In Clock Tower for the Playstation, you can get multiple endings.  However, these endings are mostly just endings for shorter versions of what you can solve and get in the game.  For example, ending E occurs if you don’t go to the right place when it comes to tracking down the statue and you don’t even get to scenario 3.  As illustrated in the first hint, the main character that is focused on in the game is determined by how many times the player, as Professor Barton, talks to Harris in the hallway of the prologue.  You’ll see that in the first video in the series below cataloging the full ending (ending A).  I suppose this is because, as outlined in the previous post, Harris has a strange infatuation with Jennifer, though I think people should really be worried about Nolan (see Jennifer’s post).

The game is generally structured with “scenarios” and “interludes/intermissions.”  Each scenario is playable in the sense that you direct a character around a map, interact with objects, and talk to other characters.  The first scenario is outlined as the “Prologue” with Professor Barton (who’s kind of an ass) and plays out as below:

Now, I didn’t split up the videos for Helen Maxwell in the same way that I did for Jennifer Simpson.  This video includes the Prologue with Professor Barton, Helen’s first intermission, and the beginning of Helen’s first scenario which also is played out in the University Research Building.  You’ll notice, as talked about in the previous post, that I only talk to Harris in the hallway once as Professor Barton.  This enables me to play Helen Maxwell as the protagonist in the rest of the game.  This is also outlined in hint 1 (as we’ll see in a later post.)  I also send the statue to Rick’s so that I can play as the “Assistant” Inspector Gotts in the second scenario as opposed to Helen again at the Library with Sullivan.  Guess the old library director gets to survive!

In the intermission, we see the hard drive crash of Helen from her point of view.  Whereas as Jennifer we went home and got picked up by a child pred- I mean, Nolan Campbell, as Helen we stay in the University Research Building to confront our hard drive crash.  But, before we do that we go and visit around with the other people… so why didn’t she just have dinner with Jennifer in the other story arc?  Anyways, we meet the Inspector, Kay, Edward, and such before Helen returns to the university and talks to Danny (no, not mentioned in the characters post, oops) about the replacement of her hard drive.  So Helen tells him she’s going to take a nap in the lounge, and that, because she’s there there’s no need to lock up.  Whaaaat? So, I’m in a building all alone, so leave the doors unlocked… great idea.  So we go to Helen relaxing in the lounge, kind of being a nag to her coworker when she finally falls asleep.  Who comes knocking at the door?  Danny!  I mean, Scissorman!  And thus the scenario begins.

There’s nothing a fire extinguisher can’t fix, as we also learn in Clock Tower II only so much more tediously (Clock Tower II: The Struggle Within posts are forthcoming), and Helen takes out Scissorman.  Now, what’s important in this scenario is to be able to escape from the building.  The Oil Can that was featured in Jennifer’s arc is no longer needed, and we’re not using the window ladder either.  To get through the future door we hope to escape out of, we pick up the pliers in the computer lab.  We might not need an Oil Can for the third scenario, but the designers decided that they couldn’t let an item needed in the last scenario slip out of the first scenario, and so, we must pick up the Flashlight from the locker.  As before for Jennifer, the rascally Scissorman figures out the internal fax machine mechanics and sends you a fax… but more to that, check out the police in Sweden!  Holey moley, I wouldn’t want to be Helen!

Ah, the bathroom stall… my mainstay in avoiding Scissorman.  It works as well here as it does in Jennifer’s arc, so use it well and liberally… kinda like in real life.  So Helen seems to wander around the building without any purpose, but trust me I did have a plan.  We go into the security office only to find a horrifying shot of a hanging security guard.  That’s a pretty good visual for the game.  It’s shots like these that really made me feel like I was playing an old 80s horror movie.  From the security office we get the key we require to get out of the building, the Storage Key.  This goes of course to the storage room on the first floor.  In the storage room is the door that leads to the outside parking lot, but it’s not supposed to be used.  Luckily, that’s why we picked up those pliers by that computer.  Hey, it’s an emergency!  Finally, Helen escapes alive…

In Helen’s second intermission we get to make a critical choice that can guide us either to ending E, as we’ll see later, to Helen at the library (covered in Jennifer’s playthrough), or “Assistant” Inspector Gotts at Rick’s house.  For this playthrough, I opted to go for Gotts at Rick’s house (am I playing Clue?) because I hadn’t covered that in the video yet, and it’s definitely different than when you play through Rick’s as Nolan Campbell.  Remember in the first scenario with Professor Barton, where you wondered where you should send the statue, and hopefully, you asked Harris to take it to Rick’s house?  Well, now the statue isn’t in the building, Helen doesn’t know where it is, and she decides she just must have it.  Once we figure that out, we ask Gotts to maybe retrieve it for us?  Who knows what kind of man this Rick guy is, and after all “that statue just might be the key to the secret of Scissorman!”

So Gotts goes to Rick’s house and has a sit-down talk with the man.  All’s well and good, right?  Wrong!  Scissorman awaits!  Instead of being crushed by a family gift like in Jennifer’s arc, Rick is unfortunately killed by his own freaked-out dog.  Now it makes more sense why we had to blind the poor thing last time.  Well, anyway, there are two important things to keep track of in this scenario.  One, that Gotts is an old gruff policeman whom I adore…. okay, okay, one is the all-important statue we came to retrieve, or at least talk about (Why? We never use it?), and secondly to uncover the “secret” behind the discussed Barrows Mansion/Castle (Can we decide what it is already?)  To accomplish the first we go to the room we sometimes see Scissorman watching TV in.  This time the statue is not in the closet, but on the table in the den, which honestly makes a lot more sense than Rick’s personal closet to me, but hey.  Very handily, in the same exact room, we are able to magically locate the Barrows Mansion!  It’s behind the picture to the right of the fireplace.  I’m not sure how this works, but I think it uses the same logic as the possessed mask that Nolan had to battle in Jennifer’s arc.  Now we just have to get out of here.  Like before, use soap on the poor puppy’s eyes and make a break for it!

So we return to Helen’s second intermission where we round up a bunch of people inadvertently to go to England.  First, we learn about how Scissorman attacked Gotts, and how clueless Professor Barton is about meeting the guy (or… is he?)  Then we basically announce our intentions or people find out about them and decide they’re going to all invite themselves in on our vacation.  Okay, it’s not really a vacation, but some of these people, particularly Beth, seem to think it is.  So everyone flies out to England (so specific) and we go driving up to the castle/mansion, when what happens?  People go missing classic horror movie style, so where to?  “The Castle! Hurry!”

We arrive in the castle at the beginning of the last scene when suddenly, some kind of bizarre earthquake occurs taking out our presumably only means of escape.  So, where else to go but inside!  I didn’t even know this entry hallway existed until this arc with Helen, but we never come back to it so it’s not a big deal.  So what do we need to get done in the Barrows Castle/Mansion?  The first thing we need to do is get the Library Key from the mouse hole in what appears to be the master bedroom, pretty much like what we did in Jennifer’s arc, only this time, there’s a fireplace in the master bedroom.  This comes in to be important later.  The second most important key is the Mansion Key which opens that big iron gate in the hallway.  Easily enough, though, that’s actually just found lying on a table in the portrait room.  We go to collect the Copper Book in the servant’s quarters when there’s a really cool scene straight out of a horror movie.  You can skip to 13:10 to see.  I thought it was cool.

So now we start the trek to uncover the spell we need to control the otherworldly door near the end of the game.  This requires us to investigate the fireplace in the master bedroom, which requires us to first find out the flashlight doesn’t have batteries.  I was told if I check the fireplace again I allegedly die some bizarre death, but I never got it to happen.  Weird.  So we go to the storage room (remember that we had to unlock with the Oil Can as Jennifer) where we find Nolan, useful as ever, and we find Nolan’s batteries, which are useful as ever!  Equip the flashlight with the batteries and Helen heads back upstairs to uncover the secrets of the fireplace.  Although, in the video, I kind of did things in a different order and talked to Harris in the kitchen before doing so.  He gives you the fireplace key.  This is to be used in a different fireplace, and only if you want to get one of the alternate endings (the C ending), so we don’t use it in this video.  Anyways, once you light up the fireplace you obtain the required spell.  Now, we need to ensure we’re ready to face Scissorman.  But to do that, we must find out more…

So off we go to the Library, which is now open since we opened the large iron gate in the hallway.  This opens up the doorway on the left in the upper part of the castle.  In the library, there’s a study, and then there’s a library proper.  There’s a hint on the desk, but really what you want is what’s in the box in the Library proper.  There’s only one way to get it out, which I don’t quite understand then how they got it in there?  Either way, it makes that awful fire go away.  From here we take the Lead Balls we picked up in the storage room and use them in the secret passage revealed by installing the missing Copper Book into the bookcase.  Make sure you use the Lead Balls to test the caverns.  If you walk down a cavern that drops with a splash, you’ll be eaten by rats.  No kidding!  (See 6:55)  This secret passage leads to a totally different place than when Jennifer took it!  Luckily for us it ends up in that room Nolan was in, only this time it’s “Assistant” Inspector Gotts.  Again we get to see the ghoulish ghost children, but we walk away with a gun… something truly important in the fight against Scissorman.  But I’m a little worried, Helen is only an “amateur.”  But what do we use the gun for?

Well, to shoot off a lock silly!  So we shoot off the conspicuous lock to the chapel and enter only to find… Jennifer!  And… Scissorman?  If you want to get the full ending you’ll have to quickly shoot Scissorman in this sequence, otherwise, you get a shorter truncated alternate ending.  Turns out Scissorman was… Professor Barton this whole time?  This can’t be right.  But what do Barton’s words tell us?  They betray him to be following a more maniacal spirit, known to us as, The Scissorman!  But ugh, it takes FOREVER for Barton to spill his guts (literally and figuratively)… eventually though we return to Gotts and Jennifer.  So, let’s find this box that this Cosmetics Key belongs to.  Who wears cosmetics?  Well, bizarre voodoo priests of course, so we go into the robe room behind the chapel and find the cosmetics box.  Of course in my video, Scissorman shows up, reaffirming Helen’s belief that Scissorman “is still out there.”  So finally, we get the box open and reveal the secret passage under the fountain in the garden which we were aware of from Jennifer’s arc.  So off to below the castle we go…

Helen confronts Scissorman as he really is, Edward in disguise!  Or is Edward Scissorman in disguise?  Either way, the only way to be rid of the demonic immortal creature is to suck him into a giant black void door opened by a spell.  Luckily, if you’ve done everything you needed to Gotts comes and saves you.  I don’t know how Jennifer got lost from the bustle of things, but apparently, she’s buried somewhere in the rubble.  Why didn’t Jennifer just stick with Gotts?  Either way, Jennifer and Helen hug in the end and all are happily ever after.

Hope you enjoyed this play-through, stay tuned for more information on Clock Tower for the original Playstation!

This article is part of a series on the Clock Tower games.

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