Clock Tower for the Playstation was the first Clock Tower released in North America.  Here it was the beginning of the series, whereas we saw earlier that the true beginning of the series (and the set-up for this game) was the SNES version I covered previously.  This game was also directed by Hifumi Kohno, carrying over the atmosphere and artistic decisions of the first game.  Human Entertainment was impressed with the yet-to-be-released Resident Evil game and decided they were going to make the leap to full 3D graphics, which continued with the next two games.

The game takes place in Oslo, Norway, and is a direct sequel to the first game, starring survivor Jennifer Simpson.  It builds on the previous events, including the infamous Scissorman, and picks up where the previous game left off.  Whatever happened to Scissorman?  Now, we’ll find out… but “who will make it through this game of murder alive?”

There are quite a few characters in Clock Tower for the Playstation.  Of course, the first among them is Jennifer Simpson, survivor of the first Clock Tower game (for what we know as the Super Nintendo).  Here are some captured images of the characters along with their descriptions from the manual where applicable:

Jennifer Simpson

Age 15. Heroine. Jennifer lost her parents when she was young and raised in an orphanage. After her narrow escape from the Scissorman a year ago, Helen, who was investigating the case, took her in. After a year together, they developed a sisterly relationship. Jennifer’s difficult life has made her tough and inventive – she had to be to stay alive.

Helen Maxwell

Age 30. May become a heroine depending on scenario progression and changes. Helen is assistant professor of criminal pyschology and curious about Scissorman in the CLOCK TOWER case; she wants to do a profile on him… in turn, he wants her dead!

Nolan Campbell


Age 26. Reported for a third-rate tabloid, Nolan was targeted by Scissorman when he started getting a little too interested in the CLOCK TOWER case when investigating for a story.

Samuel Barton

Age 52. Professor of criminal psychology. Provides pyschological profiling research, and investigates the CLOCK TOWER case from his angle.

Stan Gotts

Age 42. Officer investigating the CLOCK TOWER case. Stan is obsessed with tracking Scissorman. A believer in hands-on experience, he places no faith in the supernatural and believes that he’ll be able to bring this case to a close.

Harris Chapman

Age 35. Research assistant studying criminal pyschology. Harris is a sneaky, small, gaunt man and has a warped infatuation with Jennifer.


Age 10. Another person who, like Jennifer, survived the CLOCK TOWER incident a year ago, Edward’s true identity is unknown. He lost his memory when rescued and was taken to Granite Orphanage, where he was given the name of Edward.

Here are some characters that are not featured in the manual:


Sullivan is Helen Maxwell’s mentor, so I can only assume he’s either Professor, or Former Professor, or Doctor Sullivan, but I’m not sure.  He heads up the library and has an extensive collection of artifacts.  He, unfortunately, gets involved in the Clock Tower case after he’s considered to be an expert on the statue.


Kay is Edward’s caretaker.  She allegedly works at the Granite Orphanage, where Jennifer is from, but Jennifer doesn’t recognize her.  She claims it’s because she started after Jennifer left.  Well, I wouldn’t be so suspicious except for her involvement in one of the endings you can get for Jennifer.  Is her relationship with Edward really kosher?


Tim is Nolan’s cameraman for the tabloid he works for.  You meet him early on in the game when you play as Professor Barton in the prologue.  He doesn’t do much other than taking pictures, but he does show up later in the game in scenario 3, at least in Jennifer’s play arc.


As I understand it Beth is a Research Assistant for Professor Barton and works with Helen Maxwell.  In scenario 3 the crew decides to go to the Barrows Castle/Mansion and she tags along.  I think she thinks it’s going to be a fun time… but we all know Scissorman.


Rick used to work for the Barrow family when they lived in the castle/mansion.  At least that’s how I understood it.  He tells a tale of a cursed monster that terrorized the area when he was there, but at the same time, he seems to think it wasn’t too bad of a time.  Unlucky for him, Scissorman has other thoughts.  This brings us to…


Scissorman is the “immortal” demon-child creature that terrorizes you through the entire game.  He kills quite a few people with his, I dare to say iconic, scissors.  Who is he really?  And is he really supernatural?  Can he be defeated by normal means?  He gets shot multiple times in the game but still seems to come back.  Everyone seems to think meeting Scissorman is fun until they meet Scissorman for real.

Well, that’s about all the characters for the game.  Join me next post for a play-through of the game as Jennifer Simpson (including the additional scenario 2 option)!

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