This article is the third part of a series covering the 1995 Super Famicom release of Clock Tower.  This post covers what you have to do to get the “S” standard ending of the game.  WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD!

Clock Tower is a game released for the Super Famicom in Japan in 1995.  It is remarkable for its beautiful graphics, great atmosphere, and kickstarting the survival horror genre.  Although this game has been re-released on various networks, it’s never enjoyed a release in North America, which is unfortunate because it’s such a good game.  In an effort to document one of my favorite series, I present Clock Tower information here.  The next post in the series will cover the videos covering alternate endings.

Onwards to the “S” ending of the game:

This video goes from when Jennifer turns away from the locked front door until she finds the West Wing Key in the bird’s nest. In the middle, she is chased by Scissorman starting in the bathroom.

This video goes from when Jennifer finds the West Wing Key in the bird’s nest until she enters the storage room before Scissorman has a chance to chase her.

This video goes from when Jennifer just entered the storage room, to her letting the bird go in the cage room. In between Scissorman chases her from the storage room into the hallway.

This video goes from when Jennifer has let the birds out of the cage room, to retrieving the staff in the music room. In between, she encounters Ms. Mary in the phone room and then retrieves the silver key.

This video goes from when Jennifer visits the religious library for the first time, to when she visits the chapel for the first time.

This video goes from when Jennifer leaves the chapel for the first time to recheck the religious library. Once she rechecks the religious library, she opens the trap door in the chapel and climbs down only to then discover Lotte’s body.

This video goes from when Jennifer discovers Lotte’s body, all the way to the end including the death of Mary and her two sons. Ann survives!

Thus the S ending has been reached in the SNES classic Clock Tower.

This article is part of a series on Clock Tower

photo credit: rustyruth1959 St. Michael and All Angels’ Church via photopin (license)

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