Life in Kadaria has been a bit hectic.  Part of the problem is that I went to Handyville for Christmas and I got a little behind on my escapades.  I may have to post a few times close together so that I can catch up on all the latest happenings.

It’s still winter in Kadaria, but the fruit still grows on the trees.  The (second-to-) last time I visited there were a lot of dead flowers.  More than usual, but I don’t expect much when the temperature outside is -20 degrees.  That’s how cold it was in Handyville, so I imagined it was the same in Kadaria.  Here I am watering the flowers:

It was so cold out I just had to do something about it.  So what did I do?  I got a cup of coffee!  You can see me hanging out in the town square contemplating getting a cup of coffee, but then you can see me getting it from the to-go counter.  That’s me with a cup of joe.  The weird thing is… it has a green spot on it.  Am I drinking Starbucks in my own game?

I think I wrote about how I was getting a new resident into town the last time.  I’m pretty sure I did because I remember posting about the construction site.  I had not seen a house there before.  Well, I did get a new resident named Jacque.  I was wondering what kind of animal he’d be, being one of my little animal friends, and it turns out that he’s a penguin!  His house is a little odd in comparison to the styles of the other houses, but then again penguins are known to be a strange bunch.  I think it’s fitting given the weather:

After meeting the locals, I had a brief respite.  I thought I’d enjoy one of my public works for a bit.

I did finally pay off my loan!  So I trekked back to my house and examined the new furnishings I could enjoy.  I opted for a larger upstairs so that I could fit more stuff into it, preferably from the Rococo family.  I also re-arranged some stuff in my messy main hall:

After that it was time to go to town. I’ve always liked the fortune cookies you can buy at Nook’s Convenience store, although I’ve been seeing them less.  I wonder if its because I have them all?  I don’t think I do.  There’s really no way I can tell however, as far as I know, and I just kind of get what I get.  To get a cookie you have to spend a play coin (which you get by walking around with your DS, clever buggers).  Here was my fortune for the day:

Pretty wise advice.  What else was there to do in town?  Well, I went shopping, but the more significant pace was my makeover!  I started the makeover at the beauty salon.  I decided it was time to lose the wolf head and get some new hair.  I decided I wanted to be all red, in the spirit of Christmas.  So I started with my hair:

Cool looking doo if I do say so myself.  I look like a fierce little gay boy, someone you’d expect to be having an intimate conversation about x-men on a date at IHOP.

Then I went with my outfit:

Check that hat out!  It’s a flat style hat that’s black, which is exactly the same hat I wear IRL.  Now I look like my self in my game.  A little scary…  Do you like the glasses?

After that I bought some Christmas furniture to top the makeover off:

My question is, who would sleep in that bed?  And who are the presents for?  I unfortunately missed Toy Day because I was busy.  I was either driving, or, I was at Handyville, where I didn’t really have the right time opportunity.  Either way… it was time for a warm up, so I went on vacation to the islands:

I actually was able to find some new wildlife, and I earned a few tokens by running around a maze collecting fruit.  There’s a lot more fruit in the game than what’s in my town.  I want to collect all the fruit so I have one of every kind, but unfortunately I couldn’t take the fruit from the trip back to Kadaria.  Ah well, we’ll have to see where else I can dig it up.  In the mean time I had some mayoral duties to attend to.  Now that the Reset Center has been put in place, it was time for another public work. This time I chose a windmill, I thought it was aesthetically pleasing.  Here’s what it will look like when it’s done:

It was time to go to my job in town, working at Nook’s Homes.  When I came in Isabelle said I should work on a town facility, so I said, “Okay girl!  Calm your tits!”  It was time to build the hospital.  Here’s the outside before I started renovations.  For some reason I don’t have a picture of what it looks like after the renovation on the outside:

I was supposed to build a doctor’s office, a waiting room, and a patient ward.  Each one had slightly different requirements, but I think I did pretty well meeting them all.  I used all the times I’ve sat in hospital waiting rooms with a cut finger as my inspiration.  Actually, I used the old waiting room at the clinic in Handyville where I grew up as inspiration.  They had a little table-top arcade game there, so I put one in too:

The magazines and coffee maker were of course obligatory.

The doctor’s office was interesting.  I wanted to make sure it had all the measuring devices usually found in more intimate doctor visits, but I had limited space.  It also needed a hospital bed, which is odd, but I guess the doctor takes particular residents into his office.  Nook apparently didn’t feel so good:

And lastly, the patient ward.  I needed several beds, so I put those in.  There’s a acute bed behind a curtain, and an operating table behind another in the corner.  I put in several amenities like a sink, and EKG machine.  It came out pretty sterile:

All in all it was an eventful day in Kadaria.

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