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Pearl Street Serendipity

Asher relates his journey into anxiety madness, and how he hit the wall. But Maus and he took a trip to Boulder on Pearl Street in search of a stone to help his anxiety. It was a serendipitous trip all around, finding some great finds and seeing some cool stuff. Relax on Pearl Street with Asher.


Borderline Pursuits

My ideas are worth something. I want to do some tutorials on electricity and programming, partially because I want to build an augmented reality system for myself (and potential future fursuits). I also want to make a new fursuit, this time of myself. In terms of programming, I though it’d be kind of cool if I could make some kind of game engine editor thing, even if it was only for me and Maus to use. Another thing I thought would be interesting to build is an AI/Robot thing.  I always dream of creating a furry robot that could be my friend. What do you think?



I’ve taken two lorazepam and I feel better about things, but I’m still anxious. Maybe I should actually be anxious. I have this large art project, and when my mother called from Mexico on vacation she said, “You’re going to work on it first thing right? Right away right?” At the time I said, “Yes. Yes I will.” Well, no surprise or shock, I didn’t exactly do that. I got distracted and hung up on programming (though I now have centralized login with originalpursuitssoc.com) and then realize how much time had passed. Then I had to go to an opera, and we hung out quite a bit on Sunday (I went FURSUITING!)


Holy Crap It’s Been A Long Time

I got out of the habit of writing in my blog because I had acute bronchitis. But I’m hoping to come back and share my experiences, thoughts, and creations with you. I’ve been doing a lot, artwork, fursuits, classes, and programming. Let’s get caught up!


What The Hell Am I Doing Here?

Sometimes I’m here, sometimes I’m not. Sometimes I’m myself, sometimes I think I’m someone else. Maybe this blog is abandoned… maybe it isn’t?


Adult Life

When I really think about myself I don’t see an adult, I see a wish-filled daydreaming desperate scared boy stuck with an adult sexuality and an adult life.