In Clock Tower II there’s only one main storyline, as compared to Clock Tower (1) where you can play as two different characters, each with their own set of endings.  However, that doesn’t stop Clock Tower II from having multiple endings.  Like its predecessor, there are basically three “scenarios” that the game goes through, and each ending gets, generally, progressively further into the scenarios.  The first scenario is at Alyssa’s Uncle Philip’s house, when Alyssa first arrives, being after the introductory scene when you start a new game.  What has happened?  The second scenario focuses on a hospital, where Alyssa is generously taken to.  And the third scenario is set in a laboratory.  We actually are going to go through the endings in “reverse” alphabetical order because in that sense we can see the necessary steps to take in succession.  Each ending, starting with ending “M”, builds on the previous ending, in general.  I say in general because as you’ll see in another post, ending “G” is a bit apart from the other endings and requires a little special planning.

Ending Rank “H”

We start out this ending caught up to the point where we’re going to burn the statue.  For a review of how to get up to this point see the post with the endings up to ending rank “I” (that’s I as in eye) here.

We start this video off in the process of burning the statue.  Of course, as soon as we deposit the statue in the fireplace Stephanie shows up.  In a pretty well-paced sequence we put the statue in and then cover it with the oil we got in when we talked to Aunt Kathryn.  Everything begins to shake, even though allegedly nothing is supernatural about this, what the hell?  Anyways, even though we’ve picked up the amulet, we conveniently turn into Bates.  That’s because we dropped the amulet, which we don’t pick up in previous endings.  However, in this ending, we DO pick up the amulet again when the camera gives us an opportunity to actually light the statue on fire.  Stephanie gets up again, and then, in one of the inexplicable moments, the pamphlet tries to address we see a spirit leaving her body.  Aaaand then we pass out just because.

Alyssa wakes up in a hospital talking to some kind of suave cop who really more reminds me of this guy from the Golden Girls:

(For more of that, go here)

His name is Alex… Alex Corey from Monterey County Police.  He explains to Alyssa that he got a call from Aunt Kathryn (she survived in this ending!) about the goings-on of the house.  When they showed up you and the little girl were passed out in front of the fireplace.  Apparently Alex “carried” you all the way to Memorial Hospital.  Alyssa asks about Stephanie cause she’s cool like that, and we find that despite being stabbed by Bates, Stephanie is okay and will survive.  Then we hear a B-movie-worthy scream from outside the somewhat lonely room, and Alex decides he needs to go investigate (although it’s not urgent enough to not calmly walk through the door).  Thus begins Chapter 2, “Noisy Monsters Cage.”  Who names these, they’re very… Japanese.

Anyways, we regain control of Alyssa finally.  What to do?  Why search random surfaces in the room of course and pocket any keys we find.  At least, that’s how we find the key to the drawer (which we somehow mysteriously know goes to a drawer).  From there it’s a natural progression to outside to see what Ed, I mean Alex, is up to.  We find ourselves in a nondescript hallway, one of many to come when we find some exit doors.  However, when Alyssa tries to exit the hospital, at least I think these are exit doors, she hears a woman’s voice inexplicably, “Are you trying to escape… ?”  Well, uh, yeah!

Somehow the woman’s voice gets to you, but you don’t see the woman around, but remember nothing in this game is technically supernatural (according to the pamphlet)!  It’s just… I don’t know what it is.  Either way, we continue down the hallway, apparently, a voice is enough to deter us from exit doors.  So we enter another hallway where we immediately encounter a zombie-like creature.  You can’t really see in the video right away, but you can hear the music.  I do step to the left, causing the zombie to come into view.  I have to say, the music right here is actually not too bad, I think it fits the zombie mood quite nicely.  Either way, duck into the room at the end of the hallway and accost the zombie doctor with the chair, as I did.  Yet again like a good video game character he just kind of… sinks into the floor?  Whaaaa?

Anyways, re-enter that room now that the danger is gone and just as mysteriously you’ll come across someone inside (how do these people get around without you noticing?)  It turns out it’s Doug Bowman, the intrepid newspaper reporter.  He apologizes for yelling, though in the game his voice-over doesn’t really yell…, and introduces himself stating that, because we know it’s a danger, he’s not going to hurt you.  Doug says he’s going to “poke around” a bit more, which Alyssa seems to sarcastically make fun of, because somehow he knows there’s a “big story” around here.  Bigger than he thought…  Doug Bowman’s existence in the game has always puzzled me.  How does he know there’s a big story?  Why is he here?  He just seems kind of like a throw-in from the last game, like the statue.  It was like someone said, the last game had a statue so we should, likewise, it’s as if someone said the last game had a reporter so we should.  It just seems odd.  And on top of that, here’s this big guy who clearly knows there’s trouble afoot, and he just leaves Alyssa, a 16-year-old girl, just kinda standing around… it’s weird.  However, in this video, I examine what Doug was looking at, and Alyssa vaguely remarks, “George Maxwell?”  Guess he’s involved.  I also try to pick up a pistol from the shelves, but for whatever reason, I leave it there.

So, let’s exit that room and continue down this hallway.  We go into the first door beyond the elevator to find some kind of nurse’s conference room.  Alyssa observes a nurse lying on the floor (“They’re all dead.”) when suddenly we get a Resident Evil moment and find ourselves jerking away.  Uh oh, ‘nother zombie to get rid of, get used to it, the game is full of them from now on.  Alyssa’s reaction always slays me too, “What’s happening here?” like she just caught a twist-ending in an X-File episode.  Such emotion.  So to get rid of this zombie we enter into the hallway one door down from the conference room and go straight into the girl’s bathroom.  Why do these games always somehow end up in the girl’s bathroom?  When was the last time you saw a public restroom and thought, “I better go there if something attacks me!”  Anyways, in the bathroom, you’re able to get your hands on a broomstick, and since we know hitting a zombie makes it disappear into the floor, that’s what we do.

Immediately upon exiting the bathroom we encounter another zombie.  You can tell because the music starts back up again.  So, we simply wash, rinse, and repeat to get rid of this one too.  Finally, once that’s complete, we get back to what we were doing before.  That is, go out of this hallway and back into the nurse’s conference room.  Now that the nurse is gone there’s something on the ground.  Turns out it’s the closet key (cause we magically know where the key’s go).  I also examine the locker, where everything’s normal, and the object on the table, which alludes to George Maxwell (“Who is George Maxwell?”)  Now that we have that obtained, it’s time to go up a floor to the second level so, take the elevator up.  Goddammit, another zombie.  This is kind of like the samurai guy, but this time you have to repeat a set of steps over and over to get rid of them.  The only problem here is that it gets worse as the game continues!  It’s one of my pet peeve caveats with the game, but alas, we have to get rid of this zombie.  Since zombies use elevators (really?) it’s wash, rinse, and repeat…  Actually, now that we’re here, let’s go back into the girl’s bathroom and check the last stall… this trigger’s another strange voice (the same woman’s voice) to ask us, “What are you up to…?”  Ugh, how does she do that?  Either way, it’s required to get through this chapter so there it is done. Seemed like a good time to do it, and it’s necessary to continue.

Afterward, instead of going straight upstairs I go down the hallway and enter room 101, which brings us to the next video.

This leads us to another patient’s room where we have to… the freakin’ lights!  Anyways, this is where we uncover a little bit of mystery, kind of, when we examine the sink.  The woman turns out the lights and speaks cryptic passages to Alyssa about her cursed past.  She begs you to “wash it away,” hence the sink.  So, we turn the lights back on and double-check the farthest locker to find the pistol.  This time I take it (I don’t know what the problem was before.)

From here we’re going to have to turn into Bates eventually, so deposit the amulet in some random spot like usual.  In the video, I decided to deposit it in what looks like a flower vase sitting next to a patient’s bed.  From there, we trigger a scenario that’ll turn us into Bates which is of course to run into a zombie.  That’s one door down, but the nice thing this time is that, as Bates, we’re tougher than Alyssa and can fire a gun, so let’s get that pistol out and fire it at the zombie (while it still works, as we’ll see later a pistol doesn’t always work).  In this video I had to continue because my anxiety was too high, I also deftly walked through the hallway before firing so that I’d end up in the hallway.  Now that the zombie’s dead, and we’re Bates, we got a few places to visit.

We go back into the hallway we first emerged from.  We do encounter a zombie, but instead of using the pistol for some reason, I try to use the male bathroom.  Then, because I’m having a brainfart I finally decide to use the pistol, but it’s too late and… game over.  Ah well, once I have my shit together I actually dispose of the zombie.  We go back into the hallway we first emerged from, again.  What another zombie?  I shoot it, it is dead.  (At least I try to shoot it and it goes all weird on me, so I try again.)  I’m having a little difficulty with the game in this video.  I finally dispose of the zombie in the room at the end of the hallway.  I go once more into the original hallway, after some confused sojourning.  I believe the issue here is that I forgot to talk to Alex on the second floor before I went back to the first floor as Bates.  After some confusion, I seem to be able to continue.  Once you find yourself in the original hallway, before the zombie can get you, go past the door you came out of and into another door to enter another patient’s room.  sigh, Turn on the lights… Shoot the zombie, and there.  Okay, now, you’re going to search a completely random and particular surface to trigger the woman’s voice again, “Looking for something…?”  Why this surface, and this spot?  I don’t know, just to make puzzle-solving and narration progression difficult on us I guess.  Either way, that’s what this room was for, yes, really, so exit back into the original hallway.

We’re going back upstairs, but this time we’re going left and using the “storage key” to enter the, presumably, Storage Room.  … turn on the freakin’ lights … and we find a poor nurse.  She doesn’t seem shocked in any way to be talking to Bates, as if that kind of voice comes out of 16-year-old Japanese girls all the time, and proclaims that “This is the end. Everyone’s going to die to wander about forever!”  Man, she and Aunt Kathryn should get together sometime.  Although, to be honest, when I was little and first getting scared by George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead the same thoughts ran through my mind as well.  Bates tries to get some information out of her in usual Bates style, “Not gonna talk? Okay, time to die!”  Thankfully the nurse responds saying that there’s a file in the head nurse’s office (the one behind the conference room, a door we haven’t gone in yet) that’ll hold all the answers.  Okay, but we’re not quite done yet in this room.  It’s not obvious but behind the structure, the nurse is sitting against is a screwdriver.  Grab it, it could come in useful.  I actually tried to look for the screwdriver in the wrong set of shelves in this video before I found where it really is.

Next up on our list is to across the 2nd-floor hallway and into the doctor’s office, where we find… the doctor?  Some doctor this Kaplan guy, the man can’t keep a cool head and decides that being a coward and sacrificing someone like Alyssa is a good idea.  Bates thinks otherwise.  (“He’s the one who did it…” is supposed to be some kind of clue? But I don’t really know where it fits into the whole mess revealed at the end.)  Since we’re Bates the game doesn’t end here and we have the opportunity to scour the office while the doctor is… out of commission.  This is the time to use the screwdriver to get into the desk (“heeheehee”).  Voila, the key to the back exit.  Yay!  Now we have a chance of getting out of this god-forsaken place.

We exit this room bringing us to the next video…

Now we travel downstairs as Bates (I pause at the elevator, I believe this is where I realized I had accidentally skipped talking to Alex).  Either way, we need to go find what the nurse was talking about in the office.  We’re not getting out just yet, we have to learn what the nurse was talking about.  So Bates goes into her office behind the doctor conference room and… ugh, switches on the lights, where he discovers a desk.  A desk that fits a particular key… You’ll notice I find a shotgun, which is great against zombies.  So we eventually pick up the file on the desk and read it, naturally, and it tells us:

Cerebral Toxin — CONFIDENTIAL

Getting infected with the Cerebral Toxin turns you into a zombie; the bacteria forms a new, parasitic brain and makes the old brain stop functioning.

Bates surmises that that means the zombie’s weak point is their parasitic brain, which is nice, but unfortunately makes the game harder for us.  Now, we have to actually target and locate and hit the parasitic brain in a zombie, and honestly, the pistol just doesn’t do it for me.  I guess I can find a particular point that’s supposed to work?  But, that’s not happening with my controller and my reflexes, the better option is to get the shotgun.  So that’s what I did in this video.  My biggest question is what the hell is a shotgun doing in a desk drawer in a hospital!?  What the heck Japan?

Well, it’s time to turn back into Alyssa now, so I go back to the patient room in the hallway with the bathrooms and pick up where I left my amulet.  If you remember it’s in the vase by the patient bed in the patient room.  Once I’m Alyssa again I have a few things to do, including talking to Alex upstairs (something I forgot to do earlier when it would’ve been more convenient, which probably explains the weird zombie problem before.)  So we head upstairs and do just that next.

Now, return to the second floor to find yourself with Alex again. He has a few things to say, including that he believes Uncle Philip is the “guy who did it.”  Did what?  Whatever it was, it involved yellow blood (is that why it was “yellow cursed doll”?) as there is also a “creature” here too, with yellow blood.  So it must all be connected.  Alex decides that we should go over to the lab where Tate works, since he’s missing (“Missing? Noo-oo!”)  Despite there being freakin’ zombies around, Alex decides in his suave style that he’s going to leave Alyssa alone here to leave her to come over later.  Why?  This makes no sense!  Either way, he exits the scene.  I do have to remark though, that that model by the elevator is a really good coffee maker.  It’s funny because I don’t think it was meant to be a coffee maker, but doesn’t it look like a coffee maker made these days?

Well, before we go we’re going to visit that Nurse we met as Bates, but this time with a much kinder Alyssa.  Turns out she’s about to hang herself, unable to cope with living in a post-zombocalypse world.  Fortunately, Alyssa seems to talk Nurse Cook out of it, though her emotion in the delivery of “I have no desire to live…” does leave something to be desired.  But, attempting suicide can cause you to act mighty strange, I should know, so no judge!  It’s important that we save Nurse Cook because she serves as a handy tool for later in the game (where she refills up your shotgun).  So, though she doesn’t move, I guess she changes her mind.  So we go out to the second-floor hallway, across, and to the doctor.

One to more last thing to do before we leave though, and that is to encounter Doctor Kaplan as Alyssa.  He says exactly what he did before (cause he’s a crazy person) but this time when he goes to strangle Alyssa, he’s shot!  By whom?  (This is also a good time to get the hint if you haven’t, #6, in the doctor’s office, which you can only get when you’re Alyssa, not Bates which is why I didn’t get it before.)  We walk out to the 2nd-floor hallway and the woman’s voice starts again… but this time, we actually see her!  She’s dressed dark, and her skin is perfectly white.  Is she a ghost?  Well, she says something cryptic and then, of course, disappears.

Now, let’s have a stop at a room we haven’t gone in yet and meet… Doug?  Yes, Doug is here and tells us that the research lab Alex spoke of, where Philip is boss, is hiding “some secret.”  Handily, it’s next door to the hospital (how about that?)  He offers to take you with him, and in another ending, if you say yes that’s the end, but we’re aiming for the fully drawn-out “higher” rank endings so we say no.  Is it time to leave yet?

Yes!  Now, we’re on our way OUT of here!  We go to the original hallway and finally use the back door key we’ve obtained to go through the large black double doors we checked out earlier.  From there, we are almost out, when…

The door is locked (I thought I had a freakin’ key!)  But, Alex comes to the rescue when there comes some… zombies!?  (I thought Alex left?) and somehow your ammo to your shotgun becomes unlimited (why can’t it stay this way?)  And of course, Alyssa faints just because.  Time to shoot down some zombies.  Good thing they disappear into the floor, that’s a lot of zombies.  (I actually had to try twice in this video)

The one thing I’m glad for in this game is that you don’t really have to aim, you just kind of point in the general direction of the zombie and the cursor kinda gloms on to it.  It’s finding the sweet spot in time that’s a bit of an issue.  I finally got the hang of it though.  I only had to do this like, five times, to get all the endings.  Man, I wish I had this ammo in the third chapter, I tell you what!  Finally, the zombies run out and we turn the page into chapter 3, “The Fathers” (I can’t seem to find the chapter announcement in the video?)

You wake up with Alex explaining that he took you to Memorial Pharmaceuticals Research Lab (cause carrying you around to hospitals and such is no big deal).  Alex seems to think he saw Philip go into this building which just happens to be RIGHT NEXT to the hospital (really?) so he’s going to investigate some more.  Alyssa won’t have it, she believes in Philip’s innocence, despite the fact that her uncle did try to strangle her just two chapters ago.  But, eh, so what?  Anyways, Alex tells you to stay put while he investigates further but, fuk dat muddafucka, we gonna party… no more like we gonna run into a bunch of zombies and backtrack a million times.  Alright, let’s get this show on the road…

I do have to say, as a side note, that the voice acting isn’t too bad at some points, like this one, as long as not a lot of emotion is involved.  It’s better, depending on how you look at it than Symphony of the Night or Resident Evil, I guess.  So, let’s follow Alex upstairs, as down here doesn’t have much for us.  It’s a bit hard to see in the video, but you’re basically in a stairwell so you have to climb up to the next floor (I think this is the basement.)  This can actually get a bit disorienting, you have to pay attention to which direction Alyssa is facing when you enter the room to tell from what door she came from.  In this scenario, we just go in the one next to the door we came out of.

… Turn… on… the… lights… and you find we’re in some kind of laboratory research notes taking records place.  Allegedly if you do something right here you can get a machine gun, but I could never seem to figure that out.  In the meantime though, we can search the back wall to find a key (a weird-looking key, but a key).  That was the purpose of this room, so exit back to the hallway and proceed across the hall and towards the back.

It’s Doug Bowman again!  What the heck is he doing here?  Well, things between him and Alyssa are pretty normal except for you know, that strange man “covered with blood carrying a big hatchet.”  Bowman must realize by now that Alyssa can somehow protect herself from zombie hordes, so he’s not too worried when he tells her to look out for him after he suddenly attacked Bowman.  “Yeah, better watch out for him.”  What can I say?  I explore around a little bit, smelling something awful and wondering at the contents of things… what flavor text!  Well, Doug’s little help, so leave him and go back out to the hallway.

We go to the end of the hallway to enter, another hallway.  This hallway was blocked off before which is why we picked up the “ExamRoomKey”.  These lockers can come in handy later, in other endings I believe, so remember them.  Enter the door and we’re in the exam room.  Another weird thing here, there are dead bodies all cut up and such.  Sometimes the head rolls when you examine the body, sometimes it doesn’t, what the heck is going on in this place?  Of course, don’t forget to pick up the obvious shotgun laying on the trolley next to the examination table.  Cause shotguns are… medical equipment?  Oh, I give up.

Alyssa steps through the examination room into the computer room.  This is where the office work must be done.  I do look at all the countless notebooks on the wall.  That’s a lot of notebooks.  Not much here, except for a hint that you can only get if you’re Bates, I believe, so just pass through to the next door.  Except… yep, there’s the guy covered in blood.  He’s wearing some kind of devil mask that I suspect might make more sense if I knew Japanese mythology maybe?  Or maybe, I’m guessing too hard.  Either way, according to the man with the giant hatchet, “Everyone must die… and suffer forever!”  I try to run into the examination room… and the AI of the movement engine being so clever runs me directly into hatchet man.  Finally, however, we run into the examination room, and of course, being a sixteen-year-old Japanese girl, subdue him by hitting him with a metal examination receptacle.  (I couldn’t get hold of the bowl if he was in the room, so I had to continue and do it properly.)  Doing such, we escape back into the computer lab… we’re not rid of him yet.

Run through the computer lab, into where the madman came out of.  What we’re after is a fire extinguisher, which is in the next hallway.  Enter the first door on your left, and then run through it into yet another hallway.  There you will find the fire extinguisher, which for some reason, unlike the metal bowl, will subdue Maxwell enough to get away.  (As a side note you also used a fire extinguisher in the last game as well, also against a madman.)  This causes you to run into the hallway you ran through.  Which of course, automatically triggers a zombie, and what do we do with the zombie?  The same… exact… thing.  Oh, get used to this, it is life from now on.

Once the zombie is gone, go back into the hallway with the extinguisher, but now being free of monsters you can proceed into… the girl’s bathroom?  Well, yes, we go into the girl’s bathroom and, ugh, turn on the freakin’ lights.  Inside the girl’s bathroom, we find the blue card, which we DON’T magically know what it’s for (for once.)  I guess they wanted to make the endgame a little harder.  Exit the bathroom and walk back towards the right end of the hallway.  We’re going to have to turn into Bates eventually, so I place the amulet in the locker farthest from the door.  To trigger a situation where I can turn into Bates, I search the other locker (cause we know the cursor will never mistakenly overlap) and a zombie pops out.  Then, I turn into Bates as planned.  Luckily, since I have the shotgun from the examination room, I just shoot the zombie and get it over with (after of course running as Bates into the girl’s bathroom… hmm…)

Now that I’m Bates, I have a few things to do.  First, enter the door at the end of the hallway, not the one you came through, to reach another computer lounge.  This one is different than the previous computer lab… for one there’s a chair here with a mysterious woman in it!  So of course, we talk to her.  Now that we’re Bates when we confront her we’re a little more confrontational and ask her who the hell she is.  She reveals that she is Shannon.  Bates gets irritated and claims he meant something else, cause that’s Bates.  Shannon turns to us and asks us if we came to die, cause this is really well-written dialogue.  Bates gets further irritated because he claims Shannon is stealing his lines and threatens to kill her, because, Bates.  So… oh wow, cut to the chase, Shannon just goes in and shoots Bates/Alyssa.  Whelp!  That’s ending rank “H”.

As written before, we skip ending rank “G” because that’s covered in its own whole post here.

Ending Rank “F”

I chose to start with ending rank F’s fifth video in this post, mostly because I started ending rank “F” video series back at the WAY beginning of the game.  This included all of Uncle Philip’s house and the entire Noisy Monster’s Cage chapter in the hospital.  None of that information really changes from the earlier endings.  The video picks up basically when we just enter the examination room for the first time in the hospital (after we’ve talked to Doug) using the key.  Here we examine the body (“I wonder what they were doing?”), and then grab the shotgun from the cart next to the table.  Then we enter the computer lab, and as above, when we try to exit we run into the madman Maxwell (the game tells us!) As above, in ending H, I first use the receptacle in the examination room against him, but I ultimately dispose of Maxwell using the fire extinguisher three hallways away. (As well as the zombie that appears in the hallway after I run back towards the elevator.)  Like I said above, get really used to using the extinguisher to get rid of zombies, in essence, backtracking all the way here from now on.  It gets ridiculous.

Now, as before, we enter the lady’s restroom and gather the blue key card.  After that, I actually don’t drop off the amulet in the locker.  I don’t want to be Bates right now, that would help me get ending rank “H”, and we’re going for “F”.  So I enter the door in the end of the hallway, the second computer lounge with the chair with the mysterious woman in it.  This time Alyssa confronts her and tries to make sense of it all.  Shannon reveals her identity, and Alyssa thinks that she’s a ghost.  Shannon runs the same spiel as she did above with Bates, however, Alyssa acts totally clueless.  Shannon decides to pity you and lets you “run away” so she may have a bit of “fun.”  What is she, a cat?  So… in classic video game style, we just leave her there sitting, cause that’s safe.  We’re going to want to change into Bates eventually, so we drop off the amulet in the bookcases behind Shannon, and finally, exit this room into a totally new room.

The room is dark, of course, and there’s a zombie.  That’s handy!  We confront the zombie and turn into Bates… exiting back into the computer lounge.  The zombie follows us, but luckily, now that we’re Bates, we just shoot it with the shotgun.  Whew!  Now, go… turn on the lights in the other room (-.-).  We find ourselves back in another kind of examination room (I guess they needed two computer labs and two examination rooms?)  I check the table on the left for a first aid kit and then exit to the next room.  Not much else here.

Now we get a more interesting scene.  We run into Alex as Bates, something he hasn’t seen before.  Alex tells innocent Alyssa to get out of here quick, seeing as how there is yellow blood, hatchet wielding killers, and so on.  Bates basically tells him to go eat it, which surprises Alex but not enough to confront Alyssa.  He’s just like, “And you might be?”    I guess he runs into this kind of thing a lot, being a policeman and all.  Bates, being his usual self, tells Alex to get lost.  He’s the romantic interest!  Don’t kill him, Bates!  Ah good, he doesn’t.  Let’s move on shall we?  Exit this hallway into another new room.

Ugh, a zombie.  However, I have a handy shotgun and I’m Bates, so just shoot the mother down.  Problem solved!  (If I was that quick, which I’m not, so I have to kick her first and then shoot her in the hallway where Alex was, where’d he go?  How do they do that?)  We go into the left door (our left, Bates’ right), and enter (godammit, lights!) what looks like a utility closet with lockers and such.  We discover that Bates somehow knows how to pick the locks of lockers, he needs something long and thin, so I guess we’ll go in search of something long and thin.  Luckily, I know where to look.

Backtrack, something you’ll have to get used to, all the way to the second examination room.  It’s hard to see in this video (unfortunately I didn’t know how to adjust my brightness and contrast when I made this one, but now I do) but there are wires hanging on the wall.  Well, a wire is long and thin, so let’s pick it up, shall we?  Finder’s keepers!  Go back to the utility closet and use the wire on the locker to open it.  Voila, we have another key… an “odd-looking key” at that.  Now that that’s done, I proceed back out to the short hallway and back to where Alex was.  In fact, I backtrack all the way back to where the extinguisher is.  But instead of going into the girl’s bathroom I continue to backtrack, and go in the corner door to the hallway with the elevator, through there to the first hallway where there’s ugh, a zombie.  Alright, let’s deal with this bugger, my preferred method this time being the extinguisher in the other hallway, except inexplicably I change my mind and do use the shotgun.  I think I was unable to use the extinguisher as Bates was the issue.

Our real goal here is the door past the doors to the courtyard (the large dark black doors).  This room is the security room, one we haven’t explored before.  We insert the especially odd-looking key, after we turn on the freakin’ lights, into a device in the wall, thus doing something to the security system.  I never really quite understood this part, but hey, it works so why mess with it?  This apparently is essential, so it’s done.  (In fact, according to Bates, that was “tricky.”)

With that done, we proceed out into the courtyard through the big dark double doors.  Out there in front of a statue is a clue, so let’s pick it up!  It’s a key, handy thing that.  That was all we needed in the courtyard so I exit back to the hallway.

I return to the second computer lounge and pick Alyssa’s amulet back up, transforming her back into Alyssa.  Now, on to new territory, so go back into the short hallway past the second examination room (past the hallway with Alex, where the zombie was), where we enter the right (our right, Alyssa’s left) door.  Uh oh!  The madman attacks once more!

Now we’re in some kind of library, but Maxwell is after us.  We have to get rid of him somehow, luckily, the library place thingy allows us to skirt around him and run him in a circle.  Escape through the door and backtrack your way to our trusty extinguisher.  Yes, I’m serious.  I told you, get used to this, because it’s like this all the way to the end of the game.  Once I got rid of Maxwell, again, I return back to what I was doing (yes, through all those rooms.)  And what do we get?  A freakin’ zombie.  So yes, you know what to do, I’m serious.  I know… big caveat with this game about this.

Once you have that all done, I return to some kind of library.  I check the second bookcase in to find a “little key.”  Well, after all that, that’s what we wanted in this room, so exit.  Now we’re on our way to the second floor, so return all the way back to that hallway where the elevator is.  It’s the one we ran through earlier to get to the fire extinguisher when we were first chased by Maxwell.  Once on the second floor, we encounter a zombie… I love how the zombie waits there and I walk right through it to use the elevator.  And then the zombie apparently uses the elevator!  WTF?  Anyways, you know what to do, that’s right, the extinguisher.  That’s the way things are with Alyssa being unable to use the shotgun.  Anyways, once that’s done I return to the second floor via the elevator.

I got some things to do, so I proceed to the right (our right, Alyssa’s left), and what do we get?  A zombie!  I’m shocked.  So, get rid of him.  Yes, the extinguisher.  I return to this hallway that we found the zombie in afterward.  Immediately enter the door to the right to find Alyssa in some kind of research office.  Examine the computer here near the back for a lighter… didn’t we have a lighter from Uncle Philip’s house?  Oh, that’s right, mysteriously Alyssa’s inventory resets every chapter.  Exit this office and proceed down the hallway past the elevator hallway door in the corner.  At the other end of the hallway, we enter a short perpendicular hallway with a police zombie.  You know the drill.  Return to this perpendicular hallway afterward.  This is my biggest complaint of this game, the backtracking to deal with the zombies is relentless!  And it doesn’t stop up until the very end of the game, cause apparently, zombies can walk through locked doors.

Once I’m back in the perpendicular hallway I’m faced with multiple options, one of which is a pink door.  I avoid that one and enter the one across the hallway.  We have to turn on the lights, something we haven’t actually had to do in a while.  This is some kind of refrigeration unit room, perhaps a server room or whatnot, where the sides of the computers are so cold stuff freezes to them.  This is the purpose of the lighter, we’re going to use it to thaw a key encased in ice on the side of one of the units.  I remove the key using the lighter, and now have the laboratory key.  Pretty good!

Exit this room and head all the way back to the research office place we found the lighter in.  We’re going to want to turn into Bates here, so we set the amulet down in the bookcase of the research office, a bit arbitrary but it’s workable.  Proceed back into the hallway with the elevator and go past the elevator to an as of yet unexplored room.  Don’t go into the first door you see, instead, run down this hallway to the end where there is another door that enters another perpendicular hallway.  Yes, there is another zombie, but this time we’re going to use the zombie to turn into Bates.  Now that we are Bates we can use the shotgun and avoid that whole extinguisher business, thank god.  I go into the previous hallway and shoot the zombie.  Now it’s time to use the laboratory key to open the door that was closest to us before and enter the laboratory.

Bates finds the madman who is Maxwell and confronts him, Bates style.  This time he has more to say than simply that everyone must suffer and die.  Maxwell tells Bates/Alyssa that she/he was never supposed to be born, a continuing clue in the saga of Alyssa’s existence.  He turns around, not really giving much of an answer, at which point Bates threatens violence (being Bate’s only means to do anything).  Maxwell unapologetically slices Alyssa/Bates in two, and we get the ending.  Voila, ending rank “F”.

Ending Rank “E”

Ending rank “E” follows pretty much the same vein as ending rank “F”, however, in the ending of the first video (part 1) there is a slight difference:

In this video, I start where I wake up at the beginning of chapter 3 (“The Fathers”).  From there I proceed to collect the key in the room just outside of the stairwell (where you can presumably get a machine gun, though I never figured out how).  I find Doug Bowman and speak to him briefly.  I enter the examination room (and get the shotgun) and confront Maxwell again for the first time, disposing of him with the extinguisher.  I enter the girl’s bathroom and retrieve the blue card with a mysterious purpose to me yet.  I enter the second office and talk to Shannon, whereupon I deposit my amulet in the bookcase.  In the next room I turn into Bates with the help of a zombie, then escape and shoot the bastard with my shotgun (pistols are out of the question at this point.)  Now, like Bates, I talk to Alex, our intrepid romantic hero, who seems somewhat unfazed by my strange behavior.  Once I tell him off, I go through the hallway, shoot another zombie, and enter the left door.  From there I find the locked locker, get a wire from the second examination room, and unlock the locker with it; receiving the “odd-looking key.”  I proceed to the security lounge and insert the “odd-looking key” into the wall panel, being necessary to continue.  I go into the courtyard and pick up another key, and this is where the video deviates from the previous videos.  Here, I go into the front lobby of the building by entering the door past the bathrooms in the hallway with the infamous extinguisher.  Here the nurse that was going to kill herself proves useful as she supplies you with ammo for whatever type of weapon you’re carrying, which is important for our future zombie-killing pursuits.  On to the next video…

Now as Bates, I proceed to the “library” I entered in ending rank “F”, but being Bates now I just shoot the zombie that appears here (that’s why we went to the Nurse, when you get down to 1 shot in your gun, just go to her for more.)  I check the back of the first bookcase and pick up a survival knife.  That’s what we wanted in this room this time, so let’s exit.  As Bates, I then proceed back to the bookcase and transform back into Alyssa.  I wish my mental health issues were this clear-cut!  I’d kill to have some kind of object that I could just pick up to calm all of my anxiety; would solve a lot of problems.  As Alyssa, we go up to the second floor using the elevator in the hallway.  Of course, there’s a zombie (the one I walked through in ending “F” who dutifully waits for the elevator), so I must use the extinguisher since Alyssa can’t seem to use a gun.  You know the drill…

Once that’s taken care of and I’m back to where I’m supposed to be, I continue to carry out my tasks.  I enter the hallway to the right and then… ugh, get rid of this zombie.  Once back, I enter the door closest to Alyssa and retrieve the lighter we retrieved in ending rank “F”.  I essentially use the lighter in the same fashion I did in the previous ending rank, to retrieve the laboratory key (and also dispose of a police zombie in the perpendicular hallway.)

Now, this time, I go to the hallway across from the elevator without depositing my amulet.  This means I’m Alyssa instead of Bates this time, which is the marked departure from ending rank “F”.  I enter the laboratory as Alyssa uses the key and run into Maxwell again.  He tells me the same spiel, but this time I deftly avoid his hatchet and then exit the room (as he calmly waits for me).  Whelp, now I have to get rid of Maxwell again and I suppose you have an idea of how I do just that (apparently madmen can also sanely use elevators.)  Once that is done I return to the hallway outside of the laboratory.  Now I want to turn into Bates, so I deposit the amulet in the locker closest to the door.  Let’s go into the room down the hallway, as we did before, so he can transform into Bates and then blow his ass away with our shotgun.  Once we re-enter this perpendicular hallway we use the survival knife on the door.  The thing is, I don’t really show in the video, but the door has been tied shut from the outside, so we use the knife to cut it and open it.  It’s tied shut because of who’s inside: Alyssa’s father!  He’s handcuffed to the wall, both the door and which I believe Maxwell probably did.  Alyssa’s father seems familiar with Bates, and wonders if Bates is going to do his usual, being, kill somebody.  Bates seems to know more than Alyssa does (or the player?) and blames Hale for everything.  Hale hems and haws, but, yeah it kind of is.  Instead, he changes the subject and tells Bates he’s cursed.  So what?  Man, Hale casts some shade, telling us our very existence is pointless.  What a dad!  Well, that pisses Bates off so he pulls out the survival knife, and… well, it all comes to an end.  There is ending rank “E”.

Ending Rank “D”

In ending rank “D” I do many of the same things I do for ending rank “E”.  That is, I proceed to get ammo from the front lobby nurse by the end of the first E video (Part 1), then from there as Bates, I go into the library area and shoot the zombie.  However at that point, I go back and turn back into Alyssa before going into the library again and instead of picking up the survival knife, it appears in the video I get the “little key” instead (this is in ending D Part 2 below).

I then proceed as Alyssa to get the lighter from the research office and use the obtained lighter to retrieve the key off the server in the “cold room.”  I confront Maxwell as Alyssa, dispose of him and then enter the other door here… which makes me encounter a zombie.  I dispose of him, return to the same room (sigh, turn on the lights), and then in this new room, close to the end of the video, I obtain the handcuff keys from the chair.  This brings us to the more exciting part 3:

I then go into the perpendicular hallway outside of where Hale was found last time, and have to dispose of a zombie.  Once I’m back to where I was before, this time I use the storage key on the door instead of a survival knife.  Now as Alyssa, after I turn on the freakin’ lights, I can confront Hale.  Hale is probably a lot more glad to see Alyssa than he was to see Bates, considering she has the keys to the handcuffs.  Alyssa is much kinder to Hale than Bates, and unlocks his handcuffs, allowing him to go free.  Hale tells us we’re in danger, so we need to go to the Lab Director’s Office (where we found the lighter).  Before we run off to the office though, let’s delve a little deeper into the storage room (because following advice directly would make too much sense.)  In this bookcase room, we’re able to find a red card, to go with our blue card.  Now go to the Lab Director’s Office.  Hale is already there and scans his eyes/face to open the “safe room”.  He uses Alyssa inside while Maxwell breaks through the door.  Alyssa tries to help him, but he insists he can handle it himself.  “Something happened between them.  We’re just going to talk.” Really?  Uncle Philip is inside the safe room!  He wants to speak to Hale as well because he’s discovered the secret to the Maxwell Curse (how did he get here exactly?)  So Tate goes out to talk to Hale, and that’s that.  Weird.  Anyways, it’s time we use the drawer key (god this room is dark, I didn’t know how to brighten the video yet) and get the green card out of the desk.  Now we’re equipped.

Once we’ve done that, use the red card to access the other door in the safe room.  I apologize it’s so hard to see here, but you’ll get the general gist if you watch the video.  This leads us to a special elevator that requires a blue key card.  They’re stepping up the end game for sure.  Go down this elevator to the basement, the level you started off in.  Here you will encounter zombies, and of course, you know what the answer is?  That’s right, ALL THE WAY BACK THERE, to the extinguisher.  Because zombies can go through locked elevators and doors.  That makes perfect sense.  Ugh.

I work my way all the way back to the basement and enter the first door down the hallway into some strange secret examination room.  From here it’s to the final “D” ending video, part 4:

That’s right, there’s a zombie in this freakin’ room.  Yes, the extinguisher.  Alright, let’s get back to the basement.  I struggle with these zombies, the game makes it a bit difficult for me, but I finally get it.  Okay, back to the secret bare examination room… zombie.  Freakin’ seriously!? Okay, wash, rinse, repeat.  (Again I struggled with the new surroundings.)  And back… okay, now from here go in the first door on the back wall.  Once inside, turn on the lights…. hmmm… not much here, so exit and go in the other door to the left (our left).  This room is REALLY dark, so it was very difficult for me to see, but I figure out there was a rotting corpse on the table.  Ewww.  Well, anyway, go to the machine to the left, and you’ll meet Shannon again! (I didn’t even see her until I clicked on her!)

She curses us, tells us we’re awful and ruined her life, and of course, we have no idea what she is talking about.  I guess these are supposed to be clues we can use to figure it all out?  I never really figured it all out until the pamphlet, cause it’s just too vague.  As Alyssa, she chokes us, and we die.  And there you have it, ending rank “D”.

Ending Rank “C”

For ending rank “C” part 1, I start where I use the storage key to get into the room with Hale and unlock his handcuffs as Alyssa (ending rank “C” part 1).  From here I get the red card in the backroom and proceed into the safe room with the help of Hale (where I meet Philip who, just, walks on out of the safe room… why is he here again?)  This is all like what happened in the previous ending.  I get the green card and then go to the basement, where I have to dispose of zombies in the usual fashion.  In fact, it takes so long that’s pretty much what part 1 is about.  So we get to part 2:

We spend a good portion of part 2 also getting rid of zombies.  God, it’s awful.  Once we’re past that we go into the back door of the secret examination room and turn on the lights.  Here we need to turn into Bates (as we saw in the last ending what happens if we stay as Alyssa) so I drop off the amulet in a hiding spot here.  Exit here and go into the other room connected to the bare secret examination room.  Here is where we met Shannon before (along with the rotting corpse).  Well, now we can turn into Bates, so Shannon goes through her spiel but when she tries to choke Alyssa, the tables turn and Bates comes out.  “Back of bitch.”  I love her response, “What the hell?”  This game, I tell you…  well, she ain’t so tough now, and she runs away.

From here we get into the meat of the C rank ending.  I pick up a hatchet from the wall of this unfortunately dark room and then exit.  We need to do something Bates has the stomach for: cut open the corpse using the hatchet in the backroom to retrieve the key to the graveyard (WTF?)  Once we have that, now we can turn back into Alyssa.  I pick up the amulet where I left it and continue out of the bare secret examination room.

Now it’s time to go in the other door, one we haven’t explored yet.  Who’s there?  Why, Doug Bowman of course, and he admits he’s totally clueless.  How the hell did he get there when I needed two or three keys, an eye scan, and such.  This doesn’t make sense, another caveat I have with this game.  Well, here’s here anyway, so what does he have to say for himself?  He says Maxwell was a chemistry genius, but now he’s missing.  He is clueless, Maxwell is the madman with the hatchet he told me to be careful of, didn’t he see the text at the bottom of the screen!?  In order to get the proper ending, you have to tell Doug that you will go with him and “jet outta here.”  I mean, why stick around and see how this all plays out?  Ah well, there’s ending rank “C”.

Ending Rank “B”

I start ending rank “B” in the same location I started ending rank “C”, which isn’t the most helpful because the first part (part 1) consists of mostly zombie clearing then.  So, we get into part 2:

Things progress as they did before except when you meet Doug this time, you say no because we’re going to see how this damn thing ends!  Here’s where the meat of ending rank “B” begins.  I take a look at the corner of the room with Bowman in it, cause it piqued my interest, but it was just blood.  You know how it goes, at least it’s not yellow.  I exit this room and go back out into the basement hallway because I’m confused.  In reality, we want to go in the other door you can hardly see on the other side of the room Bowman was in.  That’s the correct door.  We go through the dizzyingly black hallway out to the graveyard, cause you know, all pharmaceutical companies gotta have a graveyard.  Is this like the shotguns in the hospital?  What are these people doing around here!?

Anyways, once we’re in the graveyard we take a little bit of a look around and discover Uncle Philip Tate on his deathbed.  He reveals some more information about everything that’s going on, that the curse is not true and Hale fooled him.  I know this is the most important thing I’d be talking about on my deathbed, but Philip has to protect his pride I guess.  Alyssa asks what Hale did, but Tate, unfortunately, expires before he can explain the purpose of the Golden Statue.  He tries to warn us, but it is in vain.  “Uncle Philip… no!”  Such emotion.  I examine Philip’s body again to find some sort of key.  Handy.  I examine a few more areas, and Alyssa has the same question I had about a graveyard in a research lab, for once.  Uncle Philip is apparently already on one of the graves?  How does that work?  Anyways, let’s get out of here.

Once I pass through the dizzyingly black hallway and back into the main hallway of the basement, I use the key I gained from Philip to go through the large doors.  Good thing the game told me that’s what it was for.  I end up back in… the first hallway I was in when I started the game?  It’s funny how games tend to do that.  Anyways, the territory should be pretty familiar from here.  I go back up the stairwell and make my way to… aw damn, Maxwell again.  Gotta get rid of him.  You’d think he’d catch on, but every time, it’s bonk with the extinguisher.

Anyways, now that he’s out of the way, I return to the first hallway of chapter 3.  I use the green card to open the door in this hallway.  Hey!  There’s the statue that magically zapped me in the first chapter, but, that didn’t actually happen right, wink wink.  We’re going to want to be Bates from here on in this ending, so I deposit the amulet on a shelf (my favorite place it seems).  And then I get to work changing into Bates, which requires me to find a zombie to attack me or some such.  So I travel back up to the first floor and find myself a zombie in one of the lockers in one of the bridging hallways, turn into Bates, and dispose of him appropriately.

Now that I’m Bates I head back to where I was before in the basement (the room with the statue).  Once inside, I go through the next door where I encounter Hale working at a computer.  Bates seems to have this whole thing figured out, admittedly I had trouble figuring it all out at this point (I had to be helped by the pamphlet.)  The game tries to be mysterious and eke out hints, but it’s just too vague in my opinion.  Hale tells Bates he should go down after Bates accuses him of being sly and a sneak.  So we go down further into the ground (a stairwell) when I remember that we want to be Alyssa from here on.  So I go back up and pick up the amulet, and then go down the stairwell.

We go through yet another hallway, to go in the only door, where in the next room we find more research stuff and bodies and examination tables… how many of these do we need?  But, we can’t go through this room without first running into Shannon, who has decided she’s brave enough to face us again… now that we’re not Bates.  She tells us she’s going to kill us, but Hale seems to interfere.  There’s some history between Hale and Shannon and they bicker a bit, Shannon claiming that Hale abandoned her when she was just a little girl (How did she survive? Where did she go?  Where has she been? It makes no sense!)  Hale says she should kill him, and Shannon does some strange psycho-drama turn around and then takes some pills to kill herself.  Hale has the gall, after abandoning her, to call her foolish.  Like I wrote before, what a dad!  He mysteriously leaves, and after finding out she’s not Hale’s only daughter all Alyssa has to say is, “Huh?”

So we get to the next room where, only now, only after ALL OF THIS, Alyssa says, “This place is scary.”  Wow.  And of course, Alex is here… the usual questions remain, how did he do that?  Where did he come from?  But it’s convenient for the story, so there he is.  He says his investigation is over and that he found Tate’s body, that the zombies aren’t decreasing, and it’s time to get out of here.  To get ending “B” cop-out of finding out the real reasons for things and leave with Alex, to face the future zombocalypse apparently.  And that my friends, is ending rank “B”.  Finally, we have achieved…

Ending Rank “A”

In part 1 of ending rank “A” I spend the video retrieving the remaining hints in the game found in chapter 3.  This includes the hint in the security room where we put the key in the wall panel.  You can obtain this hint as Alyssa, but the last hint, in the computer room where we first encountered Maxwell, you have to be Bates.  I spend the first part of the video getting hint #7 and disposing of Maxwell before I go into the basement, after clearing the zombies and turn into Bates confronting Shannon, as in earlier endings.

In part 2 of ending rank “A” I obtain the last hint as Bates after my encounter with Shannon.  I then go through the graveyard sequence with Philip to gain access to Hale.  I again turn into Bates while I confront Hale at the computer, as before, but then I go down and dispose of a zombie with the shotgun before I return back upstairs to the basement to turn back into Alyssa.  This places us in part 3, where we’re about to encounter Shannon for the last time as Alyssa:

Hale again convinces Shannon that revenge against Alyssa is not the answer.  Shannon, in her demented psyche, decides suicide’s the answer and kills herself with some kind of pill.  Hale says she was foolish, again, he has such regard for his offspring.  Again, in the next room, we talk to Alex and he tries to persuade us to leave in the middle of all this so the zombies don’t eat us.  Refuse, and you’ll go down the path for ending rank “A”.  Alex asks if you’re sure, and Alyssa replies, “I just can’t run away and leave things like this.”  So we go through this room into a hallway and what do we get?  A zombie.  As Ferret would say, “Notbeegsooprice…”  Yes, you actually have to go ALL the way back to the extinguisher.  I’m serious, this game sucks this way, oh my god.  I told you it lasted all the way up until the end of the game.  At least you can use the stairwell now and don’t have to go through that stupid elevator with the key cards.  Still, what a bitch.

Anyways, I return ALL the way back to this hallway and go through the other door.  Here we get something interesting… a hallway with lights on it leading to something special.  Go down this hallway and buried deep beneath the pharmaceutical lab you find… a temple?  Whaaaat?

Here we find Hale talking to Maxwell, finally explaining himself to some degree.  He tells the story of his jealousy of Maxwell and then reveals that it was he himself who made Maxwell crazy in the first place.  Man, Hale is cold!  Hale it seems, is the real villain of this whole thing.  Wow.  Hale reveals that Alyssa is not his daughter, but instead actually the daughter of madman Maxwell.  Jealousy runs deep, it appears, as Hale explains that he dug Alyssa up from her early grave in the Maxwell plot.  I guess it was tradition to bury Alyssa for fear she was cursed, and she is… with Bates.  Maxwell turns on his own cursed daughter in his lunatic state, but Hale, in a strange moment of… sympathy? shoots Maxwell and then tells you he loved Alyssa as if she was his own.  But didn’t he just abandon his own daughter Shannon?  WTF is up with this guy?  Suddenly he’s Mr. Good Guy and professes he never thought of you as a tool to harm anyone.  I don’t know if this is some way to offer up a redeemable side of Hale, but I don’t really buy it. He then goes on to tell of his disastrous plot to ruin Maxwell with the statue.  Ultimately, it turns out Hale has rigged the building to blow up, so it’s time to get out of here.

Hale slumps over, I’m guessing he was injured?  Anyways, Maxwell comes back alive for one last throw down when Alyssa then professes that this madman was not his father.  This particular sequence seems, contrived, at best.  Anyways, Alex tells you to get down and saves you with a gunshot of his own (cause we know that worked the first time.)  Maxwell falls and we get the pan-out shot.  We get to see a longer version of the opening cinema sequence (which is hard to make out in this video, unfortunately) where we see Hale and Tate doing what was just explained.  Now it all makes sense!

We get a shot of the burning building, and our romantic interest saving our lives.  Ed, I mean, Alex, comforts us as basically our lives fall apart around us.  Kind of.  (“It’s all my fault.”  “Maybe so” ?)  Alyssa wishes she had died, but Alex says something cryptic about dying already and then that he’s got to get rid of the zombies.  “It’s not gonna be easy.” This makes Alyssa… smile a horrible uncanny valley smile for some odd reason and… that’s the end.  So there you have it.  Clock Tower II: The Struggle Within from beginning to end.  I’ve listed my caveats and offenses to this game in the text, but suffice it to say, the pamphlet doesn’t make anything make more sense either.  Why did the statue shock Alyssa in the beginning?  Why did Stephanie have a spirit leave her?  How did Maxwell carry the statue to the Tate’s and why?  This game seems like it was being written one way, and then halfway through they changed directions without bothering to alter what was already written.  But, that’s about it.  I’m just glad I didn’t have to aim my gun.

This article is part of a series on the Clock Tower games.

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