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The first game in the Dragon Warrior (Dragon Quest) series came out for the Nintendo Entertainment System (otherwise known as the Family Computer or Famicom in Japan) in 1986 and got a North America port in 1989.  It was a stellar success in Japan but was received a little less favorably in the western markets.  However, it’s still regarded as the great-grandfather of the console RPG genre.  I have written a review of the game but decided that I’d do a Let’s Play Classics play-through of the game.  This is episode 8.  Below is the video:

I continue to level up in Garin’s Tomb in Garinham:

Before I finally go to Cantlin for real:

We start our journey in part 12 standing in Tantegel throne room (from saving) at about level 16.  Our quest at the moment?  I’m going to try to see if I can make it to Cantlin with the information I’ve gathered so far.  To do so, we venture south of Garinham, over the bridge, and further south past the cave with the Fighter’s Ring until we get to the next bridge.  We cross that bridge and go south to travel past the desert where Hauksness is situated.  We’re not going to Hauksness just yet, because some of the toughest monsters are there, but instead, we’re going to go past that and hopefully get into the town of Cantlin.  This requires us to go over another bridge and then further north and to the east.  Here I actually run into a Green Dragon outside of a cave/dungeon before I get to the last bridge I have to go over.  What is this?  Swamp?  Man, this place is remote!

I step down towards Cantlin, but what’s in front of Cantlin?  A giant golem.  This is where the Fairy Flute I obtained WAY back is handy.  The Fairy Flute sends Golems and such to sleep.  Of course, I kind of got it backward and got the flute before I got the clue FOR the flute, but hey, whatever, I got it either way!  Anyways, I use the Fairy Flute as I am supposed to do, but… the Golem wakes up and kills me in one blow.  41 hit points?  Really?  Well, this looks like I’m not ready to fight this guy and get to Cantlin, I need to toughen up a bit more.

I end up back in Tantegel Castle.  Where am I going to gain levels?  Let’s try the desert around Hauksness on the way TO Cantlin.  That sounds like a good plan, so I make my way south of Garinham over the bridges again into the desert I passed by earlier.  Once in the desert, I encounter a few familiar enemies, but one, in particular, I haven’t met before, that being the Demon Knight.  Wolflords, Knights, Wraiths, and Goldmans aren’t so bad… but a Demon Knight isn’t to be sneezed at!  In fact, the Demon Knight I run into the second time in the desert ends up killing me.  It’s a sad affair.

But before I venture off too far, here are some additions to the bestiary with our new foes:

Bestiary Part 7


HP: 70

EXP: 5

Avg GOLD: 10

Special Attacks: None

Spells: None

Area: Entrance to Cantlin, Charlock Castle

Description: The first time I encountered the Golem was when I was first trying to enter Cantlin for the first time.  I used the Fairy Flute, which puts him to sleep, but he woke up and kicked my butt.  Of course, I was a little low on HP, but the same he’s a tough one.  If you can successfully beat him up when he’s asleep from the flute, he’s not a hard enemy.  His rewards seem to show that that was the opinion of the designer as well.  This is an enemy I would avoid trying to find.

Demon Knight

HP: 50

EXP: 37

Avg GOLD: 150

Special Attacks: None

Spells: None

Area: Around Hauksness

Description: The Demon Knight banks on the fact that its just a silhouette, and thus, at lower levels is difficult to hit.  Unfortunately, that’s what occurred to me and without watching out I was killed in the desert near Hauksness.  The nice thing however is that they give up quite a bit of gold and experiences.  Likewise however, he hits hard.  But the nice thing is that as you gain levels he will become easier and easier to hit until you barely ever miss him.  Definitely an enemy to seek out when gaining levels.

I can’t seem to learn Healmore fast enough!  So once again I am dead, and end up returning to the throne room where King Lorik chastises me (and apparently takes half of my money).  So what am I to do?  Where can I level up?  I know!  Let’s try the second and third level of Garin’s Tomb!  That seemed like a pretty good place before.  So that’s exactly what I do so I stock up on herbs and magic keys and head back to Garinham.  Once in Garinham I crawl through the dungeon behind the town in the hopes of gaining some levels.  I encounter the Wolflords and Droll Magis and such, but even though I battle with dastardly enemies until the end of the first video, I don’t gain a level quite yet.  This brings us to the next video.

I continue my exploits in Garin’s Tomb.  This is part of the grinding I was talking about in my review.  I wish there was an in-between place where I could gain a few levels that was a bit stronger than this cave, but here I am.  Maybe Hauksness would be good, but I’m afraid of dying again.  Of course, when I run low on MP, I just stop by the inn which is nice, couldn’t do that in the desert of Hauksness:

Finally, after a while, I fight a Specter.  He looks like a tricky fellow, but I cast Stopspell on him.  Lucky for me, he pretty much just wants to use spells on me, and since Stopspell was successful, I just beat up on him while he does nothing and wastes his turns.  Yay, and then… what this?  I gain a level!  Finally!

I learned a new spell!  Could it be what I’ve been seeking all this time?  Is it Healmore?  It is!

Good!  Heal was getting too wimpy for the number of HP I’m up to by this point.  Did I need something stronger, and more… magical?  Either way, this will heal up my HP much more significantly, which is going to make leveling up in other areas easier.  However, I decide I’m not going to go to any other areas (Hauksness perhaps?)  No, I stay in this tomb until the end of the video leveling up.  But… I do have Healmore heeheehee.

We open the next video in the tomb, fighting our way to higher levels.  I do cast Outside, but only to go to the inn to get more MP.  Then it’s back to grinding in the tomb.  I fight some more, but I don’t gain a level to get to 18 just yet.  Instead, I decided that I’m going to grind in a different locale.  I go south of Garinham to the forest just before the bridge.  I guess I like it here better?  I’m not sure why, now that I’m level 17 I just do the desert near Hauksness, but there ya go.  Here I go:

Finally I gain a level, achieving level 18.  I guess I decide at that point I can try Cantlin once again and head in that direction (over the bridge and south).  Whew, I’m going to be prepared this time, no running into the Golem with low hit points because I’m excited and yelling, “Leroy Jenkins!”  On the way there though I’m attacked by a Demon Knight once again, and once again it almost kills me.  Aha, but I have Healmore now!  I lay him to the waste.  I cross the bridge on the last leg to Cantlin and what do I encounter?  A Wizard!  Hmmm… Stopspell perhaps?  Nope!  I fight this new enemy (and document it), but unfortunately he had the first strike, which sets me back a bit.  In fact, I get close to dying… again!  He has Hurtmore, something the other enemies haven’t had up until now.  But I don’t, and then, Golem time!

This time I heal before I attack the Golem with an herb and such.  It’s a hefty battle, and I use my flute… but eventually, I defeat him:

Once I defeat the Golem, it’s on my way to Cantlin.

Oooh, this is a nice city, everything’s paved!  There is a LOT to Cantlin, but first, let’s get welcomed by the guard, “Welcome to Cantlin, the castle town.”  Oh, so that’s why everything is paved.  Got it.

Looks like the weapon shop doesn’t really sell anything in particular that I need, but that’s okay.  There are a lot of “shops” in this town.  It’s quite cosmopolitan.    For some reason, the vegetation in this town is in the middle of it presumably in a building.  That doesn’t make sense to me, I would imagine the whole town is in a building, and this is the courtyard outside of that building.  Alas, what can you do with 8-bit graphics?  I talk to the old man in the “courtyard” and he says, “To learn how proof may be obtained that thy ancestor was the great Erdrick, see a man in this very town.”  Proof?  Finally!  After all those snot-nosed kids kept asking for it.

I decide I want to talk to the wise old man hidden behind the awful ground to the south.  So, I traverse the ground that causes me damage carefully, and finally get to him, only for him to tell me:

Let us wish the warrior well!

May the light be thy strength!

Thou may go and search.

From Tantegel Castle travel 70 leagues to the south and 40 to the east.

Now, THIS is information I’ve been seeking.  So that’s how Gwaelins love is going to help me!  I wonder what I’ll find there?  Enough, now to the rest of the town.  The locals get in my way sometimes, like this woman, who won’t… get out of my way!  What does she have to say for herself, “What shall I get for thy dinner?”  Me?  Whoah lady, let’s have coffee first!  The soldier behind the woman says, “‘Tis said that the Dragonlord hath claws that can cleave iron and fiery breath that can melt stone.  Dost thou still wish to go on?”  Of course, I do!  “Thou art truly brave.”  (If you say no, he says it’s okay and that no one would fault you.)

I stay at the inn, then check out a few shops.  Most of these places are shops and aren’t necessarily very important clue-wise.  Except for this guy, “Come buy my radishes!  They are fresh and cheap.  Buy thy radishes today!”  Okay!  But, unfortunately, we can’t actually get a radish inventory item.  We used to grow our own radishes back on the ranch where I grew up, and my father would have them every day at lunch.  Fresh radishes are an experience, trust me.

The lady near the south is so helpful, “I know nothing.”  Well then!  Who do you think I am, Lieutenant Joe Kenda… Homicide Hunter.

On the other side of town, they DO sell fairy water, but I do not partake.  Fairy water is handy for keeping monsters away, but… so is my repel spell.

The soldier in the northeast corner of town has a clue though!  He tells us, “It is said that many have held Erdrick’s armor.  The last to have it was a fellow named Wynn.”  Alright, we’re one step closer.  There’s a shop for magic keys beyond a door, just like in freakin’ Tantegel.  But, I take him up on the offer and stock up on magic keys.  Don’t forget they’re magic.

Behind the door is also a weapon shop that actually has some serious weapons.  I buy a Flame Sword and the Silver Shield.  These two items make me very well equipped, and fighting monsters should be quite easier now.  Get these in Cantlin when you get there, just make sure you have enough gold beforehand.  With all the leveling this shouldn’t be a problem.

Aha, another clue, from the green guy standing on the edge of town: “Grandfather used to say that his friend, Wynn, had buried something of great value at the foot of a tree behind his shop.”  Got it, I bet I know what that was!

In the southeast shopping center, Nester has this to say, “I’m Nester.  Hey, where am I?  No, don’t tell me!”  I guess, this is a line from the comic?  It’s lost on me now.  However, the old man in the plaza tells us, “‘Tis said that Erdrick’s sword could cleave steel.”  And that’s why I have to have it!  I will get it!  Goals, gotta keep ’em.

Finally, we spend a key to get to the shop in the southwest.  I know you’ve been eyeing that one.  We have to wait for him to come to the counter to tell us what he knows, but finally, he tells us:

My Grandfather Wynn had a shop on the east side of Hauksness.

That’s the ticket, that’s what we’ve been looking for!  Next episode, we’ll start gathering all the wonderful artifacts of Erdrick, including Wynn’s treasure!

In the meantime, here’s the wizard for out bestiary:

Bestiary Part 7 Continued


HP: 65

EXP: 50

Avg GOLD: 165

Special Attacks: None

Spells: Hurtmore and Sleep

Area: Southern Continent, Near Cantlin

Description: This guy is a doozy.  He’s probably the first enemy you’ll encounter that can cast the Hurtmore spell, and that does exactly what it says, it hurts more.  Also of note is that he can put you to sleep on TOP of all that!  I encountered him when I learned Healmore already, which was nice.  If you don’t have Healmore, you might be in big trouble, so attempt this at level 17.  His normal attacks are pretty bad too, but sleep and hurt more combined is a killer.  Stopspell him and destroy him as quickly as possible… but in terms of reward, it’s pretty sweet.

This post is part of a series known as “Let’s Play Classics” focusing on the Dragon Quest series.

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