Visiting My Nephews at Home

Several weeks ago I visited my childhood home (my parents still live in it, in fact, my father built it).  I visited it but not only so that I could see my parents, but also so I could see my nephews.  I know I’ve written very briefly about my nephew, but I do have new good news.  My older nephew has been known to be behaviorally all over the place.  It’s not that he was ‘bad’, he just seemed to have bad impulse control.  Lately however, he’s a whole new person.  The culprit?  Dairy.  Gluten too, but mostly dairy as far as I understand.  As soon as dairy was drastically reduced in his diet, his moment to moment behavior changed for the better.  Before, I had trouble being around him because I would let him cause me great anxiety, but now he’s nice to be around.

Those aren’t the only changes in my nephew’s lives.  I was a little surprised, but wholly impressed, when his mother decided to start homeschooling him.  He was going to a school that was meant for gifted or above average children, but his parents decided that the results weren’t quite what they were looking for.  His mother is a school teacher.  It’s amazing to see the changes, and I’m really happy about it.

When I visited my nephew is now in 4-H so he built and launched a model rocket.  He built it before he visited, now when he was visiting.  I was able to capture the rocket launching on my phone.  I forgot I had a slow-motion camera in my iPhone, which would’ve been awesome to capture, but instead I was able to time it old-school style.  Here’s the shot:


When I visit my nephews one of the things they enjoy the most is when I blow bubbles during their bath time.  It started with my other nephews, the children of my other brother.  I’ve gotten so good at blowing bubbles I blow really big ones with a standard wand.  I mean big.  When I visited this time, the younger nephew had me blowing bubbles of course.  He had this yellow foam board thing, and the bubbles would sit on it.  We did it several times, but with the yellow board you could get huge bubbles stabilized.  For an idea of how big this bubble was I actually took a picture:


Big eh?

Anyways, we went to the park in a neighboring town.  My older nephew got a present from his grandma that he really really liked.  It was a rubber band weaving thing. He spent hours and hours on it.  I transferred out all their old cable equipment with new cable equipment.  For a bit it looked like we weren’t going to have television in my parent’s room, which we were really afraid of because my father, Scott, really likes to watch TV.  But he took it in stride and we got it fixed.

Finally, I went home… then I drove to Colorado Springs to see Maus in the Opera Theatre of the Rockies Vocal Arts Festival.  Unfortunately, I don’t have pictures of that.



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