Writing Prompts II

I don’t have any external obstacles to my writing. Is that a good thing, a blessing deserving gratitude? Or am I unable to build skyscrapers because I have too much land?

  • I need to read more.
  • I have to focus on fursuit.
  • I have to program.

These aren’t excuses, these are too many projects!

Things and examples I could write about at any given time:

  • Write a scene from your current story.
  • Pull an unfinished poem from your files and tinker with it.
  • Make a list of your favorite fods or a list of your favorite friends, or favorite anything, then explain why you like them at the moment.
  • List ten things you hate about holidays and explain why.
  • Describe in detail the most romantic evening of your life.

Reasons For Not Being Creative

  • I don’t read enough / I haven’t read enough
  • I stress myself out with endless “time anxiety”
  • I never feel my ideas are worth anything because they weren’t always appreciated when I Was growing up (in some ways, in many ways they were)
  • I have a mental illness / I am disabled.
  • I have nothing in my head / I don’t let go.

I Don’t Read Enough / I Haven’t Read Enough

  • I am in control of this situation
  • Set aside days/time to read.  If you read at Starbucks, schedule Starbucks time.  Figure out places to read, even possibly your own apartment.  Set aside one day a week to go to Starbucks.  Regurgitate what you read, write in your blog(s).

I Never Feel My Ideas Are Worth…

…anything because they weren’t always appreciated when I was growing up.  REALLY?  You had plenty of support, you just let little comments by dream killers overpower your talent.  (“Who’d read something like that?”).  I am definitely in control of this.

What things are worthwhile in my life, just my life, are determined solely in my head and my heart.  I seem most creative when I do things for myself, not when I’m thinking of others.  Remember, I’m opposite the guy whose only motivation is the approval of other.  I’m not Schmuck, and that is a very special thing.  I need to create for myself and everything will be worthwhile.

I Have A Mental Illness / Am Disabled

I am responsible for this.

I may not have chosen this for myself, but I am responsible for myself.  I don’t appreciate trigger warnings, I’m not a fragile snowflake ready to melt in someone else’s hands.  I only get better because of my will to do so.  I am responsible for my actions, whether I’m depressed or manic.  If I don’t write because I’m depressed, that’s on me.  If I don’t write because I’m agitated, that’s on me.  I choose, ultimately, what I want to do and who I want to be.

I Have Nothing In My Head / I Don’t Let Go

I can do things about this.

First step?  RELAX.  Second Step, trust my own imagination.  If I really have nothing in my head then what is the point of just sitting there staring at an empty piece of paper / computer screen?  How is that more productive than playing a video game, reading a book or article, or watching a video?  It is up to me to trust my quick fleeting quiet inner voice of my imagination, and not think, “Will people like this?  Will people find this interesting?”  It’s nothing more than a self-imposed art piece from class.  It’s not, will someone like this?  It’s all about creating the piece, in a way, for its own existence and my own fulfillment.

I can finish this game.  Any game, it really is within my power.

The Talker

There are countless ideas for videos, stories, games, that I’ve talked away.  The book is right, I want the glory without the hard work.  But in doing so I make my ideas simple, flat, and stale.  There’s Mangy Wolf, Monster Life, Kadar’s Journey.  There are literally countless projects, I can’t help it, until now.  In a way I talk to myself sometimes, relishing in a particular visual, scene, dialogue, or emotion, and end up not putting it down soon enough.  My creations are my mind.  It’s a secret place I can go to where I am in control of everything, where I can entertain myself and become real without anyone else.

The rough draft is not the place for the critic.

Why I Create

Life seems to have three parts to it.  The first part involves you doing what’s necessary to survive.  You sleep, eat, go to the bathroom, and you do things so that you can sleep, eat, and go to the bathroom with ease.  Each element of this part has its own realm of enjoyment, they are not necessarily base.  You can have beautiful dreams, eat very well, however in the end these are physical necessities that your body requires.  To most people, these are not ends in themselves.

The second part of life involves interaction, and often times interaction is communication.  You can interact with any object or structure on Earth, absorbing its experience.  More important in my opinion, you can do it with other people.  And you can communicate with other people about anything, forming social experiential bonds.  These bonds live with us, give us support, nurture our feelings of love and validation.  Without something for our consciousness to perceive, we wouldn’t know we existed.  Interaction is the meat and potatoes of our lives.

Then there is the third part: beauty.  We appreciate the beauty of things, internal or external, with our imagination.  Our imagination, whether it is filled with other’s creations, or bubbling forth strange chimeras, is the heart of our lives.  Without imagination, there would be no hope.  There would never be anticipation.  Without fantasy there would only be banality.  Imagination, art, beauty, is why I create.  Not for beauty’s sake, but for what it can bring to my interactions, for how it can enhance my life, for the focus it brings me daily.  I create so that in my interactions I can share the beauty of my thoughts and world.  So I can butter the meat and potatoes both within and without.  I don’t think up things for other people, I do that almost automatically as an exercise and entertainment of myself.  I share, I create, so that I can, and others can, interact and appreciate that beauty that’s always within me.  I can think by myself, but I can appreciate only if I create.

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I'm just a wunk, trying to enjoy life. I am a cofounder of http//originalpursuitssoc.com/ and I like computers, code, creativity, and friends.

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