In following with the request to illustrate my Tomodachi life, I continue the exhibition of my Miis, maybe possibly being of people I know, hee-hee.  Nah, it’s all people I know, that’s the fun part.

For more information about what Tomodachi is, refer to the linked previous post.

Alrighty, we covered Me, Ninja, Mom, Cartoys, and T-Bone.  So we shall move on with… Papa!  Papa’s my dad.

Heeeeere’s Papa!

I don’t think Papa would play a Wii U, but maybe he would!  Particularly if it was a puzzle game.  One Christmas he got like four of those physical “remove the ring”, “unlock the stick”, etc. puzzles.  He had them all solved without looking at the answers in one day.  Papa is SUPER smart, he is the smartest person I know.  One time I caught him playing my Super Nintendo on the puzzle aspect of my Pac Man Tetris game.  So maybe… Puzzle Fighter?  I don’t know.

Why is he frowning and looking sad?  Well, Papa is going through a little bit of a tough time lately, but it’s nothing he can’t handle.  It’s just when I think of my Papa, I don’t necessarily have happiness or laughter be the first thing I think of.  I kind of think of him frowning and tranquil.  Not that that’s a bad thing!  Frowning has its place in the world.

So, moving on, we have my blood brother:

He doesn’t quite capture the crazy hair my blood brother has, but that’s the best I could really do.  Miis don’t have highlights, unfortunately.  Here he is reading a book.  He read a lot of books when he was younger, I wonder if he still reads lots and lots of books.  His time is probably taken up with work and his kids these days.   They were thinking of starting a blog, but they haven’t been able to get around to it.  I don’t know if they’ll ever have a blog, but if anybody’s life deserved a blog, it would definitely be theirs.  I fancy this Mii to be more like my blood brother when he was younger.  I kind of fashioned him out of the old vacation pictures I had lying around somewhere where we went to places like the Royal Gorge.

But what about my nephews?  Glad you asked:

This is my older nephew, son of my blood brother.  He doesn’t have blue hair in real life, but he might someday, who knows with that guy.  He’s just school-age barely, but my blood brother is homeschooling him.  My sister-in-law comes from a tradition of being educated at home, and they’re good at it!  Big Gorilla loves to learn about everything, especially animals.  And he’s such a hoot!  I’ll have to tell you some stories about him later, ’cause next up is Little Gorilla:

He’s also playing a Wii.  I don’t get it, did everybody just decide to play video games when I rounded up and took everyone’s picture?  This is Little Gorilla, Big Gorilla’s little brother.  He likes to do everything his big brother does and more.  I think the hat fits him very well, don’t you?  It definitely matches with his shirt.  Little Gorilla sometimes talks like Sling Blade from the movie.  “I am so thirsty!” It’s kind of funny, but I think he’s starting to grow out of it.  He adores Papa, and just seems to always be in a good mood… but his mother tells me that’s not always so.  One day she asked him what he wanted for breakfast and he replied something like, “I want what I want, but I’m not telling you!”  Oh boy.

So anyway, I forgot one person in my last post: Ninja’s significant other!  So here she is:

I must have given her a Rent-A-Dog ticket when her happiness meter leveled up at some point.  What’s funny though, is that the dog kind of looks like the family dog that Ninja and Significant Other own.  Kind of.  Significant Other is a very nice and cool person.  Sometimes I think she thinks I’m a dolt, but she bears with it.  We’ve had some craziness static dealing in the past, but that’s pretty good.  Every once in a while she’ll say something or do something that just kind of makes me go “What?” but who in a family doesn’t?  Besides, she stuck up for me and Maus one time, and that REALLY says a lot.  So, it’s all good.

Well, that’s enough for Part 2.  Later, I’ll have the other residents.  In the meantime, my Nintendo Network ID is asherwolfstein and my 3DS friend code is 3969-6701-4929 Be neat to make some new friends on my game machine.

In part 3 we’ll explore some of the Miis I’ve created that are based on my friends and acquaintances.  In the meantime, I’ve got lots of room in my apartment building.  Do you want to be a Mii in my Tomodachi Life?  Leave me a note below (or Facebook or Twitter).

photo credit: On board via photopin (license)

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