Pokémon GO Round Up 4

pokemongoSo I decided to give this Pokémon GO thing a try last week.  I loaded it up on my iPhone and started walking around where I live, like so many others.  However, as in my previous Round Up, you’ll know I live in a very populated area, so I run into all sorts of things.  My apartment is almost on top of a gym, which is nice.

If you’re interested in Pokémon GO, you can purchase the app directly by clicking the image to the left.

Yesterday I stayed awake, but, I did not walk around town in the morning collecting Pokémon.  However, this morning, I accidentally fell asleep in the car after I picked up my medication.  But, I recovered quickly and got out there.  Since the last round-up, I’ve hunted quite a few Pokémon.  Maus decided that he’d take a turn driving when we went to the store last night and that I’d hunt Pokémon.  It went well!  I’ve gained two levels since last I posted.

I also battled at a gym for the first time.  I was of course, absolutely creamed with the levels I had and my inexperience with the battling system.  I’m still pretty, well, not so good with the battle system, but somebody was better than me at that time.  Here’re some shots of me battling, first my opponent:


And of course, the arena:


As you can see, Raticate didn’t stand a chance.  That Vaporeon has five times his hit points!  Some interesting things happened at the gym while Maus and I were there.  Take a gander:


That’s right, for a brief moment, Maus was the master of the gym!  However, withing minutes of taking over the gym these two people walked by and told us they took over the gym.  We laughed, I pointed out Maus had just taken it.  They complained their gym where they live are too high, but they had to protect their turf.  So Maus was short-lived, but it was fun.

I actually hatched two 5.0 km eggs today.  It was sweet because they weren’t common Pokémon, at least they weren’t Pokémon I had, which was neat:



So, I caught some new ones, including a Diglett, a Cubone, and a Pikachu.  Here are the highlights of my latest run (and I gained two levels!):

You know what has a lot of Pokémon?  Parking lots!  I choose you Pikachu!

photo credit: Pokémon GO Fever in Japan via photopin (license)


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