Pokémon GO Round-Up

pokemongoSo I decided to give this Pokémon GO thing a try.  I loaded it up on my iPhone and proceeded on my usual walk to Starbucks.  I thought I’d see what was on the way there, and then I’d go through Old Town Square and see what’s up.

First off, the iPhone app is super buggy.  I had to restart multiple times, barely being able to register (my nickname kept coming up as as an error, had to wait a few minutes).  When it was put in battery saver mode, the screen interactivity would freeze, so I had to not have that on.  But all in all, the game seemed fun and interesting.  You can click on the icon to the left to download it from the App Store.

I didn’t expect to get much in just a short walk, but I was surprised at what I could find.  Below are highlights of my catches:

My best catch today however, just right out of the cage was Eevee:


I’m still not quite sure what all the stats mean, I’ll have to ask Maus.  He’s been looking at the app too (my inspiration for getting it).  All I know is that the higher the Combat Points the better, and this guy has the highest cp of any I caught.

I See The Future

I actually have pitched multiple game ideas to Maus that involved walking around and using the GPS to collect and interact with monsters.  I’ve been pitching this project for three or four years now.  My latest incarnation didn’t put as much emphasis on going to specific locations as it did on walking long distances.  So once again, much of the ideas I spouted at Maus have been put into effect.  I tell the future like this quite a bit, it’s somewhat frustrating.  I repeat the infamous line by Hurricane, “Who’d want to share video online?”  Heehee, ah well.  Maus says that we don’t have the resources for such a game, and I know he’s right, and he said that this app benefited from super strong brand recognition.

Still, it’d be interesting to make my “walking game” someday.  I suppose I need to get a few other games under my belt first.


Maus caught a Rattata in our apartment, and said that it was Clank’s spirit in virtual form.  Aw, little Clank.  I remember when you were first born.  Little cutie:


photo credit: flareon -11 via photopin (license)


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