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Archival Posts

These are posts from previous incarnations of my blog. They catalog old writing, (abandoned) projects, and else-wise content I have written in the past that others have found engaging or useful. You'll notice the sidebars reflect the content of the archival posts rather than my current blog; for current posts click on the logo above.

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Clock Tower Playthroughs

Back when I lived in another apartment in the same building, I decided I would play through all the Clock Tower games and document them in videos and posts. I got through the original Clock Tower for the SNES (via a fan translation) when I was back living in my childhood home for a stint as an adult. My streaming equipment wasn’t as sophisticated as it is now so the colors are a bit off (primarily dark) in many of the videos. I may remake them with better quality someday in the future. Here are the video playlists and posts documenting the Clock Tower Series all the way through Clock Tower II: The Struggle Within. Clock Tower III remains unplayed.

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My Final Fantasy Playthroughs

One week, a day after a ketamine session, I decided that I could play through all of the Final Fantasy franchise. I would start with Final Fantasy I for the NES as it was released in North America, and work my way up (using fan translations if necessary) all the way through Final Fantasy XV.

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A Short-Lived Fursuit

I decided to build another fursuit when I was first dating my current husband. Early on, after I met him on Halloween wearing furry pants (complete with tail) we went to some kind of dance thing for the Gay-Straight Alliance at Front Range Community College. I can’t remember if this dance was a Halloween dance or not, but I was determined to wear a fursuit.

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TCX At NDK 2003!

This was originally published on my first website (probably Infinite Gmork) sometime around 2005 or 2006. This chronicled the time that TCX (what The Clasheerian Order eventually turned into) went to Nan Desu Kan (NDK) in Denver in 2003. I was fresh out of high school and so were many of my friends (featured in the pictures).

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Mephit Fur Meet 2005 Gallery

In 2005 my husband and I went to Mephit Fur Meet. MFM is a furry convention that is/was held in Memphis. The first time we went I had built my fursuit to show off there named Willy The Red Husky.

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Old Story – Perfect

I wrote this story in 2001 after I graduated from high school but before I was ousted from college. It’s overladen with passive voice, and parts of it are cringe. However, inside there is a gem of creativity and innovation.

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Old Poetry

Back in the day, when I was about twenty-two and a bit later, ’til about twenty-six, I wrote poetry. I haven’t written a real poem in a very long time. I used to be so into poem writing that I would go to “open-mics” and read my poems with my friend and brief-boyfriend Calvin.

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On Being Different And The Clasheerian Order

And that’s the story of The Clasheerian Order and the disaster that was On Being Different. The sweat and tears, the sadness and the joy, the frustration, and the pain, the mental illness, it’s all there in one incredibly ugly-beautiful boom that lasted a couple of years.

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Eighteen-Year-Old Truths

Asher outlines his thought process in how he found beauty in pain, loss, and letting go, all while sharing a few tips on how to move forward on getting what you want out of what you do.

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Game Series: Dragon Warrior (NES) Episode 9

In this one post I do quite a number of things that are important to advancing in Dragon Warrior. I start out in Cantlin and travel off to Hauksness. There I find and retrieve Erdrick’s Armor, which is one piece towards defeating the Dragonlord. Then I obtain Erdrick’s Token in the swamp, the Rainbow Drop south of Rimuldar, create the Rainbow Bridge and retrieve Erdrick’s Sword in Charlock Castle, the home of the Dragonlord.

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Isaac Homebrew at New West Fest 2017

Isaac goes out during New West Fest and meets a robot and a kind old lady. A video and gallery are posted up. Now, last time I wrote that I met another fursuiter out when we were out there. This time Isaac was all alone, which was nice. I like to be the only suiter around, but hey, what can you do. Anyways, hope you enjoyed Isaac Homebrew’s latest outing, I’m looking forward to more!

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Japanese Hiragana “H”, “B”, and “P” Syllables

These are the first videos I’ve made in this manner, and we made these in a public place (Starbucks, shocker) so the sound is wonky. But, here is the video explaining the cards, and the “H”, “B”, and “P” sounds of Japanese. Please pardon my pronunciation, I’m completely self-taught and so I probably do it a bit wrong.

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Game Series: Dragon Warrior (NES) Episode 8

I try to go to Cantlin, but I have to level up, a lot. I spend quite a bit of time in the tomb behind Garinham leveling up. On my way to Cantlin I encounter three new creatures for our bestiary. I finally make it to Cantlin where I learn a LOT of very useful information as to the whereabouts of Erdrick’s artifacts.

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What Is Linguistics: An Introduction

Linguistics is a deep field, and not necessarily an always well documented. I’m looking forward to delving into further details of the study of linguistics particularly as it pertains to artificial language construction and artificial intelligence. I hope this article was helpful in maybe clearing up or helping focus what linguistics means today, and that you found it useful.

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Announcing PYGJS (PyGame in your Browser/NodeWebkit)

That’s right, run PyGame (in all it’s Pythonic glory) IN THE BROWSER! All in all, it’s a rough draft. The code isn’t fully documented because really, it’s ported from other places where there IS documentation (pygame, gamejs, etc.) Anywhere where the functions/classes don’t QUITE act like their pygame equivalent I make a note of though, so that you aren’t tripped up.

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