Tomodachi Life Saga

So, I’ve got this nifty game called Tomodachi Life. I tried explaining it to my mother but I seemed to have trouble. If you’re familiar with Nintendo Mii’s then you’ll get the idea. Basically you create Mii’s that live in this little island town. The idea is that you create Mii’s that represent people you know, or famous people, although you can create any Mii you want really. So I have a Mii for Dirty, Captain, Maus, Hurricane, Ninja, Finch, Munchkin, Boy, Rory, Mom, Giant, Ace, and Jams. Wow, I never realized how many people that is. Anyways, I finally figured out how to get images out of my 3DS without messing with the SD Card, Nintendo Image Share! I post all my most up-to-date images on my twitter account (that’s why you should follow me!) But, I thought I’d aggregate some pictures so that they can be posted to Facebook without spamming Facebook.

So, funny enough, quite a while ago, about the time Maus and I got married, Maus and Hurricane got married in my Tomodachi Life! This is really funny if you know anything about Hurricane and Maus. Complete and total opposites. Hurricane told me one day of this nightmare she had about Maus in some kind of lingerie, so it’s really funny. I was able to dig up a wedding photo of the two:


Then, on top of that, they moved into their own house from the obligatory apartment building featured in Tomodachi. I don’t quite understand the homes, because there’s a lot more plots than available apartments would allow… unless they make more apartments to fit more people? Hmmm… I never thought of that.


Each Mii forms relationships with other Miis, which is a little weird because it’s strange to have Mom in love with my brother rather than Scott… but, hey, whatever. So, Munchkin is best friends with Ninja, which is very very cute since they’re father and son. They went on a vacation to Tahiti, here are some photos:



In other news, the merry-go-round at the 24/7 carnival on the island is looking great:


Although, my money collection and seasonal items aren’t working… because I ‘time traveled’ and for a long time had it a day behind. I’m hoping that’ll fix itself now that I put it on the appropriate day. I didn’t realize I had it a day behind all this time.

Anyways, such is the day in the life of a Tomodachi.

photo credit: Barak Obunnyears & Pikachu via photopin (license)


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