Oh my gosh, so many things have happened! I finished a book called Grain Brain… Quite an interesting read. In fact, it was so interesting Maus and I are on a new diet! We’ve gone 100% gluten-free, and 95% sugar-free. The book talked about how carbohydrates and sugar, but especially gluten, can cross the blood-brain barrier and affect your brain function. It also wreaks havoc on your insulin levels and insulin receptivity in your cells. There’s a lot to it, but one of the biggest images that stuck with me was some studies that showed prolonged exposure to carbohydrates (or truly the opposite, the experiment group was on the special diet, the control not) can actually shrink your brain!

I went home and told Maus, “I don’t want your brain to shrink!”

Maus is kind of a big guy. For the longest time, I’ve been afraid of something happening to him, as he already has spots on his leg indicating possible neuropathy. He also is pre-diabetic according to an insulin/sugar test we did quite a while ago at the urging of my sister-in-law. The thing about THAT that stuck with me is that one time, when Maus was going through some very troubling family issues, he was crying really hard in the bathroom. The sound was frightening and I leaped up from the living room and ran to the bathroom, I thought, “This is it, this is it!” I thought he was having a heart attack. Fortunately, that wasn’t the case. But it got me thinking about how to get thinner, or how to get him thinner. Unfortunately, I’ve never felt like a large person to myself, even when I weighed 200 pounds. I told my brother my weight one time when he inquired about it, and I was 30-40 pounds heavier than him, and he’s bigger than me (and is in better muscular shape). HOWEVER, when I weighed myself at my nurse practitioner’s appointment last week I weighed 186 pounds. That’s 14 pounds lighter, and I swear my tummy is looking slimmer.

In other news, I’m MARRIED! Check it out:

Maus and I went to the clerk and recorder’s office. We filled out the application online and then finalized it at the office. We were afraid of officiating it somewhere or finding one at least. But it turns out you can officiate your own license in Colorado. Pretty nice. The couple next to us was cute, they were much older and Hispanic. They were all dressed up real nice (totally southwestern style) with their relatives. The relatives were filming it on their phones. Although, I have to say the dress was see-through halfway down, something I wouldn’t have chosen for myself.

In other news, I stopped doing my self-employment a couple of months ago. Since I’ve gotten married, we have to think much more critically about our finances. The immigration lawyer cost(s) $6,000! I’ve thought about how else I can make money, and I’ve re-thought more about volunteering at the library. I’ve also gained some more confidence in my writing, and I was tentatively thinking that maybe I’ll open up writing commissions. On top of that, I thought Maus and my talents combined we could commission visual/kinetic novels. I’m turning my story Impossible Things into a kinetic novel, and I’m working on another one with story branches. I figure if I sit and read, and write all day like I did when I was programming I can get somewhere. I like establishing a schedule too.

On top of that, I’m attending college finally! I’m part of a drawing course. I’m in Drawing I. I’ve never drawn anything before. Today we practiced proportions using a… I can’t remember what it’s called, a sizing stick? Anyways, I showed up half an hour late and had to apologize. I thought it started at 12:30, it actually starts at 12:00 and goes TO 2:30. I was so embarrassed, but the professor was really nice and caught me up. I wasn’t the only one behind though, a couple of people were actually making their first assignment (a penned one-inch square grid). THEN I used my dark charcoal pencil to start drawing when I was supposed to use a 4B to F pencil. I finally was able to bring my equipment in and use a 4B pencil instead. But that’s okay. Here’s my first assignment:

Neat huh? I’ve never drawn before and I apologized like four times for how messy it was. It’s due Wednesday. I have to also go to an art gallery and write an essay/critique on a piece. She must have already run into papers like Maus ran into when he was grading for Music Appreciation. She said specifically, “Don’t write the paper cataloging your visit to the gallery, just critique the piece. Use MLA formatting.” Hee-hee

My wrist hurts lately, and I think it’s serious. I had Roger, my Starbucks friend (dirty old man and retired cosmetic surgeon), look at it. He said it was probably a bone spur. Oy. I also had more allergies lately with the rats, but now that I’ve removed the cloths and turned up the air filter it seems to have subsided.

I actually had two friends over this last week and a half. I know that doesn’t sound like much, watching Paprika and To Wong Foo (Thanks For Everything Julie Newmar), but I don’t like people visiting our apartment. That’s why we always go out or go to other people’s apartments. But, that’s okay. I tried to be quite the host, with La Croix, coffee, and gluten-free queso (with Mediterranean vegetable chips). Maus says I was good. I think more people can visit in the future.

Maus and I sat down to try to start learning kanji. We’ve mostly mastered both hiragana and katakana. Unfortunately, kanji is much more complicated than I thought, but I think I’m wrapping my brain around it. Memorizing the meaning and the combinations seems like the best early approach.

We’re running through the Golden Girls again, as well as Maude. I’ve been feeling in a Beatrice Arthur mood. I got a book on artificial intelligence I’m working on, good information! It cost $100 on Kindle. I know!

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