Well, looks like Tomodachi Life is up to some shenanigans.

First, there is the mysterious man on the roller coaster.  I can’t figure out who this guy is.  Can anyone tell me if it looks like somebody I posted before?  Maybe it’s Dad, maybe it’s Matthew?  I don’t know.  Either way, apparently there’s a roller coaster at the 24/7 amusement park.  With not as many Miis in my island town, there isn’t a lot of amazing traffic.  Submit yourself for a Mii!

It doesn’t look like Dad.  It looks like… Ninja?  I can’t tell!  v.v

Anyways, there IS a new resident that was submitted.  Remember my bunny friend Bucky?  He’s now a Mii in my island town of Chrakia!  His apartment is a little bare, but it’ll get filled up.  Say hello to Bucky the bunny:

He looks kind of sad, v.v but that’s okay, we’ll perk up his happiness meter in no time!

Talking about perking up happy, Charlie (a former barista at Starbucks that I go to) climbed up the southern side of Mount Chrakia!  Of course, it doesn’t look all that big… but it says she did it without help or oxygen (how did she breathe? :-O)

She looks pretty happy, but those aren’t the clothes I gave her.  Guess she wore serious climbing clothes.  Don’t get taken out by that shovel!  Who wears pink work boots?  Oh, that’s right, Hurricane… although they’d probably be purple.  Maybe Tic would wear pink work boots?  Maybe.

Dreams are a happenin’ in the island town of Chrakia.  I caught Airman sleeping and peered into his dreams (which apparently KadarMan’s Look-Alike can do). He was trying out clothes!  Somehow I don’t imagine Airman dreaming about trying on clothes…  maybe he’s gained a sense of fashion?  Haha.  That was a jab.  You got to tease the ones you love:

Who’s that stranger in the mirror?  It’s Little Gorilla (I think).  What’s Little Gorilla doing in Airman’s dream?  Maybe they’re secretly friends… I’ll have to investigate.

In other news, Hurricane went to a photo party with her friends.  It was quite the occasion, and personally, I think they were having a little too much fun:

That’s a lot of people throwing someone in the air.  How about catching coordination?  I suspect that this picture was moments before total disaster… or not, Hurricane can handle herself.

Now, the juicy part.  Mmmm…  Guess who’s in love?  That’s right Captain and KadarMan!  It’s funny because the other day I was just thinking of Captain, but of course, I kind of do that because we hang out a lot.  Well apparently my Tomodachi island picked up on it, and sent us off to the fireworks:

I’m AMAZING!  I’m bashful, but I know it.  Heehee.  Look, I don’t know what kind of idea you guys are getting, but our relationship is strictly platonic.  I think it’s the glasses like attracts like.  I should check to see what personalities they have.  However, the fireworks weren’t the only surprises…

How did this happen!?  Looks like I’m a tied-down man.  My Tomodachi island needs to get with the times so I can get married to Maus.  Ah well, maybe Captain’s my beard.  Gotta keep up appearances for Mom!

It’s funny, we were just talking about relationships with Captain last night at the grocery store.  A relationship person from the past called up Maus and had a conversation with him; a pretty long conversation!  I never thought this was weird or unusual in any way, I mean, we lived with the guy and HIS new boyfriend for a year or so, until everyone got into a fight.  Captain thinks I’m pretty secure in my relationship because I was like, “Okay, that’s nice, I wonder if we can be friends again,” to Maus’ latest communications with his ex.  She said that it’s very unusual in the ‘straight world’ of her generation to ever talk to their exes again.  You break up, and then you never communicate again.  I think that’s weird, but apparently, I’m the weird one.  Anyways, Maus’ person wants to meet up with him on the weekend, so we’ll see how that goes.

Captain and I got a house next to Maus and Hurricane.  I’m awaiting the baby… what’s he/she going to look like?

My Nintendo Network ID is asherwolfstein and my 3DS friend code is 3969-6701-4929 Be neat to make some new friends on my game machine.

photo credit: J.N. Photo 00092 via photopin (license)

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