I decided to build another fursuit when I was first dating my current husband. Early on, after I met him on Halloween wearing furry pants (complete with tail) we went to some kind of dance thing for the Gay-Straight Alliance at Front Range Community College. I can’t remember if this dance was a Halloween dance or not, but I was determined to wear a fursuit. I’m pretty sure it was Halloween because I wore this to volunteer for Halloween at the middle school. On the way there (I decided to walk) I was chased by young high schoolers. It was quite the ordeal.

Anyways, here are pictures and photos I took while making it. I call it the “Terminator” suit because of the sunglasses eyes. It wasn’t the best thought-through costume, but it worked, briefly. It’s a bit odd, but that’s how it goes. This was also the first time I built a moving jaw, and I molded teeth for it too before that became a big thing and almost standard in fursuits.

Here they are:

For the heck of it, here are some other photos I happened to find from my past that came along with these. These aren’t of a fursuit, or anything in particular, but they are from my early adult life (except the 7-11 one, that was when I was in high school):

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