One week, a day after a ketamine session, I decided that I could play through all of the Final Fantasy franchise. I would start with Final Fantasy I for the NES as it was released in North America, and work my way up (using fan translations if necessary) all the way through Final Fantasy XV.

This page is the fruit of my work so far organized in YouTube playlists.

Final Fantasy I (NES)

Final Fantasy II (NES)

I had difficulty with this one because it had such an odd leveling system. Rather than gain experience points that count towards a level, your stats increased the more they were “used”. The more HP you lost, the more you would gain, the more spells you used the better they’d get, etc. It sounds appealing in theory, but in practice, it proved to be quite obtuse and really prolonged the gameplay.

Final Fantasy III (NES)

This is the last Final Fantasy to be featured on the NES. Here Square demonstrates its mastery over the 8-bit system in terms of complexity in graphics, as well as size.

Final Fantasy II (FFIV Easy Mode)

This playlist is of Final Fantasy II as it was released for the Super Nintendo in North America. This is a version of Final Fantasy IV as released in Japan but with the difficulty cranked down. Square wasn’t confident the North American market wanted to play a more difficult RPG.

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