Ah, thus is my life.  My mother has had surgery on her hand, so she’s out of it for a while.  Comcast must be getting desperate, they actually sent a customer consultant to my door trying to get me to sign up with phone.  I told them I agreed with my mother to never sign up for phone.  Ah well.  Then she wanted to see if I wanted to install a camera in my apartment!  What?  No, the only people who come in and out are me and Maus.  The reason my mother is somewhat important is that I wanted to contact her about some stuff that happened.

First, I have two pictures to show you.  I finished the pastel in class (like we were supposed to).  I posted these to my social networks, but here they are again.  The model:

Then, the drawing:

In fact, I posted it to instagram, which then posted it with my location (FRCC) to twitter.  The FRCC official feed retweeted it!  That’s kinda cool.

I had to mix those from the three primary colors of pastel plus white.  So the green is a mixture of yellow and blue, with some I believe red in to make the darker areas.  The orange is a mixture of yellow and red, with some blue for the darker areas.  So, those are both carefully created.  Although some of the line is off, as well as the proportions a bit (the pink, the top of the pear, and the place slightly) I really like it.  I know the composition isn’t stellar, the plate is cropped, the top of the pear meets the edge of the paper, but I thought that the idea was nice.  At one point the professor came and looked at it and she said she had some difficulty telling me anything I could improve.  Awesome.

So, I accidentally left my notebook and Spanish book on my car.  It was because yesterday I had a flat, no psi at all, so I put air into the tire.  When I got home I wanted to check the tire so I did, but that interrupted my flow and I forgot my textbook on the roof of the car.  Needless to say, a couple hours later when I left for art class, it was gone.  Sadness!

Then at art class I accidentally dropped my yellow pigment box and half of all the pigment shattered.  Great.  Now I have to see if they have any more of the yellow pigment at Jerry’s.  They might be out because all the students bought so much (I heard they ran out of kits).

Anyways, today I’m cleaning my apartment.  Ah the joys.

photo credit: #Flickr12Days via photopin (license)

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