Simple Quest Episode 1: Him Here’ye’s House

In our first installation of Simple Quest we are introduced to Him Here’ye and the Here’ye family.  Him is on a quest to become a famous adventurer, but he’s having a little trouble getting started:

Simple Quest: Episode 1

Meet Him Here’ye.  He’s eight, but he’s mighty.  Him dreams of adventuring across the world finding friends and battling foes.  And gosh darn it, nobody’s going to stop him.  I mean, he’s eight right?  That’s old enough to go venturing off completely on your own.

But before he can strike it out he has to be properly equipped.  Him knows that his now deceased ancient grandfather was a great hero.  A hero of what, he’s not sure, but a hero none the less.  He must retrieve and gather his Grandfather Karl’s adventuring equipment.  Until then, he won’t be a real hero… just a fake one.

However, the spirits of the past aren’t kind to being poked around.  Dead relatives and ancient foes from the past haunt Him’s estate.  They’ve squirreled away Karl the Kool’s legendary equipment so that no one may find it and conquer evil in the world again.

The dark crevices of the house call to Him at night, enticing his overactive imagination beyond the beyond.  Can Him unlock the mystery of his grandfather Karl the Kool?  Or will he be a frustrated eight year old who sees things?  Only time will tell.

Simple Quest is my episodic RPG focusing on Him Here’ye’s adventures.  The nice thing about RPG Maker MV is that it can play the game on the web, so I’ll be releasing the episodes her eon my blog.  When I was at the Enlightener’s with Maus and Captain I designed some screens to start off the game.  Him Here’ye has a house right?  So, I designed his childhood home:  Here’s the upstairs (Him and Yon’s bedroom on the left, and Tom and Mom’s on the right.)


As you can see I used the standard RTP to see what I could do with it.  I thought it turned out pretty good for some standard graphics.  As you can see Mom makes Him and Yon practice their piano, it makes them well rounded people.  I particularly like the walk-in closet that Mom has, complete with dresses.  I kind of modeled some of the decorations after my own childhood home, how did it turn out?

So then, above the upstairs, up that rope by Mom’s walk-in closet (and somewhat like my own childhood home) there’s the attic:


The attic is full of just discarded things in boxes and such that nobody uses anymore.  Could that whip, spear, shovel, or sword be the fabled weapon Him is looking for?  There’s a lot of stuff up here, I mean, check out that bed!  Hopefully the house won’t fall apart now that two load-bearing columns are disintegrated.  The trap door in my own storage room in my childhood home inspired the crack in the floor.  But, moving along:


This is the downstairs.  Let me give you the tour.  It comes complete with a hallway kitchen and rug.  The chair is included too, everything else is furnished.  (Heehee.) I wanted an important chair for Tom to sit in, and all I can find was this king’s chair.  But, hey, Tom has style.  It sits there, but, where’s the TV?  Like most RPGs this game takes place in some undetermined time where technology comes in many forms and time periods.  So, in this house, they read.  Can you see that hole in the wall next to the chair?  Just like my childhood home, unfinished, but that’s what gives it charm!  Next to the bags not pictured are stairs down to the basement.  I’ll be posting that next probably.  So, pull up a chair and have some of that apple pie… or is it cherry?  Maybe apricot?  Pick your favorite flavor.

So, we’ll see what Him has in store for him next check-in.  We might even get to see some sketches of Him and his family, maybe.  We’ll see how it goes.

photo credit: GOOD DOGGY via photopin (license)


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