In Clock Tower for the Playstation, you can get multiple endings.  However, these endings are mostly just endings for shorter versions of what you can solve and get in the game.  For example, ending E occurs if you don’t go to the right place when it comes to tracking down the statue and you don’t even get to scenario 3.  As illustrated in the first hint, the main character that is focused on in the game is determined by how many times the player, as Professor Barton, talks to Harris in the hallway of the prologue.  You’ll see that in the first video in the series below cataloging the full ending (ending A).  I suppose this is because, as outlined in the previous post, Harris has a strange infatuation with Jennifer, though I think people should really be worried about Nolan (see below).

The game is generally structured with “scenarios” and “interludes/intermissions.”  Each scenario is playable in the sense that you direct a character around a map, interact with objects, and talk to other characters.  The first scenario is outlined as the “Prologue” with Professor Barton (who’s kind of an ass) and plays out as below:

Professor Barton is a little too into his research and doesn’t care as much about the people he has to deal with.  He doesn’t have much compassion it seems to me, and I don’t really like him very much.  In this scenario, you determine a couple of things, including the main character of the game to be played.  As according to hint 1, if you talk to Harris in the hallway more than once the game will focus on Jennifer Simpson, which is what we did above.  Also, you make half a choice as well, with Harris again, as to where the statue will go.  This determines the possibilities for either an E ending or which character/setting will be featured in scenario 2.

Next is the first interlude/intermission with Jennifer:

In this intermission, we acquaint ourselves with the other characters, as was outlined in the previous post, including Helen, Nolan, Edward, Sullivan, and Kay.  There aren’t any decisions made in this intermission, just general dialogue.  Although, Jennifer is supposed to be like 15 years old, and Nolan asks her out for an interview/date?  He’s like, twenty-something.  That’s a little odd, by our Western modern standards, but, what the hey.  And the instruction manual advises us to be leery of Harris’ infatuation!

That launches us into the first scenario featuring Jennifer Simpson at the University Research Building:

This occurs after Nolan’s interview/date while Jennifer is walking home and discovers someone following her.  She runs to the nearest familiar destination to find safety and finds a security guard.  But, unfortunately, the security guard is not ready for the horror that is about to ensue.  Once we’re in the research building we have to hide from Scissorman (my mainstay is of course the bathroom stall).  Here we pick up one of the most important items to be used later in the game (despite Jennifer stating that nothing there is useful), the Oil Can!  Make sure you get this, otherwise ending A is impossible.  As with all good horror stories, Scissorman seems able to master the internal phone system in a sneaky fax he sends you (just as you are in the room)… how does he do that?  The goal is to eventually escape from the building through the window ladder… though I’m not really sure why that exists is any better than any other, but there it is.  We move onward to the second intermission:

Inspector Gotts is perturbed.  How many murders can pile up in such a short amount of time?  The gist of this intermission is to set up for the next scenario.  Now it’s important to remember what you decided about the statue when you were playing as Professor Barton in the Prologue scenario as it becomes important at the end of the intermission.  Helen seems to decide that she needs all the “clues” about Scissorman, and wants the statue, but can’t find Professor Barton.  So Jennifer apparently takes it upon herself to find out where the statue is.  If you send the statue to Rick as Barton, then agree to send Nolan to Rick’s as Jennifer (whew).  This will propel you to scenario 2 at Rick’s house starring Nolan.  If you opted to send the statue to Sullivan at the library, you will end up with Helen at the Library for scenario 2 (see below):

Nolan goes to visit Rick at his home and tries to uncover more information about Scissorman.  Unfortunately, Scissorman attacks and Rick becomes a victim of the Barrow family gift he received after working at the mansion/castle.  It’s not entirely clear in this scenario, but you are trying to determine a couple of things here.  The first is the actual statue itself, which for some strange reason is in his closet.  The second is the next “clue” about Scissorman, that being where to go next.  It turns out that this is located behind a possessed mask in the kitchen.  (Use the plant on the table to dismantle it, apparently, people get confused about that.)  That’s not where the clue is located as Stan Gotts (see Helen’s playthrough).  You have to blind the dog because it’s gone feral, which is not entirely clear in this video.

Now, if you selected to send the statue to the library for Sullivan to look at, you end up playing Helen Maxwell at the Library.  This is how it goes:

This scenario is much longer than the one Nolan stars in, partly because it begins before Scissorman attacks.  You talk to Sullivan, and note that Edward is there suspicious no?  Well, we’ll see.  In this scenario, Sullivan gets killed in an actually pretty impressive fashion.  That’s actually pretty memorable, it reminds me of an 80s horror movie.  The scenario continues:

It’s important to accomplish one of the things you came to the library for: retrieval of the statue.  You can find this in Sullivan’s private collection, along with Scissorman!  Another important aspect of this scenario is to save Edward, which you do by finding him a way out in the study room.  Afterward you get intermission 3, which takes one of either the next two forms (depending on if you played Nolan, being first, or Helen, being second):

The gist of this intermission is that everybody decides to go to England (so specific) to check out the Barrows mansion/castle.  It’s never really made very clear as to if it’s a castle or a mansion, which I thought was a touch annoying.  Some of the people going seem like they think this is going to be a fun vacation.  They have no idea.  Everyone drives up to the castle, but, on the way, people go missing!  To the castle (and our last scenario):

We start out with Jennifer tied up in some obscure room supposedly in the castle, but who could have done this?  Well, Harris of course!  So he’s been the one dressing up as Scissorman… or was he?  His words betray him, there is someone else!  Of course, the guy stabbing him with scissors kinda shows that too.  There are many important things you have to do in the castle in order to get ending A.  These include learning of and deciphering the “spell” needed to open the door, finding the others, knowing where to go to find out more about Scissorman.  The first step towards accomplishing these goals is to find the note the spell is written on in the church library and then show it to Professor Barton to decipher it, as above in the video, while the second relies on you obtaining the copper plate in the chapel (note what’s on the top).  Also, be sure to pick up the Library Key, and the Copper Book.

In this we see Jennifer find Beth below the pantry in the wine cellar.  She gives you the Mansion Key which unlocks that giant metal gate in the hallway.  You’ll see then why the Oil Can from scenario 1 was so important!  Use it to open the door and proceed into some sort of storage room for… weird stuff.  One of the strange things here is some sort of tomb containing the Scissorman (or “monster” talked about at Rick’s house), or an incarnation of the Scissorman, which also contains the important Box Key.  We continue to explore the mansion uncovering both Helen and Nolan.  Once you escape into the room with Nolan from Scissorman (see above), you get to see the infamous ghost scene.

In this almost final video, we see the Library.  You can access this as the metal bars on the upstairs door are now gone (since we unlocked the giant gate below with the key from Beth).  The Library is important as in its back room, the Library proper contains both a secret passage and a box (which needs the Box Key we picked up I believe).  The box has a map showing the final nail in the coffin: the secret passage underneath the fountain in the garden.  This is where you use the Copper Book from the servant’s quarters to open another secret passage in the Library.  This is where the Copper Plate comes in important, go down the ladder with the symbol that is on the top of the plate or else…  Once we’re down here we pick up the very useful and important Dagger (and avoid some supernatural beastie).  I always wonder what happens to that skeleton?  Does he just remain buried forever, ready to jump on anyone who digs him up?  What a frightening thought.  This leads us to the final video in the series

And there we go, the end!  There’s Nolan again, getting kinda jiggy with a 15-year-old Jennifer, but hey, whatever.  The mystery of Scissorman is solved, and he is destroyed.  If you don’t do everything covered here this ending won’t happen (as we’ll see in coming posts about alternate endings).  That sums up Clock Tower for the Playstation, at least the North America release.  Hope you enjoyed it!

Come back next time for a play-through of Helen Maxwell’s A ending!

This article is part of a series on the Clock Tower games.

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