He’d talk about the women that walked by, all loud of course because he didn’t have his hearing aid and talk about how nice their butt looked.  I was positive they could hear this guy.  He’d go on about how he had pictures of naked women on his phone, including his ex-wife, and just a whole manner of things that would make me pull my hat down over my face.  And he’d do it so loud!  He wants my phone number, but I never give it to him… for some reason he thinks that’s strange.  There was this one barista, Charlie, that was getting married.  Almost every day Roger, with pastry on his teeth, would ask, “Are you still getting married?”  She didn’t take that type of stuff really well and hated the man.  Eventually, she moved to a big city far away.  Speaking of Charlie, however, she actually has a Mii in my game, but… I don’t have a picture.  It is sadness.  Maybe at a later date.

Now we’re onto my friend Aly:

She’s in love in this shot.  Who was she in love with?  Roger!  Roger, I’m sorry if you’re reading this, but ew!  Luckily she was rejected, whew!  I’ve known my friend Aly for about fourteen years now.  We first met when I was in high school.  We met through a mutual friend that had the hots for me when she was in eighth grade.  They’re both my friends, but I’ve seen Aly much more over time.  When I first met her at the college, I thought she was a different person entirely!  I kept calling her Bricket and talking about people she had no idea existed.  She told me later that she thought, “Well, people told me Asher had lost it.”  One day I showed up and apologized for an internet chat fight we got into and she said, “What internet fight?”  Through a few minor conversational mishaps, I realized it was Aly.  I was thrilled!  Aly is one of my best friends, though I don’t always get to see her.  We’ve decided that if her boyfriend dies, and Maus dies, we’ll just get married to each other if there’s nobody else.  Mom said that sounded like a good plan.

Speaking of Aly’s significant other, here’s Dootz:

I’m really proud of this one.  His hat somewhat hides it, and he wouldn’t stop making happy eyes at me, unless those are his real eyes?  Anyway, I think this is one of the Miis that most closely looks like the person it was modeled after.  Dootz is Aly’s significant other.  He’s kind of quiet, but he does cool stuff.  I’m more friends with Aly I want to say than Dootz, but he’s a cool guy and I wouldn’t mind being more of a friend anytime.  I think it’s just that we don’t talk much, but it’s not because of a lack of interest!  He runs his own mask printing store for cosplay and other purposes. It’s really cool, and he shows the masks on his Facebook.  I’ll get more information on his mask-making endeavors and I’ll put them up on here sometime, probably after I see them again and can get the low down.

And now, lastly, but most definitely not least, is… Captain!

I couldn’t get her to stop dancing with me, so I just ended up with a cool still shot of total frolicking.  The Miis are always so happy and cute.  Unfortunately that also means I couldn’t get her eyes to not be happy eyes, so you don’t get the whole effect.  I’ll try to catch her in a better pose, but I thought this one would do for now.  Captain is a very special person that is Maus’ and I’s friend.  She is an opera singer like Maus, but also into gaming.  She’s very intelligent, well spoken, and funny.  She says she’s good with this little inner evil streak in her which usually just results in shared hilarity.  One time her boyfriend came up and we went and hung out, the four of us.  So, her boyfriend has a cold but we’re going to eat.  Maus says, “Chinese!”  I say, “Where?”  He says, “College Café!” I say, “There’s no heating in there, it’s freezing outside.”  Maus replies, “Oh yes there is, what are you talking about?”

Well, there was no heating in there, just like I said.  You could see your breath in their dining room, so Maus asks the lady to turn on the heat.  You should’ve seen the death glare she shot as she turned the sucker on.  It was so cold!  And there was Captain’s boyfriend, poor guy, with a cold and runny nose, and everything. 9.9 Ah well.  Captain’s boyfriend works in a table-top gaming store, and he was able to see the two most popular gaming stores in Fort Collins, so that was excellent.

So those are my friends and acquaintances in my Tomodachi Life.  I just recently learned that you can gain LOTS more Miis than what is apparent in the first apartment building (up to 100).  So, I invite you then dear reader… do you want to be a Mii in my Tomodachi Town?  Contact me on any social channel (Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, AOL, Skype, etc.) and I’ll get you into my game!  I’ll post updates on the various things that happen on the island, so you get to see all the fun parts and watch your Mii evolve.  (For instance, Maus and Hurricane… are thinking of having a baby! *snirk* … so I gave him a baseball bat as a present.  SO WRONG! I laughed.)

Well, that’s enough for Part 1. Later, I’ll have the other residents. In the meantime, my Nintendo Network ID is asherwolfstein and my 3DS friend code is 3969-6701-4929 Be neat to make some new friends on my game machine.

photo credit: Casual via photopin (license)

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