Posting about games today, my favorite game of all time (at the moment hee-hee) is Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer. I just got it last week and it is awesome. I already like the aspects of an Animal Crossing game, the little world, the little characters, etc. Well, Happy Home Designer takes those elements and fashions them into a very nice, approachable structure. In Happy Home Designer you work for Tom Nook (of course!). You design homes and town facilities. But instead of just giving you stuff to design with and letting you muck around aimlessly (like how letters and notes work in New Leaf) you actually have goals to reach in your designs. Different clients want different things, and different town facilities require different aspects. And in each design, there are boxes of favorite client items that you have to incorporate into your design. I only just figured out how to get pictures off my 3DS, so I’m going to post a bunch from this game here this time, but I wanted to show you my designs.

This is the first exterior design I did. I’d like to think I did rather well, but we’ll see. Maus showed me I have a special knack for creating RPG Maker maps (I made some gorgeous ones using the default RTP for RM:XP but they are, alas, lost now.) I think this carries into my home design abilities. Here’s the interior (not the first I’ve done):

The little rose means that he/she really likes it. This one had some kids so I had to design it to be kid-friendly. I have no way of knowing my design scores at the moment (I don’t know if I ever will?) but I’d like to think I met the requirements pretty well.

After I did that, I changed my outfit. I don’t know why they let you set socks since you can never see them as a male HHN employee, but I guess it’s for the girls. I kind of look, like, well, like I came out of a gay club and turned into a real estate professional:

So, my next assignment was something not too stylish, but stylish. I generally used the new items that appeared in my inventory (classic I believe?) which is usually a safe bet when you’ve got an early special request. Pecan’s house turned out nicely:

Anyways, my next assignment was a room surrounding Tangy with fruit. Here how’s that turned out:

Next up were some town facilities! They started making these (with Isabelle) pretty early on, I was surprised. Usually, new features get featured, heh, in a slightly slower way, but hey, more features are good for me! For the first facility project, I was supposed to design the school. I made it half lecture hall, half classroom for maximum impact:

Isabelle doesn’t look too happy, but she should be. I mean, I put my heart and soul into this!

So then she comes back for me to make a café. Awesome. I got a bunch of new café items, like an ice cream buffet, a cappuccino machine, menus, lights, the works. I wanted my café to have as many things as possible, so I loaded it with every gadget I could fit… as well as a cheesecake and a lobster tank. Gotta have ice cream with lobster! Here’s a shot, and some important additional information below:

Today they opened up the Happy Home Network computer, which is fantastic! Please go to my HHN rooms and vote them up, I’d appreciate it. Here’s the HHN number for the above café: 0506-7705-016 I’ll tweet the numbers with the screenshots as I create them too. Anyone else have Happy Home Designer? Get to it!

So, those are my adventures with my little animal friends, as I call them. I’ll keep you updated on my collecting and designing endeavors.

photo credit: Rattan Table and Chairs, Vintage, Wicker, 1950s, Painted Blue, Distressed, Dinette Set, Small Table, Oval Table, Patio Set by katherinetucker liked from a luxurious wicker sofa. via photopin (license)

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