Poochie Cures Cancer HD: Flying… Flying…

The continuing adventures of a dog from space…

Poochie Cures Cancer (HD)


Jojo knew that he somehow had to make it to the Shortcake-like Empress of Friendship, so he hopped on his trusty sidekick Fenji and started Snorking away from the berry outcasts house and towards the Orange Blossom Acres…

Once there, he saw some figures coming so he hid behind a giant orange, which wasn’t hard for a Snork to do. A small stuffed bear was walking by, next to a lady dressed in fruits and shortcake icing with a giant flower bulb for a hat. She had cupcake earrrings and horn rimmed glasses.

“I tell you what Paddington, just be glad that you’re a stuffed illegal immigrant, and don’t have any rights. I mean, with rights comes responsibilities… and expectations! You know I thought they’d go lite on me, seeing as how I gave so much to society as a teacher, but nowk all they think I’ve done is corrupt my entire classroom.”

The stiff stuffed bear shifted a bit, walked forward awkwardly, stopped, turned his head, and patted his hat, which oozed out some odd jelly like substance, “Well, Frizz, it seems to me that perhaps you need a new hobby… like… making marmalade.”

“Oh get off it!” The woman snapped, “It’s always marmalade with you… I’m on the run now, evading that dang Miranda Wright and her sister Shirley. I tell you those two… can we say draaaaama?”

“Hey… well…” Paddington almost fell over then spun around and put the end of his arm to his nose, “ho… hum… okay, marmalade won’t let you get away from the police…”

“Hey, you evaded the authorities once, how’d you do it… and how come you aren’t chased?” Frizz’s earrings would have flashed, but they had stopped flashing after the pickup at the bus that made her a fugitive.

Paddington put his hands out, wondering why Frizz seemed so three dimensional. I mean, where he came from, everyone was two-dimensional except him. It made him feel special, but ever since he started hanging out with the Frizz, she showed him things he’d rather not have known. How was he to have known she was a wanted fugitive, and before he knew it they were finding sweet refuge in each other, seeing as how a giant death machine from the future was intent on destroying him. I mean… how many Paddington Bear’s are there to hide behind in the phone book? Not enough apparently, “I don’t know Frizz, I suppose the police don’t think stuffed bears are alive. I mean, was Chucky ever caught? ho… hum… I don’t think so!” He shuddered. Tea party with Chucky was never a pleasant experience, “It’s not like I don’t have my own problems besides… hum” He slurped up a drip of stickiness coming out of his hat, “It’s about tea time.”

It all started when the Frizz was caught behind the magic school bus with her collection of Silky Fruit that she was enjoying with Inspector Gadget. He was quite a handy guy, which the Frizz knew only all too well. Despite being not all there, she thought Gadget was beautiful in his own right, in every single way, words just couldn’t bring him down. Like Christina Aguilera. It was quite a high, both romantically, and metaphorically, they were soaring on cloud nine tensegrity spheres from the sweet Silky. Her beautiful voice chiming, “The garden of delights… what is your delight Frizzle? What is your delight Gadget? What is my delight Silky?……………”

Way back when, when it was all just fun and games with the kids and that rascally school bus adn it’s Mesmerglober, it’s Shrinkerscope, and Conflagerbater awed and dazzled all. She used to have a book deal, and was raking in cash with her television series inspired by her life dedicated to experential teaching. They were even going to sign her up for a lecturing tour, the same company that had attempted to get Seymour and his amazing plant in front of the spotlight, but then, she noticed an odd flower in her backyard a couple feet away, just like Seymour, from the shortcake patch. It really spoke to her heart, straight to it, really! It was so beautiful, “Mrs. Frizz… Mrs. Frizz, come closer…” She could feel the hooks of her heartstrings pull her closer, “Mrs. Frizz… you are so worried, so many problems weighing down your earrings…”

“How….. how can you… oh never mind I have a magic school bus, who am I to talk, I mean…”

“Shut up Mrs. Frizz… just listen to my soothing voice…”

“It really is quite soothing….”

“I said shut up already. This is my gardeno f delights, a full garden that is delightful, I mean, delightful! What is your delight today Mrs. Frizz, do children delight you?”

“Oh yes, of course children delight me, it’s my one and only passion!”

The flower leaned forward, it’s beautiful face towering over Mrs. Frizz despite only being knea high, “I can bring you children Mrs. Frizz, so many mor children for you… and you can teach them.”

Around this time Gadget came out of the back door and said, “What’cha doin’ there sweetie, talking to the plants?”

“Oh yes, tell your boyfriend about how wonderful I am, how beautiful I am…” The Frizz was ensconced with operative lovelorn romances, to many to count, so many dazzling earrings, so many pretty children, all of them hers.

“He’s not my boyfriend,” The plant kept sawying back and forth…

“Gadge, der, come… take a… come here…”

Extending his head over Gadge was humming his theme song, “Madcats! What have you got there Pen.. my cosmos?” Silky, or what was pretending to be Silky, frowned for a moment. Never liked those gizmos, watching those re-runs in the coffin. I mean, could no one see that Penny had obviously built herself a mechanical Uncle, either that or a robot had kidnapped and raised Penny as his own? Where was her Dad, what happened to him? Creepy.
Silky swayed then soothingly spoke soothingly, “Hey aren’t you Inspect Gadget?”

“Shh! I’m off duty! Gadget looked sideways… his head bobbing up and down at the end of his hose of a neck… “You’ll blow my cover.”
Come closer… closer… closer… okay too close. WHy don’t you take a gander at my fruits… those fruits, over there… over there… okay. Here……., Silky handed both the zombies a fruit with her very large appendagey leaves.

Mummra laid before the bushes, the plan had worked… Silky laughed fondling her own fruit, truly, Mummra’s fruity illusions. He watched the two start eating the fruits of his illusory labor. Sometimes he wondered what it could taste like, being part of him, but those thoughts quickly subsided with other thoughts of world conquest, “Now that’s what I call fruit of the loom.” Somewhere the baby apple almost drowned in the pool.

It was a simple plan really… get a teacher hooked on Silky and soon the students will follow. If anything he knew all it took was a little commercialism, a psychology consultant on the credits, and a public education system to wash the brains of anyone. Wash them good.

Soon children would be worshipping Silky faster than Pikachu can fart lghtning blts or naruto can turn into a sexy young woman… he’d have it all. Those darn simple lined asian factory products didn’t have the old school guile.

Soon, the Frizz and Gadge were on the ground, almost comatose, “Flying… flyiiing…” you could barely mack out of their mouths. “Yes, I have pentrated them!” Mummra maniciacally laughed gleefully.

It wasn’t long before Mummra’s plan came crashing down… there wasn’t a police force on Third Earth, but there was one in cartoon la nd. Frizz was ruined, right before she took the kids on the magic school bus ride that would change their lives, psychadelic flowers on the sides and all, she was arrested. Things turned for the worst when everyone believed that the wacky stories the kids were telling from school weren’t just their imaginations… it was drugs, or was it? Or was it? Or was it!? Who knows…. despite this fact, Frizz escaped by blinding the police with her magical earrings… but the blast was so powerful she lost it all together.

She hooked up with the bear, as she affectionally called Paddington, cause everyone has to have a nickname when they’re furry, like Paddington, ’cause he’s a bear at a bar for bears and cubs. Funny enough he was the only actual bear there….., so Ms. Frizz marched in, she felt some odd pull, a feelnig of sandy destiny. HE had just escaped through the ventilation ducts of the ward, forwshadowing his future career as world saviour from the robot legions, nothing could detect his fuzzy softness. Together they knew they were the only ones each other could trust, her and the bear of another sort.

Written by Asher Wolfstein

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