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The first game in the Dragon Warrior (Dragon Quest) series came out for the Nintendo Entertainment System (otherwise known as the Family Computer or Famicom in Japan) in 1986 and got a North America port in 1989.  It was a stellar success in Japan but was received a little less favorably in the western markets.  However, it’s still regarded as the great-grandfather of the console RPG genre.  I have written a review of the game but decided that I’d do a Let’s Play Classics play-through of the game.  This is episode 9.  Below is the video:

In part 15 I start out in Cantlin where I left off, but I got some things to do now!  For one I need to pick up the artifact I’ve now heard about in the town of Hauksness.  Now, Hauksness is the town that was decimated by the minions of the Dragonlord, and in line with that it contains some of the most difficult enemies of the game outside Charlock Castle (the castle of the Dragonlord.)  So I leave Cantlin and make my way towards the town of Hauksness which is located in the desert where I previously died. On the way, I encounter a Werewolf, and I’ve documented that in today’s continued bestiary.  Oddly enough I hadn’t encountered this enemy before, though that seems out of order to me somehow.  But alas.  I finally make my way to Hauksness in the desert, and it looks pretty disheveled:

Just look at this place!  There are swamps, deserts, grass, broken up tile, shops missing walls.  It’s pretty messy, but what can you expect for a town that’s been destroyed by the Dragonlord and his minions.  Now, this map is not monster-free!  You’ll encounter Starwyverns, Wizards, and Green Dragons here and such, so make sure you’re ready to handle those kinds of beasts.  We’re here on a mission in this video for now, although I come back to Hauksness later to gain some levels before I confront the Dragonlord himself.  No, we’re looking for the artifact mentioned in Cantlin.  I wander around in the video for a little while, but eventually, I find the spot and tree behind the marshes.  I know I’m in the right place because I get attacked by a special monster, the Axe Knight.  I document the Axe Knight below in the continued bestiary.  Once I clear the way of the Axe Knight, I search the ground and find Erdrick’s Armor!  Below I’ve shown the exact location:

Once I’ve retrieved the Erdrick’s Armor we’re on to the next artifact.  This artifact requires the use of Gwaelin’s Love.  Remember the coordinates we got from the old man in Cantlin?  This is what we’re looking for.  If you’ve tried out Gwaelin’s Love up til now you’ll notice that in the world map it’ll give you coordinates relative to Tantegel Castle.  Well, let’s the coordinates given to us by the old man and get our next artifact.  Let’s exit Hauskness and proceed to the swampland below Cantlin.  On the way to the next artifact, I run into a Magiwyvern!  I document in our continuing bestiary below.

You’ll notice that when I enter the swamp after obtaining the Erdrick Armor it doesn’t hurt me anymore.  That’s the beauty of this armor, floors that would normally damage you no longer damage you.  This includes swampland!  You can see then why I obtained the Erdrick Armor before I ventured into the swamp.  Once we are in this swamp we start checking our coordinates using Gwaelin’s Love before we search the ground to find the next artifact.  Once I’m in place I get Erdrick’s Token.  I’ve captured the exact location in the following screenshot:

After I pick up the token, I wander around a bit traveling north to see the strange desert construction.  But then I cast return and return to Tantagel Castle.  Here I heal up in the Inn in the town and then venture forth for my next daring-do.  But before then I save with the king.  From this point, I’m going to travel beyond the town of Rimuldar (which requires me to go through the cave where I rescued the Princess).  Way south of Rimuldar, across another bridge, we get to a hideout of some old man.  It’s a one-screen cave, but talking to the old man gets us what we’re looking for: the Rainbow Drop.  I believe, if I’m not mistaken, that’s what I needed Erdrick’s token for.

The Rainbow Drop, being a combination of the Stones of Sunlight and the Staff of Rain, comes in handy when you’re ready to create the bridge to Charlock Castle, the Dragonlord’s domain.  I travel much further north, past Rimuldar, and then to the west.  You’ll find a funny-looking peninsula-ish area where if it were for just one bridge you could cross over to the Dragonlord’s island.  This is where you use the Rainbow Drop, according to the several hints you’ve hopefully gathered throughout the game, and after a swath of magical colors, you got a bridge.  Like this:

Once I create the bridge, I travel through the valley into Charlock Castle, home of the Dragonlord.  I’ll start my map of the underground part of the castle, but you have to get to it first!  The first beast I encounter is an Axe Knight, just like when I got the Armor.  Charlock Castle is home to many difficult monsters, which should be since we’re getting closer to the end of the game.  In this excursion, however, I’m not after defeating the Dragonlord. No, I’m after Erdrick’s Sword!  I skip the doors and the stairs that are present on the first floor and instead opt to go into the secret passage located behind the throne.  It’s here:

I venture into the basement of the castle and start working towards the sword.  In the video, I make my way through the dungeon on my way to the sword.  On my way, I encounter a Blue Dragon which I have documented in the eighth bestiary log below.  I descend another level to make my way to the sword… we’ll see what creatures lie here, probably harder.  I wind my way through the dungeon, which I’ll outline in another post, going up and down stairs until I finally wind my way to the cramped spot the sword is found:

I cast outside and return as soon as I get the sword, returning to Tantagel Castle.  I then stay at the inn to raise my health and magic points back to their maximum.  I need to gain a few levels before I defeat the Dragonlord.  It looks like I’ve decided to go to Hauksness, closest in monsters to Charlock Castle.  Here I should start being able to gain some experience and gold, though gold at this point is unnecessary, and get up to a level that I can conquer the deeper levels of the castle.  Along the way, I encounter a Rogue Scorpion!  I haven’t run into one of those before, so I’ve logged it into the bestiary below.  I actually gain a level, and I end the video out at level 19 leveling up in Hauksness.  I return to Tantegel, heal up, and save.

Bestiary Part 8


HP: 60

EXP: 40

Avg GOLD: 150

Special Attacks: None

Spells: None

Area: Southern Continent, On The Way To Cantlin

Description: Oddly enough, I missed this guy up until now.  I have a Wolf and a Wolflord but not a Werewolf.  However, coming back from Cantlin here is now.  Of all the wolf creatures in the game, this is the strongest wolf creature though he doesn’t have any spells like the Wolflord does.  He’s just a brute, but with high enough levels and equipment, particularly the Erdrick Sword and such, he’s not too bad.  The recommendation I have for this creature is like many other brutes, make sure you keep your hit points up and just attack until he’s dead.  Easy peasy!

Axe Knight

HP: 90

EXP: 70

Avg GOLD: 140

Special Attacks: None

Spells: Sleep

Area: Hauksness, Charlock Castle

Description: The first time you will, presumably, encounter the Axe Knight is when you are getting Erdrick’s Armor in Hauksness.  The Axe Knight is a powerful foe, particularly when met with multiple times inside the Dragonlord’s castle.  This is actually the strongest form of the knight creature, but don’t worry, if you’ve been leveling up like I have it shouldn’t be too hard.  Beware of his ability to cast Sleep, I even recommend using Stopspell as soon as you can.  If he gets you to sleep, his blows while you cannot defend yourself will probably be fatal.  I wouldn’t take on the Axe Knight without the spell of Healmore.


HP: 58

EXP: 34

Avg GOLD: 130

Special Attacks: None

Spells: Sleep

Area: Southern Continent, On The Way To Cantlin

Description: The Magiwyvern is actually easier than the Starwyvern, despite its intimidating name.  It does have the Sleep spell, so you would be better to cast Stopspell before the battle begins.  However, if you can’t get it to stick, don’t worry, he’s pretty easy to smash with just physical blows.  My recommendation is to try a Stopspell, but then just deal plain physical attacks.  If you level up like I have in these episodes, you shouldn’t have a problem at the point you encounter this monster.

Blue Dragon

HP: 70

EXP: 60

Avg GOLD: 150

Special Attacks: Breathes Fire

Spells: None

Area: Charlock Castle

Description: The Blue Dragon is stronger than the Green Dragon.  He doesn’t have any spells, but he does breathe fire like the other dragon.  I believe they all breathe fire.  Anyways, I’ve read in other places that the better strategy is to run. However, I find gambling on the ability to exit out of the battle usually ends up with you taking a lot of damage without doing anything.  I always attack and attack until he’s gone.  If you can’t do that, gain some levels all I can say.

Rogue Scorpion

HP: 35

EXP: 26

Avg GOLD: 110

Special Attacks: Breathes Fire

Spells: None

Area: Southern Continent, Around Hauksness

Description: This scorpion is the strongest scorpion in the game, but honestly, by the time you see him (like I did) he’s a piece of cake.  I wouldn’t advise taking him on directly until you have the Erdrick Armor and Erdrick Sword.  This is the one case you might flee, but hey, take your chances!  But once you have both these items this guy is not hard at all.  When I encountered him I killed him in one stroke.  It’s weird, once I had the sword, I encountered this guy like two or three times whereas I never saw him before that.

This post is part of a series known as “Let’s Play Classics” focusing on the Dragon Quest series.

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