Wednesday Dinner: $5 Dinner Mom (Fish Tacos)

I have certain responsibilities around the apartment.  One, I keep it clean, which means doing the laundry and cleaning the rats’ cage.  I need to clean the kitchen and bathroom floors (in that order), ’cause they’re in need of a little help. But you know what I have to do just about every day?  Cook dinner!  And what better way to cook dinner than to get it from a recipe and try it out!  So I’ve decided I’m going to continue to give the $5 Dinner Mom Cookbook a shot at some dishes.  If you’re interested in purchasing this book click the image to the left for a link.

The book includes quite a bit on how to eat healthy, and strategically shop and plan for dinner meals for maximum effectiveness.  There are LOTS of recipes, which I always appreciate.

I’ve noted about this book in a previous post that it is for a particular audience.  After cooking these last recipes (I’ve cooked about six), it is cementing it more in my mind what it’s like.  Some, but not all, of the dishes, are a bit underwhelming when it comes to flavor.  The last three dishes I’ve made I’ve been happier with.  It reminds me of a book I have floating around somewhere in my apartment that contains Great Depression recipes.  The book goes really really light on the spices, as I think they’d make the cost more than $5 per meal.  So if you’re going to use the book but want more flavor from the spices you already have, you’ll have to mix them up.

Fish Tacos

So tonight I decided to make “fish tacos”.  I put that in quotes because it didn’t really come out like a taco.  For one it said to use burrito size tortillas, so I was like, won’t that be a burrito?  Well, it kind of was, despite the recipe calling itself a taco.

Now this particular recipe calls for you to steam broccoli stems, as well as cut up potatoes into fries and bake them.  Me? I deviated.  I didn’t really feel like spending an hour cutting potatoes and steaming broccoli, so I got steamable broccoli, and pre-cut frozen crinkle fries.  I just didn’t feel like making my own fries and broccoli.  It definitely saved time, so, mission accomplished.

I thought I’d throw that in there, however, since, I technically didn’t make the recipe as it was called for.  The recipe says to cut your own potatoes and make them into fries while you steam your own cut broccoli stems.

Here you can see the sides as they were prepared and served:


I baked the tilapia fillets (I had those handy frozen) after thawing them.  The recipe called for Seafod Seasoning to be put on the fillets, and then cooked in foil on the rack at 400º for twenty minutes.  That seemed to work out well.

But here’s a note on finding Seafood Seasoning.  It’s not in the seasoning rack at the store.  Well, it might be at your store, but not our store.  I swore we probably looked for it for fifteen minutes in the baking aisle.  Finally, my mother had the brilliant idea of going over to where the fish are sold and see if anything was over there.  Yes there was.  So if you need Seafood Seasoning, just go to where the fish are, not the baking aisle.

I also didn’t shred my own lettuce or cheese.  I got shredded lettuce specifically from the store, and sharp shredded cheese.  Please, this is the twenty-first century, I’m not making every single thing from scratch unless I’m digging that kind of thing.  I got other things I’d like to do, like, program!  And… stuff… like, play video games.

I think it all came out well.  The fries were good, and the broccoli was good, but surprisingly, the fish “taco” (more like burrito) was pretty good too.  It didn’t roll up well, I’ve never been good at that whatsoever (there go my chances at Qdoba).

They looked something like this:


I actually would recommend this recipe on its own.  I thought it was good.  I didn’t eat a lot of fish growing up so eating fish is a little weird for me.  But, with the addition of some tartar sauce that the recipe called for, the burrito was pretty good.

Maus told me a funny story over dinner.  This man from Spain visited his mother in Ecuador and they were going to make a fish dish for the family at the beach house.  So his mom takes them down to the dock to pick up some Salmon (that’s the only fish Maus’ mom can eat).  The Spaniard asks, “Do you have any tilapia, or what not, fresh?”  The guy replies, “Oh no.  This over here is an hour old.  Wait fifteen minutes and you can get a fresh batch.”  The Spaniard thought that was so funny, considering what the layperson considers ‘fresh’ he had the guy repeat it to record it.

So, remember to eat fresh fish!

photo credit: Botterfloot, Bunschoten Spakenburg, Nethetlands – 2665 via photopin (license)


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