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About Asher Wolfstein The Extraordinaire

I have always lived between things.

Falling in the cracks of time, stranded in the apocalyptic past but remembering the dazzling future.

Continuously floating in a transmundane inner ether, striving to comprehend outer definitions of smashing concretes.

Flights of impractical absurdity frequently crash against the continuous banality of everything that is.

Artistry and microchips, irrationality and logic, words and numbers; the soul in the machine.

I was once anthropomorphic, but with my physical identity stripped away, now I’m fully human. Am I an animal pretending to be a man, or a man pretending to be an animal?

I finally wrested an external existence from being torn between these juxtapositions. Moving my sidereal foot across the trinity’s first threshold, pulling the rest of my stellular body with me, I finally came upon that which I sought all these decades: myself. For the first time, I understood my vast potential and couldn’t run from the rage of the ever gentle beast.

Now I persist outside, an angry thrust apart, paradoxically folded over an intuitive acceptance. Outside of time, outside of effect, outside of the burning light, I finally pierced my own veil and am now free.


My name’s Asher Wolfstein. I’m a time-traveling (or traveled) wunk of the male variety. A wunk is a hybrid between a wolf and a skunk: a mephitic father and a canine mother. I was born approximately four hundred fifty years in the future. I am accidentally in this timeline, unfortunately for a reason unknown to me, and no longer possess the resources necessary to return or transform back to my original form.

When I first arrived in the twentieth century, I realized something terrible. My appearance could cause great personal difficulties to befall me since society was only on the brink of genetic engineering. Clandestine authorities may wish to kidnap, sequester, and study me, or worse. So I used my last transmogrifier to make myself more presentable; more, human.

I realize now that this was a mistake. This world has turned out to be far more than I ever imagined.

On Being Different

Through every psychic dimension of inner space to every individual I’ve met in all my travels in becoming, I realized a paramount virtue. To fulfill my most extraordinary will, being true to myself is absolutely essential. I must live the meaning of what makes up my substance, of who I am, or suffer regret.

That’s why I endeavor now to become what I once was, and in doing so, also become what I will be. One of my three primary goals in life is to become what some only dream: an anthropomorphic wunk once again. Like the proverbial statue chiseling himself out of a block of stone, I will reshape myself not into a biological destiny but into a simulacrum of my own vision.

This is not my first foray into self-expression through my appearance. Since middle school, where I acquired my first fursuit (a full-body anthropomorphic costume), I have constructed and worn several different animal designs. My last real employment was actually in promotions as a “professional furry.”

Birth Of An Anthroid

Another of my primary life goals is to build an “embodied artificial general intelligence,” in essence, an android. There are what we’d call androids in the future, but unfortunately, none came with me. Embodied intelligentsia in the future lack certain qualities that I hope to foster. Chief among these, in the near future, a style of appearance mimicking my own original form. This is why I call my project an “anthropomorphic robot”: “anthrodroid” or “anthroid” for short. (As well, anthroid is simultaneously a much less gender-specific term.)

There is some cross-pollination with the last goal. I anticipate that my first prototypal wunk embodiment will not result from genetic engineering of any kind. Rather it will be a true simulacrum of anthropomorphism: an animatronic Ironman-like fursuit. In the past, I have called this a “fursuit for life”). This type of construction is very much a “wearable robot,” in that the only potential difference between it and my anthroid is the fact that my intelligence drives it. The external elements and technology are the same; only the movement transmission and abstract processing differ.

What Is This Place?

The ability to encode information and connect it together through various means has given rise to a new perspective on location. Whether it be the hypertext of the World Wide Web or the chat rooms of Internet Relay Chat, things can happen in places that don’t “exist.” This is no more evident than the corresponding constructions of Multi-User Dimensions (MU*’s: MUDs, MUCKs, MUSHes, etc.) or Virtual Reality (SecondLife, VRChat, etc.), and on some level social media.

As above, I live between the conspiracy of the real and the aspirations of this digital landscape. My first culmination of such is Hyperborea, a personal chantry realm in the digital web. From Hyperborea, I send out my signal, which ends up here, among many others.

This blog is tuned to my personal signal. Here you will find my public diary: particularly my projects, my prognostications or decidedly resolute pontifications, and other aspects of living life in this dystopia careening towards annihilation.


This website has a short history. Its original incarnation was on July 5th, 2014, when one day, upon realizing my life was pretty beautiful, I started writing about it. I revamped its presentation (but not layout) in March of 2018 and made a smattering of posts until August of 2020. That November, after some profound realizations concerning my place in the universe, I decided to reform the site entirely into the version you are currently reading.

There are other receptacles for my signal, chiefly and, a.k.a. The Official Chraki Language, is for my (computational) linguistics signal concerning my constructed language (conlang) Chraki (pronounced ch-r-ah-k, tʃɹɔk). This constructed language aims to provide a unique, creative, and powerful means of natural expression and logical/computational construction simultaneously. The site is set-up as a community project where feedback and contributions are welcome., a.k.a. How To Program Anything, is where I explore the world of computer science in an educational format. This is meant to be the kind of resource I wish I had when I was much younger to help me learn my craft, both accessibly comprehensive and engaging.

Other Broadcasts

There are other receivers as well that vary in subject and signal strength. A short list of these for the interested follows.

  • – I have also developed a moon base where I go and play (retro) video games with others (chiefly Maus Merryjest). Here you’ll find videos and articles concerning computer/console gaming (often retro) with streams, walkthroughs, and other good stuff.
  • – One day, about twelve or so years ago, I decided I’d write a fanfic. This is the ongoing result of that decision.
  • – This is my software development firm where I work to create various software products (mostly “free” and open-source). This was the first company I founded, Kadar Development (LLC). It went through a dissolution but has reformed under the auspices of my current company below.
  • – My current company, Novelty Factor LLC. This organization endeavors to empower creative individuals and their projects with specialized consulting services. Most of my projects are operated (including this site) under this business and financial umbrella.

You might also be interested in my life-partner’s blog if you’re into the arts and pop culture, particularly Opera and comic books.

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