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I just got into this streaming thing on twitch.tv

I stream myself playing rather old games, some PS1, some PS2, but really I play just any game that strikes my fancy.  Maus said I need hobbies, because a lot of my hobbies are very singular and solitary.  What he means for instance is that I’m very creative, and I come up with all sorts of ideas… but I am easily entertained by my own ideas in my head thus making those my hobby.

Unfortunately, being creative like that, such as making a computer game or visual novel, involves not divulging every single thing about it to everyone, just Maus.  That way when it’s made somebody hasn’t already taken the idea or doesn’t want to play it because they know everything.

I have an entire Visual Novel finished, all written out and designed. We just need music and graphics.  The graphics part is being handled by Maus, but I’ve determined that I’m going to learn how to draw with Corel, what used to be Manga Studio.  Maus has this cool monitor thing that he can draw on like the future.  So, he gave me his old drawing tablet.  It’s supposed to me OS X compatible (the program was) so I can use my Mac Mini to do it.  My Mac Mini can do everything.

The only real hobby I have is Martha Stewart.  Yes, Martha Stewart.  Whenever we get an issue of Martha Stewart we say, “There’s word from the queen.”  Of course, every time a Jimquisition comes out we say something like, “Do you want to hear from our lord Jim Sterling?”  Heehee.

Problem is actually that I have too many options to choose from for my hobbies that I become a bit of a distracted jack of all trades.  I’m interested in programming, artificial intelligence, getting into Making (I got Make: subscription from my brother and his wife for Christmas!), [old] video games, etc.  I think that’s one of the reasons I actually haven’t had a solid singular hobby… in a weird way it’s not that I don’t have one, it’s that I have too many!

I live in my head a lot, which is fine, but sometimes it’s good to have an outside voice in there.  When I started streaming myself playing Arc the Lad II (yes, I figured out how to stream my PS2 directly, no emulator), I thought no one would watch my channel.

All of a sudden there was this guy who appeared in the chat room.  He immediately ‘hosted’ my channel (restreamed it on his channel).  He said he was intrigued that somebody else was playing this game.  Apparently you can set notices on Twitch that tell you if someone’s playing a game you tag.  We talked for a while, my talking into a headset, him typing.  It was actually kind of cool, despite my aversion to talking to empty space.  My other friend was watching, but he wasn’t signed up to Twitch.  Maus was like, “See… and you thought nobody would watch your channel.”

In related news, I’m working through the first three Arc the Lad games.  I’m on number 2 now.  I didn’t complete some of the cool stuff in Arc the Lad 1 because I played it without a strategy guide and on my own I’m not so good at finding ‘hidden’ / optional content.  Ah well.

Maus and I have been walking every morning.  It’s actually really good.  We walk to the University Library and come back.  Sometimes we go inside.  I carry a cup of coffee with me (in a plastic Starbucks like cup) and it’s nice.

Anyways, if you want to hang out with me and chat with me while I play games, check out my Twitch channel (to the left).  I don’t really have a schedule, just whenever so check back.

photo credit: Museum Collections Centre – 25 Dollman Street – cages – TV sets via photopin (license)


I'm just a wunk, trying to enjoy life. I am a cofounder of http//originalpursuitssoc.com/ and I like computers, code, creativity, and friends.

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