This Is How We Want To Be Seen

So, I saw the above on my Facebook feed.  At first I was like, “Yeah, wow, that is kind of bad.”  But the more I looked at it, the more it bothered me.  Maus finally helped me figure out what it was.

The image is making two arguments, one, the motives of each other are the same.  Secondly, we shouldn’t be seen as the enemy is seen.  WHY?  They are aggressively tirading and recruiting and taking pictures like this (the right one) to glorify their hatred of and violent attitudes.  Their hatred and attitudes are toward us, toward Western Civilization, toward everything we hold dear.  So, we shouldn’t take pictures of the things we value and the principles we stand for as being defended?  That in response to a picture like this, if there’s any response, or a comparison between the two we shall paint ourselves as bad as them?

It doesn’t make sense.  If we were to respond to a picture like the one on the right, and implicitly the picture on the left is one, this image is telling you that you need to respond with happy kids, and sitting on the grass watching fireworks, and playing baseball.  That somehow these will inspire our enemies to put down their guns and join us.

I just don’t see any good can come of this conclusion.  In rhetoric, in media, we must defend the morality of proper western philosophy and civilization.  The picture on the right shows a woman who wants to die for her beliefs.  The picture on the left shows a woman who wants to live for hers.


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