Well, Isaac Homebrew went out for St. Patrick’s Day in his hometown of Fort Collins.  There was a parade, so he went to Starbucks (of course!) and waited for the parade to end before he ventured down into Old Town for some furry fun.  This time around a bit more video was captured than pictures.  Also, that weird girl with the long hair seems to have stopped following us… for shame!  Below is the video composite I made of Isaac’s outing:

As soon as Isaac stepped out of Starbucks, it was like a mob!  Kids were all over him and he probably took about five photos right off the bat, including a little sassy number with some college girls.  I’ve uploaded the photos that my handler, Maus, was able to take while Isaac walked around:

This is the sassy picture, you can’t really tell too well that Isaac is posing sassy:

However, the look on that guy’s face next to the photographer is priceless.  LOL, anyways, I actually met another fursuiter out when Isaac was walking around on St. Patrick’s Day, but we don’t really get along.  That’s a first though, I’m usually the only fursuiter around, but I guess there’s competition now!  Watch out or there’ll be a furry turf war!  (I was here first, honestly.)  Ah well.

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