I’m working on my final art project.  This is based on the image I posted in my Final Art Analysis.  I was supposed to steal a technique from the artist I analyzed, and I think it’ll be pretty apparent what I chose to mimic.

The artist in question was Darrell Black.  I felt that his piece was very emotional, portraying different messages and emotions through the use of shape and color while still making it look like a face.

I wanted to know, what would it look like on a whole body?  Well, I decided to make a whole body version.  It’s still a work in progress, but I wanted to portray the size of the thing in the images below.

We’ll start from an ant’s point of view (this was put on Instagram first):

The materials are pastel on fine sandpaper.  I experimented with this material but didn’t end up using it when I made my self-portrait earlier in class.  It’s pretty intense.  I mix the pastel a little bit with my finger, but I have to be certain not to press too hard when I do it.  I actually scraped my index finger until it bled before I realized what I was doing.  I didn’t notice it bleeding until I washed the pastel off my hands mid-way through the class.  So, I have to be very light.

Another view:

I’m ready for my close-up Mr. Demille:

My teacher thought my vision was very interesting.  See, the piece by Darrell Black got me thinking about emotional reactions to things.  I’m not entirely sure why I picked this pose, but I think it’s because it’s almost a reaction in itself.  A reaction to reaching or joy.  To me, each body part has a certain emotional reaction attached to it.  I guess other people never really feel or think about that.  But, to me, my head is a different emotional reaction, and other people’s heads, then say my right hand, or others, my butt, my leg, etc.  Mom and my teacher were a little intrigued by that.  I thought it was normal.

photo credit: End to end with the Smurfs…. via photopin (license)

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