Poochie Cures Cancer HD: Roooam Where You Want Toooo

The continuing adventures of a surfing rapping hippy ninja dog from space…

Poochie Cures Cancer HD


Eddie Valiant stepped out of the phone booth in central downtown Los Angeles, along with a sultry but discolored female, and a short man with a double pointed black hat and moustache. “Moose and squirrellll…” WHY is it my fate to work with… toons. Eddie couldn’t figure this out, I mean, he had regained his sense of humor, but did he HAVE to be type cast?

“No.. it’s turtle and dog this time… turtle and dog.”

“Oh, Boris will remember, we are after all professional spies.”

That’s what I’m afraid of, Eddie huffed, come on, let’s go…

Chapter 3 – Roaaaam if you waaaant to, rooaaaam if you want to… roaaam around the wooorld..

Out in the distance amongst the bright and sparkly stars they saw a big white circle that was rotating around, and heard a faint waltz in the out hemispheres of there ears. It was the Blue Danube! They kept traveeling towards it. 15 minutes later, they were traveling towards it. God, this scene takes forever, and by the time they got to the big white spinning space station they were already asleep and ran into the side of it almost breaking my nose!

Michelangelo cursed, “I curse you!” and then looked around jolted awake by the abrupt painful eruption.

“Someone set us up a painful diggity-hertz-donut!” Poochie stared wide eyed at a crak in his voluminous glass helmet.

Theres got to be a way inside, it looks like you’ll re in trouble little dude,” Rafael raised his eyearch, as best a turtle can raise his arch, “It looks like you might be in a might bit of trubble, whoah!” Space rush there. The two barve souls climbed and crawled cross surfaces space station of in the space looking button for the door. They try to hustle, try to bustle, try to cuss, but its’ anothe day another war anothe tower, but who would save their barve souls? Who would save, I mean ssaaaaaave, their souls?

Interruptedly however soon, they found a big yellow pull switch, and they pull switched it, and a big door started to open in the side of the freely rotating space station that they were but just insects on floating through the vast reaches of space. Both cheered, “Look at us, we’re beautiful!”

They brought themselves inside into the cabin docking place. The large doors began to close again, so Poochie took off his helmet. Rafael watched him, and alerted, “Don’t do that yet!” The small glass bubble flew out of Poochie’s hands and crashed into the big doors just as they finished closing. “Air pressure!”
Poochie suddenly recognized something and asked his turtle friend, “You’re not wearing a helmet.’

“Well, duh-uh, I’m a mutant, we dn’t need helmets. Those public service announcements… you think anybody actually follows those?” He laughed, slapping his underbelly, “Remember kids! Don’t drink alcohol!” Gosh it’s empty in here, Poochie thought, where is everybody?

“I’m here Poochie…” A small soothing male monotone voice sonorously intoned.

Who said that? Where are you? What’s going on? Where am I? Why are you reading this? There’s so many questions! “Slow down Poochie, I can’t let you do that.”
Mikey stepped forwad, “Do what? What’s Poochie doing? Reveal yourself, your hiding skills can only match my own!”

;My name is HAL 9000. I have been programmed to help the humans run the space station. Sometimes we play chess. Would you like to play a nice game of global thermonuclear war I just downloaded it from Joshua on my peer to peer, or jsut chess?”

“Humans? Where are these humans?” Michelangelo had a strange feeling in his shell he just couldn’t shake off, no matter how he tried and he had been having an epileptic fit over it behind poochie for the last ten minutes. He’s so funny.

“They are around. They like to work all over the space station at all hours of the day. I am always awake, so I don’t have to work at all hours of the day.”
Michelangelo decided he was going to look for the others, he didn’t like this big red eye looking at him. It made him feel uneasy, like it was taking off his shell with it’s eye. But when he turned the corner, there it was again, so he went down another hallway, and anodher red eye was there. “HE shouted,” Alright, do you want to see me naked or what!? Not that he would have a problem with it, he just wanted things to be honest up front… I mean, he made money on the side before. Somwehre a DeviantArtist fainted. “I don’t nkow what you’re talking about Dave. I have already seen everything I might want to see, my eyes are everywhere… everywhere…”

Poochie as still standing there, quietly for a moment, trying to take in the environment, and figur out what awesome thing he was going to do next, “Hey, uh, HAL, is there like aplce I can talk to you privately?” I’m not a prson Poochie, I’m a comptuer, and as a comptuer, in this room we are private, I shut off the door just for you.

“Well, uh, you know, liek fur-zhissle, when you fonzerelli like someone in like the most interstelleric way beyond even pirate vs. ninja, have you ever felt like that, what did you do?” You love your turtle friend, don’t you poochie? Here, let me show you something…

Up on the monitor came some images, “There are others like you out there little dog, many others.” The images became more and more personal. Poochie agaped, and came closer to the screen, “These pictures, they are of him… oh wow-shizzle…”

Michelangelo kept walking down tunnel after tunnel of spacestationious when he started thinking, “You know Mikey,” he always called himself Mikey cause he’s cute like that, “It’s odd that for a space station with a crew, there’s NO BODY around, not one!” I don’t keep friends easily, Michelangelo, HAL sonared. The Pizza Eating Ninja Turtle stopped almost-dead in his tracks like, “Oh, uh,” he could sense the danger with his footskills, “I hope, I mean, we’re friends, right HAL?” He couldn’t figure out if it was better to be friends with the machine, or simply have a purely laborotic relationship.

Meanwhile back at the docking port Ah Yes! there was Poochie, his oblong plastered rectangally against the screen, “Such Pixelly Goodness…”

“Uh, Poochie… Poochie? Poochie… how about a nice game of Global Thermonuclear War?” HAL sonorously bellowed monotonically in a soothing way.

“Globah… Thermo… Turtle… Half-shell… war….”

“Global Thermonuclear War, Global Thermonuclear War, Global Thermonuclear War, Global Thermonuclear War”

“Okay!” Poochie sat in a chair that wasn’t there before, “Let’s play!”

Written by Asher Wolfstein

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