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The first game in the Dragon Warrior (Dragon Quest) series came out for the Nintendo Entertainment System (otherwise known as the Family Computer or Famicom in Japan) in 1986 and got a North America port in 1989.  It was a stellar success in Japan but was received a little less favorably in the western markets.  However, it’s still regarded as the great-grandfather of the console RPG genre.  I have written a review of the game but decided that I’d do a Let’s Play Classics play-through of the game.  This is episode 7.  Below is the video:

I also continued to level up and gain some gold:

And continued to explore and gain levels in the Grave of Garin:

We start our journey in part 9 standing outside of Garinham ready to gain a level (since we were badly bruised last time we went into Garin’s Tomb.)  To do so, we venture south of Garinham, over the bridge and further south past the cave with the Fighter’s Ring until we get to the next bridge.  Rather than going over it we stay on this side of it and gather some gold and experience.  After defeating a Wraith I luckily raise to level 14, now I think it’s time we try Garin’s Tomb once more.

So I travel north to Garinham and then stay at the inn in preparation for my travels.  Make sure, when you do go to Garinham that you have enough keys, if you don’t you can buy some at Tantegel Castle (if you have 1 key already), otherwise, you’ll have to go through the marsh cave all the way to Rimuldar (though that is cheaper).  The nice thing about Garin’s Tomb is that if you exit and go back into the town to heal up at the inn if you don’t exit the town you can go back into the tomb without having to use another magic key to open the door.  The door remains open!  But if you do exit the town, you’ll have to expend another key.

So, as promised last post, since I thoroughly explore Garin’s Tomb, what I otherwise call the Grave of Garinham, in this post I have laid out all my maps for it here.  There are four levels with quite a few stairs.  You have to take a specific path, which I’ll outline here, to get to the Silver Harp which is eventually the item you need.  I haven’t adventured around in these videos enough to show you the guy who wants the Silver Harp, but once we have the harp we’re going to go to him so that he’ll give us something we need.  The path to get to the Silver Harp is: You’ll enter the tomb at 1 (Level 1), walk north a bit, east, and then south ’til you get to the door.  Open the door, and then travel west to 2 (Level 1), 2 leads to 3 (Level 2).  From here travel west, and then south to 5 (Level 2), which will lead you to 9 (Level 3).  Once you’re at 9 (Level 3) it’s a pretty linear path to 4 (Level 3) which leads to 1 (Level 4), from here travel around and to the center to 2 (Level 4).  Going up the stairs you’ll get to 6 (Level 3) which is next to the treasure chest containing the Silver Harp (5).  I do not take this direct path in the video but instead, explore around first.

Garin’s Tomb Level 1


  1. Entrance, To Overworld
  2. To Level 2 (Stairs 3)
  3. Herb
  4. Gold
  5. Gold

Garin’s Tomb Level 2


  1. Stairs to Level 3 (Stairs 2)
  2. Stairs to Level 3 (Stairs 3)
  3. Stairs to Level 1 (Stairs 2)
  4. Stairs to Level 3 (Stairs 7)
  5. Stairs to Level 3 (Stairs 9)
  6. Stairs to Level 3 (Stairs 8)

Garin’s Tomb Level 3


  1. Cursed Belt
  2. Stairs to Level 2 (Stairs 1)
  3. Stairs to Level 2 (Stairs 2)
  4. Stairs to Level 4 (Stairs 1)
  5. Silver Harp
  6. Stairs to Level 4 (Stairs 2)
  7. Stairs to Level 2 (Stairs 4)
  8. Stairs to Level 2 (Stairs 6)
  9. Stairs to Level 2 (Stairs 5)

Garin’s Tomb Level 4


  1. Stairs to Level 3 (Stairs 4)
  2. Stairs to Level 3 (Stairs 6)

Once we venture back to level 3 of the tomb behind Garinham we encounter some new enemies.  However, now we are level 14, so we’re stronger now, but don’t forget to be packing some herbs anyway.  The Heal spell starts to not really be powerful enough as a recovery tool from hard hits by enemies.  We do run into the wraith knight again but this time he doesn’t kill me, yay!  Besides the wraith knight, there are three other monsters I run into that we haven’t covered in our bestiary yet, which means that brings us to…

Bestiary Part 6


HP: 38

EXP: 22

Avg GOLD: 90

Special Attacks: None

Spells: Hurt and Heal

Area: Garin’s Tomb, Later Dungeons

Description: This creature is like the Droll, only more powerful.  With “magi” in his name you can bet he has some spells up his sleeve.   In fact, this monster can cast both Hurt and Heal, so your best bet is to immediately cast Stopspell, which is exactly what I do.  If you can successfully cast Stopspell right away, this monster is pretty much just like a Droll, only he’ll keep trying to cast spells even when he can’t, giving you extra turns to hit him.


HP: 35

EXP: 20

Avg GOLD: 85

Special Attacks: None

Spells: Hurt

Area: Garin’s Tomb, Later Dungeons

Description: Related, of course, to the druin, this creature is a more powerful version.  He’s not the worst dungeon monster to encounter, but he does like to use the Hurt spell.  The nice thing about this is that if you immediately and successfully cast Stopspell at the beginning of the battle, you’ll once again find yourself possibly gaining some extra turns to hit on the bad guy.  Just don’t bring him home to your parents.


HP: 36

EXP: 18

Avg GOLD: 70

Special Attacks: None

Spells: Hurt and Sleep

Area: Garin’s Tomb, Later Dungeons

Description: The specter is a cleverly named upgrade from the poltergeist.  The kicker here is that he can put you to sleep, and once you’re asleep, cast Hurt on you over and over.  However, to counterbalance this, it seems, this little spirit doesn’t have a great defensive power, which allows you to whittle away at his hit points pretty easily.  Like everything else in Garin’s Tomb it seems (where you’ll first meet him) just cast Stopspell at the beginning of the battle to head him off at the pass.  Unfortunately, the specter doesn’t give you much in terms of experience, but he’s a great source of gold.

Eventually, after meandering around a bit, we do obtain the Silver Harp.  From here I cast Outside to jump back out to Garinham, then I proceed to the inn.  However, I realize I can just use the Return spell to get to a cheaper inn, so that’s what I do, returning to Tantegel Castle and Town.  So, I head into town and heal up at the inn and make a stop at the castle to save with King Lorik.  From there I travel north and over the bridges as if I was traveling to Kol.  Actually, I go to Kol very briefly for some reason, but then exit and go to the west.  There’s a little strip of forest above the impassable mountain range which we want to go through:

I follow the forest up to the entrance of some sort of cave (actually, a place I’ve been before in an earlier video).  On this peninsula-ish place, I enter into this cave to find an old man.  Inside he tells me that I have brought the harp and that he’s been waiting a long time for “one such as” me:

Here, he then tells me to take the treasure chest and disappears.  How does he do that?  Does he know Old Man McGregor? Heeheehee.  Anyways, I go and take the treasure chest to discover that I have acquired the Staff of Rain.  From here the video jumps, but you don’t really miss anything.  I end up near the town of Rimuldar.  I was having trouble that week with my wireless router and I get my recordings from the Twitch streaming service.  When the router/modem started to go, streaming suffered, causing me to lose some footage.  I head up to Kol and talk to an old man behind a magic door (all doors are magical?) and he tells us about the Flute.  We of course, already have the Flute from earlier (cause I knew about it ahead of time), and when we say we have it he tells us to go to the Town of Cantlin.  Alrighty!  But first, we have a few other things to do.

So I head to Tantegel with the handy dandy Return spell, once there I stay at the inn and then go to the castle.  At the castle, I immediately stock up on magic keys, and from there I travel to the east very carefully.  Much like Garin’s Tomb there actually is a cellar to the castle.  The people in the castle to the south of the key shop give you a hint that it exists.  To get there you have to move just one square to the east to the edge of the map and then travel south.  This will put you one square right of the water, and eventually, you’ll find the cellar entrance:

Once we find the cellar we find another old man (are they wizards?) just like where we found the Staff of Rain.  This guy isn’t blocking the way to the treasure chest, however.  He tells us that he’s been waiting a long time for one such as me and to take the chest.  So, I just had to find the cellar? That was the test?  Anyways, travel around him and grab the chest to receive the Stones of Sunlight.  The Staff of Rain and the Stones of Sunlight are essential to progress to the end of the game, however, we’re definitely not a high enough level just yet, and we’re missing the legendary armor and weapons.

But before we obtain those things yet, we have to raise some levels and get ourselves to Cantlin.  I spend the rest of part 9 exploring around Garin’s Tomb and such, as well as stocking up on keys and herbs.  I do not actually progress past level 14 in part 9, and once I buy herbs at the Garinham item shop, we step into part 10.  As I wrote earlier, if you don’t leave Garinham when you come out of the Tomb to heal up at the inn, you don’t have to use another magic key to get to the lower levels, which is exactly what I do.  When I hit the next level, that of 15, I cast Outside and Return and save with King Lorik (a good idea when you raise levels, lest you die and sacrifice half your gold just to keep your level.)

From here I travel to my other leveling haunt, south of Garinham before the second bridge.  I hop around here for a while because I thought it might be better than the Tomb, but I think I decided that the Tomb actually seems to yield better results at the cost of more magic points.  So I head back up to Garinham and heal up at the inn, reaching the end of part 10.  At the start of part 11 I am level 15, and mostly spend the entire video traveling around the tomb and healing up at the Garinham inn.  I fight a wraith knight near the end and end up leveling up to 16.  Once I hit 16, it’s off to Tantegel to save with King Lorik to adventure another day…

This post is part of a series known as “Let’s Play Classics” focusing on the Dragon Quest series.

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