Poochie Cures Cancer HD: Dangerous Vacuums of Space

The continuing saga of a dog from space…

Poochie Cures Cancer HD


The Silver Surfer had gotten Poochie’s ninja weapon and intersteller travelling device unstuck from his green argyle spacesuit, but Poochie didn’t like to talk about it. Planting the surfboard onto his feat, he looked around once more into the vast empty nothingness of space where everything makes you feel as small and insignificant as possible, “Hey, that makes me the coolest rappin’ hippy skate punk pooch in the whole universe.”

He aimed his surfboard towards the nearest sun and started catching the gamma heat waves, slowly pushing him forward at an accelerating pace. Suddenly he saw something green to his right. It seemed to veer and quickly close in on his right, “Cowabunga dude!” It was Michelangelo!

“What are you doing here Michelangelo, being as this is the first time I’ve ever seen you this must be doo-shizzle important,” Poochie exclaimed, forgetting his coolness for a moment.

“Well, I got tired of surfing on water, so, I thought I’d surfe in the dangerous vacuums of space, where my mutant innards could explode at any moment, it’s more interesting that way Dude. However, I’m actually on an awesomenest mission and you just happened by… excellent.”

Poochie, “What? Fool, I’m on a mission too dog, what ka-dizzle type of pitiful mission is it? You wouldn’t know my nizzle, all the free love in the world couldn’t compare to my hippie accomplishments, your mission as master of mutant ninja pales.”

The turtle frowned and furrowed his brow, “Oh.. yeah? At least I’ve done everybody in the cast, while you haven’t had a single slashfic about you.”

Poochie recoiled, “That hurts man, like, not cool. My planet Poochanus needs me, I fill the hole in their void, and without my Fonzarelli hippy ninja surfing skills they could all die.”

Michelangelo opened his mouth, “Your hip… ni… wha… never mind. All I can tell you is that I don’t know where Poochanus is, so I can’t tell you if you’re going the right way. I’m on a mission to save Irma from her loneliness.”

Poochie’s eyes widened, “And… uh, how are you going to do that excellent dude?”

Michelangelo grinned and took Poochie by the hand, “Well, I heard of this thing called the Worldwide Friendship Club…

Written by Asher Wolfstein

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