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The first game in the Dragon Warrior (Dragon Quest) series came out for the Nintendo Entertainment System (otherwise known as the Family Computer or Famicom in Japan) in 1986 and got a North America port in 1989.  It was a stellar success in Japan but was received a little less favorably in the western markets.  However, it’s still regarded as the great-grandfather of the console RPG genre.  I have written a review of the game but decided that I’d do a Let’s Play Classics play-through of the game.  This is episode 4, featuring the fourth approximate hour of gameplay.  Below is the video:

I also continue in the next video to level up also in the cave with the Fighter’s Ring:

We start out outside of Tantagel Castle preparing for another day of adventuring.  Our goal?  The cave down by the marsh after the bridge south of Garinham.  So we trek there immediately, following the mountains and crossing the bridge.  We avoid the marsh before the cave because stepping in it will lower our hit points, and at level 9 I have to be a bit careful about that.

I get in the cave and go to the west (right).  There I find an herb that is useful, and free.  From there I adventure around a bit on my way to the lower level where I hope to find the Fighter’s Ring.  I happened to make a map this time around, so here’s level 1:


  1. Links to lower level stairs (1)
  2. Links to lower level stairs (2)
  3. Herb
  4. Entrance stairs
  5. Links to lower level stairs (3)


  1. Links to upper level stairs (1)
  2. Links to upper level stairs (2)
  3. Links to upper level stairs (5)
  4. Gold
  5. Gold
  6. Torch
  7. Fighter’s Ring

I venture down to the second level using the stairs (2), the other stairs leading to dead ends and obtain after some tribulations the Fighter’s Ring.  This is an important ring to get because, and you have to remember to use it out of your inventory so that you put it on, it raises your stats so that you’re more powerful.  I believe it raises strength and speed by 2, but I’m not entirely sure.  After that, I run into a Warlock, which is dangerous at level 9 because I don’t have Stopspell, and thus he can put me to sleep.  Here’s a rundown of the beasts I encounter:

Bestiary Part 3


HP: 20

EXP: 7

Avg GOLD: 16

Special Attacks: None

Spells: None

Area: Marsh Cave, Grave of Garinham, other early dungeons

Description: The druin is somewhat like the skeleton in toughness, but fortunately he has less HP than the former.  His punch is pretty powerful, so you should be careful to not ignore your own hit point gauge.  I don’t use anything particularly special with this creature, just some simple attacks should suffice.


HP: 25

EXP: 10

Avg GOLD: 25

Special Attacks: None

Spells: None

Area: Marsh Cave, Grave of Garinham, other early dungeons

Description: The droll in turn is like the druin, no special attacks or spells, just offensive hitting power.  However, he definitely gives you more experience and more importantly, more gold.  Just a simple attack tactic should suffice.


HP: 23

EXP: 8

Avg GOLD: 18

Special Attacks: None

Spells: Hurt

Area: Marsh Cave, Grave of Garin, Lower Level and Later Dungeons

Description: The poltergeist is related to the ghost, but unlike the ghost he is able to use the Hurt spell.  Unfortunately, he also is stronger than the ghost in general, both in attack power and defense.  At level 9, like in the video, his ability to use the Hurt spell multiple times makes him a considerable threat until you gain the Stopspell spell.  Until then watch your hit points and attack!


HP: 30

EXP: 13

Avg GOLD: 35

Special Attacks: None

Spells: Hurt and Sleep

Area: Marsh Cave, Grave of Garin, Lower Level and Later Dungeons

Description: The warlock, at level 9 as in this video, is a very dangerous enemy.  The warlock is related to the magician, but is much more capable with higher hit points.  In fact, I believe this is the strongest enemy I’ve come across so far as written.  The warlock can use Hurt and Sleep, often one with the other.  Without something to counter him like Stopspell, he’ll put you to sleep and then cast Hurt until you wake up.  This monster can easily kill you if the dice don’t roll right, so watch out!


HP: 20

EXP: 11

Avg GOLD: 20

Special Attacks: None

Spells: Hurt and Heal

Area: Marsh Cave, Grave of Garin, Lower Level and Later Dungeons

Description: The drakeema utilizes the Hurt spell often, which can, well, hurt quite a bit.  But, the more insidious part of the drakeema is that he can also heal himself fully.  This drags out the battle which means he can cast Hurt on you even more.  Trick is to destroy him as quickly as possible.

After I obtained the Fighter’s Ring I got a little scared.  My hit points were low and my magic points were super low, I got all the way to 1!  So, I tried to escape out of the cave as quickly as possible and make my way to Garinham.  This involved running away from the stronger enemies, but once I was able to get past the mountain range the monsters got a bit easier.  I actually do make it back to an inn, but, I changed my mind from venturing to Garinham once I crossed the bridge to go to the Town of Tantagel next to the castle.

Once I heal I return to the cave with the Fighter’s Ring in it.  It appears I’ve been calling this cave the Marsh Cave, but other people call it the Rock Mountain Cave.  Either way, that’s where I go to level up.  Well, it kind of works out, as I end up actually dying (halving my gold).  Unfortunately, it happens.  I decide I need to go to Kol so that I can buy some wings in case this happens again (and I haven’t yet attained the Outside and Return spells.)

The adventure continues, but that’s all for today!

This post is part of a series known as “Let’s Play Classics” focusing on the Dragon Quest series.

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