The Poppins

We watched the new teaser trailer for the return of Mary Poppins by Disney, a movie (franchise) that my partner Maus and I hold near and dear to our hearts.  But I noticed how the trailer had something seemingly a bit amiss about it, and I was able to pinpoint what that was.  I decided that with a little tweaking, this trailer could so easily come across as something else entirely.  And this was born:

This is too funny!  At least I think so, it just kind of tickles me.  Sorry, this is such a short post, but I really wanted to embed this tweet while it was fresh and showcase it as Maus was kind enough to mention my blog in his tweet.  Kudos to Maus for making such a strange vision a reality in such a short time.  He had a follow-up tweet for a little more explanation:

Anyways, hope you had a little horrific smile.  Thanks for reading, have a nice day!

photo credit: Silverflame Pictures SAM_5372.jpg via photopin (license)


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