Tired Clichés

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]here’s this thing about simple words that I find peculiar. It’s like a person I know who’s life is a mess, quite a bit of it at their own hand. When confronted with a suggestion to go to therapy, they conceded. But when told that they have to take responsibility for her own emotions, they say, “Oh I know I know”. Or, when its suggested that only they can control themselves and no one else, they say, “I know that, I know.”

Well, honestly, they don’t know.

If they knew they wouldn’t be having these problems. But when people hear such simple things such as “Be Grateful” or “Take responsibility for your actions.” or “You can’t control the world, only yourself.” Stuff like that, a lot of times they skip over it like they know it. Well, they may know it to be true, but they don’t KNOW it.

It’s like Xena: Warrior Princess. She begins her quest after Hercules turns her good with the fact that she must now go right her wrongs. A major part of the entire series is about her facing the people she wronged and taking responsibility. Although a fictional character, she learns to KNOW what it means to be responsible for your own actions.

When you agree that you know you can only control yourself, you have to actually stop trying to control other people. When you know that you have to be responsible for your own emotions, you have to actually stop blaming other people for how you feel. When you know that you should be grateful, you have to actually be grateful.

“I know I know” doesn’t cut it. Saying it doesn’t cut it. Doing it is what counts.

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