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What is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE)?

I’m not personally huge on modifying or getting my IDE to do lots of bells and whistles, but simply having a central program and place to debug, test, compile, and write your code is very powerful for your productivity.  Add on that basic code inspection tools, error checking, syntax highlighting, file tracking, version control, and you got yourself a tool I’d use any day.


Announcing PYGJS (PyGame in your Browser/NodeWebkit)

That’s right, run PyGame (in all it’s Pythonic glory) IN THE BROWSER! All in all, it’s a rough draft.  The code isn’t fully documented because really, it’s ported from other places where there IS documentation (pygame, gamejs, etc.)  Anywhere where the functions/classes don’t QUITE act like their pygame equivalent I make a note of though, so that you aren’t tripped up.


Objconfig (Python): Config Class

I decided that, for future projects, I needed to port asherwunk/phabstractic to the Python programming language (pyabstractic). Well, phabstractic relies on a couple packages itself that are in the PHP domain. One of these packages is zend-config, which is part of the Zend Framework programming library.


The Candles Smell Golden

Asher loves Yankee Candle a little bit too much, doesn’t he? Python, Brython, and the latest in PyPI submissions is covered, but first, what happened at Shining Stars? Golden Girls will rule the nation. Will Artificial Life ever be drawn, and let’s get down with some horror synth.


Coffee and Strangeness

Maus made a post once on Facebook, at least I believe it was him, which he claimed captured me perfectly. He was right, it was the image of a coffee and on it the words appeared, paraphrased, “I don’t really have a plan every day, just coffee and strangeness my friend, coffee and strangeness.”


Book Review: Redis Essentials

Besides this failing however, I believe this book does a fabulous job of getting anyone with a background in programming up and running with Redis in as short a time as possible.  But there’s the catch, it assumes you have a background in programming and that you are proficient at the types of things that Redis is used for.