There Are So Many Things

Oh man, I need to get in the habit of writing here.  So many things, thoughts, events, have transpired since my birthday.  I don’t know if I can even remember them all, or where I should start.

I’m actually not sure of what exactly I’ve written.

First most recent news: I fursuited at the Coloradan Food Truck festival.  They obviously had no idea how popular the attraction was going to be.  There were people EVERYWHERE!  The parking lot filled up fast, though, we got a parking spot near the back exactly where I desired.  Maus told me to do my voodoo, as I now seem to have gained, for getting a desirable parking spot.  And of course, it worked.

I will have photos and information about the fursuiting soon in another post.  I hope.

No, not “I hope.”  I will.

I’ve been sending Mom quotes from the Seth books that apply to both our situations and people we know.  So these phrases have been a bit of an inspiration:

The entity contains potentials unlimited, but it must work out it’s own identity and form its own worlds.  It carries within it the burden of all being.

I thought the burden part was fitting, I could identify with that.

They not only have reality in the psyche, however, but they are embedded in genetically codified data by the inner self – a genetic memory of past psychic events – transposed into the genetic memory of the very cells that compose the body.

This one came up because someone was watching the videos of my nephews.  A very very young munchkin at one point in the video has the camera under his control.  He films his toe and seems to say, “Auf mein toe.”  The person watching, knowing the heritage of the children, suggested that maybe it was genetic memory given that Munchkin just said the following, “Most of my memories are from being a child.”  I thought that was interesting.  In that vein:

The physical pattern of the present body, therefore, is a genetic memory of the self’s past physical forms, and of their strengths and weaknesses.

Also, Seth speaks of an old lost civilization, the “Lumanians”.  Related to the Lumanians but not them themselves came about the following:

Some few of the mutant children formed a small later group who traveled the area as itinerants in the following century, with large bands of animals.  They cared for each other mutually, and many of the old legends concerning half-man and half-beasts have come down through the ages simply from the memory of these old associations.

This made me think of furries of course.

When talking self limiting beliefs Seth actually listed, “I’m not creative.  I have no imagination.” and “I can never do what I want to do.” as self limiting beliefs.  Those two hit hard, and are explicitly mentioned in the book.  I thought that was interesting.

As well, in regards to some familial situations recently, I found the next interesting:

A family can constantly reinforce its joy, gaiety, and spontaneity by concentrating on ideas of vitality, strength, and creativity; or it can let half of its energy slip away by reinforcing resentments, angers and thoughts of doubt and failure.

I wish I could write more, but I don’t want to divulge information about other people that they may be uncomfortable with having on the internet for everyone to read.  However, this passages really resonate with me, and I think of a particular person when I read it.  Particularly:

… He or she may emotionally feel that life has no meaning, that individual action is meaningless, that death is annihilation; and connected to this will be a conglomeration of subsidiary beliefs that deeply affect the family involved, and al those with whom such a person comes in contact.

I found this resonated with my own experiences as well beyond this other person.  But I think this has been the best so far:

So it is futile to become angry at a symptom, or to deride the body for its condition when it is presenting you with the corporeal replica of your own thought, as it was meant to do.  Your environment and your experience in the physical world also provide you with the same kind of feedback.  It is just as useless to berate your environment or your experience in it as it is to deride your body, for the same reasons.

You must learn to deal with your own beliefs directly or you will be forced to deal with them indirectly – by reacting to them quite without knowing it in your physical experience.  When you rail against an unfavorable environment, or a situation or condition, basically – you are not acting independently, but almost blindly reacting.  You are reacting to events that seem to happen to you, and always in response to a situation.

Wow!  What a thought!  Mother Brain also found it to be somewhat profound.  So often we, meaning really me and a few others I know, get into the mindset that our reality, our lives are somehow marred and that everybody else gets to do what they want.  When we get into the idea that our environment is acting against us, that our destiny’s are acting against us, that our very natures are acting against us… we are constantly reacting to these negative beliefs.  We are bound to them inextricably, but when we recognize them for what they are… we can act independently of them.

Being able to look at your conscious thoughts and say, “This belief doesn’t make me who I am.” is a very liberating thing.  Beliefs are well and good, and truthfully, everyone should believe good things.  There is an objective good and evil, there are objective values, and there are virtuous elements of our lives that deserve reward.  But at the same time, to step back and say, “I believe my life will always suck,” without letting it be a fact of who you are, allows you to let it go.

“I believe I’ll never accomplish anything I really want.”

“I believe that I’m not creative, and that everything I create falls flat.”

“I believe that I’m unworthy of my own love.”

These are simply beliefs, invisible beliefs if you will, that become a fact of our own perception of reality.  Step back and notice how that belief is separate from your identity.  If you can stay stepped back you should be able to sense a core identity of yourself that is separate from these types of beliefs.  Something that simply is what it is, regardless of whether you love it or not.

Try it.

In other news, Maus received permanent residence status in the United States.  Finally.  It’s been pretty much about two decades for him living here, but now, he’s finally a part of the populace.  He’ll of course petition for citizenship when he is able to do so.  That’s been a big relief off our shoulders.

I have been reading up on some “interior design” information.  I think I want to rearrange our apartment, I’m getting a little tired of how it is, but I’m not sure exactly what I want yet.  I want good energy flow, so we’ll see what I can come up with.

It’s funny.  In my computer science club I’ve met this cool woman who I’ve come to like.  Well, the meeting for this week was postponed.  It was at the same time as the festival, so the woman (being vice-president) didn’t have to go and went to the festival.

Afterwords I asked her over Messenger, “Did you see a giant raccoon?”

She discovered that it was me.  She said I was ‘hilarious’ and that she ‘loved’ it.  The crowd was a bit weird though, mostly because people were standing in line and didn’t want to get out of line to interact with me.  But that’s how it goes.  HOPEFULLY I’ll get some suiting in this weekend, if I can fucking get up on time.

Anyways, I thought that I might not finish my embedded systems course, but I’m thinking I actually will.

The only other thing I can think of is that we’re starting our final art project in Drawing III this week.  I want to do a huge image composite of Willy the Red Husky.  It’s a play on the theme of ‘memory’.  It’ll be made up of stills from all 100 videos on YouTube of Willy.  It’ll form a giant Willy.  The memory then will be made up of memories.

Scary thing is that I realized the videos were all 5 – 6 years old.

Wow, time flies when you’re not crazy.

photo credit: Rings of Explosive Color via photopin (license)


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