Pokémon GO Round-Up 2

pokemongoSo I decided to give this Pokémon GO thing a try yesterday.  I loaded it up on my iPhone and proceeded on my usual walk to Starbucks.  I thought I’d see what was on the way there, and then I’d go through Old Town Square and see what’s up.

Today I took an alternative route and walked down to Oak and then back to the apartment.  I have to remember to check for locations on the map so I can get items and at least 50 xp.  I’m at level 5, Maus is at level 10, gotta catch up!  If Pokémon GO interests you, you can click on the link to the left to purchase it directly on the Apple store.

The app seemed a lot less buggy today than yesterday.  I only had it freeze once.  That was when I was going to try to get this high cp Raticate and this woman approached me in the middle of capturing it (it kept escaping) and wanted to me to sign some petition.  When I got back to the game it was frozen!  I was like, “Nooo, my Raticate!”  But he turned up again (see below) so…. yay!

I’m gaining in levels, so my combat points are getting higher.  Below are highlights of my catches:

These were pretty good catches, and actually, I made some of them last night when I went to the Wabi Sabi but I posted ’em here.  My combat points are definitely going up.  My highlight catch however is the Raticate.  It’s pretty good for level 5… I think.  I’m also incubating an egg, but I guess I can only do that one at a time with the standard incubator.  Below is my Raticate:


So, I’ve accumulated quite a bit of Ponyta candy, as well as quite a bit of Stardust.  So I decided I’d try powering up one of my stronger Pokémon.  I got a nice Ponyta last night at Wabi Sabi, so I powered her up:


Well, nothing super special yet.  I’ve taken a gander at some of the gyms around.  There’s one right outside of our apartment building that’s interesting.  I’ve decided I’m going to make it my mission to take it over for the Red team, get my moniker out there.  AsherWolfstein GO!

photo credit: 181 via photopin (license)


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