The Peach Festival

Today I went to the Peach Festival in Fort Collins.  I saw my friend there, who use to be our property manager way back, and Maus and I went with two of our opera friends.  I had a funnel cake with peaches, then peach pie, and finally a peach beer (liquid bread).  Oh yeah, and a coke (sugar water).  Now that I ate enough to sustain my overweight-ness, I’m good for tomorrow!  Anyways, here’s a picture the property manager took of us and our opera friends:



Facebook read our faces right away, kinda eerie when you think about it.

I almost forgot, I saw a robotics booth there!  It was awesome.  They had a NAO robot on display that they said the CSU master’s students were using in their lab.  I didn’t realize how big the NAO robot actually was.  It was good to know that they’re doing some pretty advanced robotics stuff at CSU and such.  I talked a bit with the guy who was standing there, but for whatever reason he didn’t seem to know too much about Raspberries and Beaglebones, or even Arduino’s.  But, it was probably me and the environment.


Pablo says I’m perfect: mad scientist hair, eating a peach funnel cake, looking at a robot.

Of course, then we tried to get home.  Yeah, right.  Apparently the city was holding a fairly un-announced (and I mean, a letter in the mail like New West Fest) bike race.  They basically boxed in people from the Peach Festival from getting back into downtown/old town.  This is a problem for me because I live in old town.  We couldn’t get within a block of our apartment building.  We even tried the alleyway, which they had cones in!  Really?  I don’t think it’s legal for them to block off our apartment building like that.  We were a little miffed, of course it incurred the wrath of El Piablo.  I think we’re going to write a letter to the city/newspaper.

In order to wait for that debacle to be over so that we could park at our own apartment building (as parking anywhere else was a nightmare, and I wasn’t about to get charged by a parking garage that the city would NOT pay me back for) we went to the Drake Starbucks.  I know, shock shock.  In other words, short story, the city kinda sucked in how they handled this.

In other news, I started drawing again in preparation for my Advanced Drawing Class (Drawing II).  My mother has been telling me over and over for the last three weeks, “You better start practicing drawing again Asher.”  So, I drew a bit yesterday, and, it was kinda hard and didn’t come out very well.  So Mom was right (shock shock), and I have to get back up to drawing speed by Monday when my classes start.


Anyways, in an hour I’m going to a friends house for a going away party.  Apparently he’s moving to work at Amazon and test their AWS (Amazon Web Services) servers.  Sounds interesting!  I saw that Automattic was hiring… those are the WordPress people.  But, it said it was a high performance environment with high expectations. Um, no.

I’m also taking a conversational spanish class at the community college in addition to Drawing II.  I’m hoping that will go well, seeing as how I have access to a native spanish speaker (who studied second language teaching) twenty-four seven.




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