Thanksgiving 2015

Ah, the wonders of city life.  So, the last couple of days have been interesting.  On Thursday we celebrated Thanksgiving with Captain and her brother at her apartment.  That was fun, we kinda had a YouTube party.  Although, we seemed to have a little trouble finding interesting YouTube videos.  I think Maus has a thing for drag queens, something I’ve never really noticed until now.  He’s becoming the classic gay thirty year old!  Oh my.

I loaded up Shoes:

Let Me Borrow That Top:

I love these videos, and Liam.  Although, I’ve only ever really seen these two videos.  I showed these to my brother in California one time when I went there to visit.  We worked on a lot of projects including sprinklers, and building stuff inside the house.  We kinda had a funny moment when I was vacuuming, “What are you doing?  Vacuuming air!?”  That was kind of funny, but it doesn’t really translate to the blog.  But anyways, I showed his this video on his Smart TV (the shoes video) and we joked around until we arrived to, “I think you watch too many Golden Girls? Shut up!  Stupid straight boy…”  Kinda funny.  Anyways, then I pulled up this one (NSFW) [Warning:  It has a gruesome shot of somebody who got really injured and burnt their face.  It’s unsettling, but it comes with the rest of the video.]

If you don’t want to see something gross and disturbing, don’t watch this video:

We joked that that was the inside of my mind.  That’s how my thought process goes through every day things.  Not a pretty picture huh?

Nah, it’s really okay.  That’s just one corner of my mind.

Anyways, then I drove to Ninja’s house and visited my nephews.  I drove there because I was going to ride up with them to my childhood home in the mountains to visit my adopted brother, that I wrote about before, and my parents.  Maus was going to be working Friday, but then we discovered he wasn’t going to be working on Friday.  That was kind of the whole point of being dropped off at Ninja’s, so Maus could have the car.  We stuck with the plan anyway, which was nice.  I got to spend some time with my family this way.

So I slept on the couch, and then in the morning we left for the mountains.  In the mountains I played a card game with my adopted brother, something we hadn’t done for a really long time.  He lives in Chicago now and walks dogs for a living.  It’s interesting, and I really appreciated seeing him.  I also appreciated seeing the Lumbering Giant, he was pretty good this time.  The best part though is my adopted brother bought these marshmallows from the store.  They were humongous marshmallows.  They would go on the sweet potato casserole dish thingy.  So, they were put in the oven.  The marshmallows boiled over and smoked up the stove as they burned.  I was able to capture a picture of the final product though:



It was all nice.  Although, I didn’t get a chance to talk to Ninja (why do I call him Ninja?  It’s from my Tomadachi Life game.  He’s been dressed as a ninja for a long time now in the game.  I’ll post a screenshot up sometime) about my recent pursuits and findings in the realm of my invention.  I’ve been working on this invention for a really long time (about 14 years) and I keep getting closer and closer, dramatically so in the last couple years, but I haven’t conquered it yet.  I can’t really reveal exactly what it is because I really don’t want anybody to steal my idea (this idea really is steal-able), but when I make it I’ll let you know.  In fact, what I’m trying to do is supposed to be Impossible with a capital I, but I try anyway… and try, and try, and try, and try…

So then, I went back home.  When I got back home, Saturday happened.  Saturday was an interesting day, I’ll write about it more in a while.

photo credit: snowy branches via photopin (license)


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