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Phabstractic: Configuration Trait Feature

The thing about PHP and the mixin’s I’ve developed is that they are not necessarily a class, instead the idea is that they are a trait that offers a particular feature to another class. So you define a feature, something the class can do, such as logging, or being able to hold configurations (see below) and then you can add it to a particular class.


Phabstractic: Range Data Type

Predicate objects are an interesting concept, which could have many uses in functional programming, in mathematical polymorphism, in input validation, etc. Ranges are a specific version of a predicate object that tests if any given value is within the maximum and minimum range defined in the object.


Phabstractic: Singleton Trait Design Pattern

In software engineering, the singleton pattern is a design pattern that restricts the instantiation of a class to one object. This is useful when exactly one object is needed to coordinate actions across the system.


Primus2\Falcraft: New Data Type (leaf)

Many times in while programming you want to have a hierarchy of objects.  A hierarchy can very easily be realized as a ‘tree’ of parent elements and child elements.  This is not the only...


Primus2: Features (Configuration)

For example, say you want some of your classes to be able to be configured and store configurations.  You could have a base class that includes that feature and then, in a single inheritance system like PHP, have all classes inherit from that class so that they can contain default behaviors.  The problem with this is that you end up implementing all the class ‘features’ on the base class creating bloat and unneeded complexity in the inheriting classes, particularly if only a subset of the classes inheriting need the feature.


Primus2: Singleton Design Pattern

Many individuals see the Singleton Pattern as an anti-pattern.  That is, a tool used to make code less optimal.  The biggest drawback I can see is in testing in particular. Singletons are not entirely without merit however.  There are domains in which a singleton provides a convenient and modular answer.  As OODesign.com points out, there may only be need for one window manager, one file system (like the OS X Finder), one print spool, one logging mechanism, one configuration resource, one database access point, etc.


Primus Artificial Intelligence Framework

Primus is a collection of libraries/components that are expected to work together to form a general artificial intelligence server/runtime environment. Deployment and application propositions include mobile robotics, information processing, pattern recognition, and social interaction simulations.